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Openreach names 81 lucky locations to be plugged into its super-zippy Gfast pipe

Ian Knight

Re: G.fail - Try getting that on Alu

We have Alu in our village, works ok for VDSL when it isn't underwater, being knocked about by Openreach engineers, the temperature is too hot and it expands and joints pop, or it is too cold and they simply fall apart.

Yes we have brief periods of nothing going wrong and get around 60mbs at 500m, then weeks of hell as no one can work out what meteorological based issue has befallen us. !

Putting GFast over that will probably just melt it once and for all.

Copper feel, fibre it ain't: Ads regulator could face court for playing hard and fast with definitions

Ian Knight

Not all wires are Copper

Interesting that everyone still assumes that the only metal used to deliver the final signal in part fibre networks is Copper.

We have a mostly aluminium wire in our village from the fibre cabinet to our house. It can be reliable for months at a time but it is very brittle so the slightest disturbance in a ground box or large change in temperature can make it crack and break.

A lot of the time if we see an Openreach van in the road working on someone else's fault we are braced for the inevitable connection problems that will cause us.

Gamers red hot with fury over Intel Core i7-7700 temperature spikes

Ian Knight

At last someone else has the same issue

I have had one for a couple of months and was really annoyed when I first got it and put the PC components together, thought my Fan was faulty at first and returned it.

In the end I had to change the fan speed profile so it is up to a reasonable level of annoyance, which basically means it only ramps up the speed at a high temp. i.e. from memory there are 5 temp / speed trigger points in the Bios and all apart from the first are set to the far right.

(and no I'm not talking about their political views, which would send anyone's temperature rising)

Twitter goes titsup

Ian Knight

Oh no not again

Looks like it has gone down again, I can't even load the error page at the moment

BOFH: Explain? All we need is this kay-sh with DDR3 Cortexiphan ...

Ian Knight

Fringe forever, good to see the BOFH is a fan

Reg readers rise to Vulture 2 paintjob challenge

Ian Knight

A small twerk..um I mean tweak

Following bugalugs suggestion I created a red / white preview with a small tweak to the design to make things a little more symmetrical.


Ian Knight

Might help with the visibility, and they might only have to use one paint colour !

Ian Knight

Glad to see at least one of my 5 attempts to send a simple email got through !

Steve Jobs AIRBRUSHED from history by APPLE months before his death

Ian Knight

I was in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago and the cylinder entrance is impressive.

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

Ian Knight

Underground lair

The plans don't seem to list the 100 or so floors of underground bunker / research facilities.

Also it completely fails to mention the retracting doors where Thunderbird 1 launches, or iThunderbird as it will henceforth be known, launches from.

Ian Knight

Stargate ?

Does anyone else see the resemblence to a Stargate ?

Is this the plan, bring aliens to earth to wipe out the competition ?

Motorola Razr 2 V8 mobile phone

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v8 has no Compatibility with Tomtom Navigator

I've got this phone on a free upgrade from O2 (512 mb version) and I have had the V3 and V3i before this.

The phone uses a completely different operating system to the previous models it is Linux / Java based now.

I have tried connecting the phone with my TomTom 710 Sat nav and the sat nav will not communicate with the V8 as a handsfree set. I contacted TomTom and they gave a confirmation that there is no compatibility yet.

Overall I'm reasonably happy with the phone but hte lack of expandable memory is an annoyance, but not a major problem.