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Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series

Paul Saleh

work for you?

Can anyone get it to work. It freezes on the dialogue box "Preparing Content...." in both firefox and IE 7,8. On more than one machine. Grrr.

Go, Brown, go!

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best of a bad bunch

I'd rather take some mildly incompetent governance than take any action that might give the slightest chance for another Tory government to cast its filthy shadow over this nation. Boris on a national scale, no thanks.

Google's email service goes down

Paul Saleh

email up, web down

I can't get gmail on my desktop, but I am getting it via my blackberry app, which suggests to me that the email system is working, but the web front end ain't.

Council to crack down on Cracknuts Lane

Paul Saleh

pope burners?

Isn't Lewes the place where they burn effigies of the pope on a bonfire every year? Seems they have more unsavoury aspects of local traditions to neuter before they start on the road signs...

Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud

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Flamin' Chemists.

Tablespoons? Teaspoons? Scientific? And how much water/milk? This recipe won't get past the peer review stage I fear.

Microsoft demos Surface multi-touch user interface

Paul Saleh

Bill doesn't ride

Is it me or did he put the bindings on the bottom of the board?

Boffins slashed in big-science budget blunder bloodbath

Paul Saleh

The downward spiral continues

It's precisely this kind of thing that lead me and many other fellow Ph.D graduates to quit academia and head to the city where our talents are actually appreciated and rewarded.

Red Arrows to fly at Olympics, Sun announces

Paul Saleh

Green Games..

...Not very a very green option, do you know how much CO2 those suckers push out. Perhaps it could be offset by turning Stratford into a forest after the games, instead of the urban jungle it now resembles.