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I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


"Can you take a look at my computer?" they ask

"I charge $125/hour." I reply.

Norwegian diplomats brush up on black metal



I'm not a big fan of Combichrist but I do like bands like VNV Nation and Komor Kommado along with classic acts like 242 and Nitzer Ebb.

Apple showers love on Mac malware protection

Jobs Horns

"The protection, which many are calling Xprotect..."

These guys' lawyers may have something to say about using that term:


Swedes mash Japanese pop pineapple



I grew up in that neighborhood... I can *SO* picture it now... "eeeey, leeen... whuzz wiff de pineappl...*POP* *CRASH* *OOOOOWWWW*

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Oh, it gets better!

Apparently this pinepple freak made a PLAYMOBIL video for his track 'Made in Sweden' See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdLcwOFD2n8

Swedish authorities pull plug on female Elvis


RE: Tax Authority?

The Swedish Tax board is also the overseer of the Swedish Census bureau (folkbokföringen). There is a rule, if you will, that states: "A first name must not be construed as offensive to the public or cause undue distress to the child. Furthermore, it cannot have the distinct characteristics of a last name." (http://www.skatteverket.se/folkbokforing/ovrigt/namn.4.18e1b10334ebe8bc80004083.html)

In other words, the government knows what's best for you and your child.

"For thirty years I have plotted to bring down the party. I am sick in mind and body." - 1984

Japanese woman moves into bloke's closet



..the Playmobil re-enactment?

American auto dealer offers free handguns



Mr. Muller is exactly the type of person that helps propagate the notion of merkins as guntoting jingoistic assholes. May one of the guns he's assisting to peddle end up in a serious crime where it can be traced back to him.

Furthermore, his comments regarding Sen. Obama only goes to prove said senator's point... what a twat.


In Google We Trust: Health docs depo now open to Americans


@ Vernon Lloyd

>> Of course your medical information is not shared within the medical profession whatsoever.......NOT! <<

Medical professionals, here in the US, are are required under HIPAA to not disclose PHI (Patient Health Information) to anyone that is not required to know. There are strict penalties for those who disregard this requirement.

>>Someone out there knows or has access to more personal information about you that you know yourself.<<

In the states, everyone have the right to request one copy of their own medical record per year at no charge. If you need more than one copy within that year, you are only obligated to pay for the cost associated with producting those records for you.

IT angle: If a user, lets say a medical professional, by sheer stupidity, emails an associate about your health status and uses any identifiable information that could be traced back to you, the BOFH of the outfit is required to place a retention hold on that email for at least 10 years.

All in all though, giving Google your PHI is not a very good idea as you essentially give up your rights under HIPAA for good.

w00t voted 'Word of the Year'




'w00t' = We've got r00T. Old *.nix hacking term from the 70's....

IT managers caught in employees' illicit networks

Black Helicopters

RE: Free the admin password


Unless you are willing to take on the burden of dealing with federal regulations, including, but not limited to, going to "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison for 2 years or more, once that password has been breached (something that will happen within 2 minutes after that password's been released to the luser population).


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