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Chief inspector sacked for 'advertising uniformed self online for sex'

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McKinnon's mum up for human rights gong


Diluting your cause

Honestly, I am very much against this treaty because of how one-sided it is. However, I would like to see the fight based on one high-profile case because that way you can garner more support, keep the story alive and use it to fight the point.

I'd prefer if that one case wasn't McKinnon, but from what I understand, he's the best posterchild we have right now.

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


Talk about just baiting people for the ad impressions ...

"A company which would do that is unlikely to have raised its game much today, and it can't have done much about it in the case of the 4S."

You're really advising against buying something that you've never seen or used on the basis that they got something wrong with an older model ?

On that basis, you shouldn't buy any phone, ever!

London gets first new Google Chromebookshop


A real shop ?

Is this a real shop or just a stall in the back of someone else's shop ?

Police ordered to disclose ANPR camera sites


Terrorism - check

I like how they raise the terrorism boogeyman almost immediately. How many terrorists have actually been caught via ANPR?

People still manage to steal hundreds of motorcycles a year in London and despite all of the cameras around the city, the police will go ahead and tell you 'Yes, that van is known to the police' and still not be able to do anything about it. But they seem to work great if you commit a revenue generating crime like failure to tax.

Dixons' best chance? Quit the UK and move to Sweden


Who mentioned a hissy fit ?

I like to think I'm fairly smart (but don't we all). I just don't see the need to throw hissy fits in a store. I walk in, I ask them to sell me something that they are offering to the public through some channel and if they don't, I leave.

What's wrong with wanting to support retailers who treat you like a human?

I'm sure if I'd dragged a manager out and thrown a hissy fit, I could have got the web price. But my time has value, and my blood pressure is quite low. I'd like to keep it that way.

Yes, I chose to spend 80 quid elsewhere - with a smaller company, who have a record for providing good products at a reasonable (if not the lowest) price and have a reputation for not sucking.


They don't like money

I remember walking into the Currys megastore at Lakeside and trying to buy a Nikon D700 just after my D200 was stolen.

I'd seen an offer on the net for 20% off, but wanted to buy in store. Nope, sorry - we will charge you the full price to buy in store.

Really? So I want to hand you just over £1000 right now, but you don't want it? Ok... And Warehouseexpress made another sale.

Sure, they were 8% more than the offer price on the currys website, but if a company doesn't want my money I'm not going to force them to take it.

One-armed Maine residents whip out switchblades


I hope you're in the US

In the UK, that's probably illegal as you can open it one handed. You'd have to be able to show good reason for having it with you.

Our knife laws are so damn stupid that Spyder make a specific pocket knife for the UK market.

Dixons whacked by profit warning


Dixons are killing Dixons

Dixons have been quite clear - they do not want the public in their stores.

I recently found a great deal on a Nikon D700 online just after my D200 was stolen. Their price was really good. I happened to be near one of their Megastores and stopped in.

Would they sell me the device for that price? Not a chance!

So I bought it from WarehouseExpress just to spite them, even though their online offering was lower.

Early demand knocks back UK iPad 2 delivery dates



Let's all post the names of lesser known retailers so that people rush over there and clean them out too :D

I know that some retailers who were expecting stock haven't received any (Argos, Beckton Business park for one) and that some retailers will be running a 'ticket' process to get your iPad. But I reckon this is going to be badly handled and lots of people are going to be disappointed because they couldn't get their new physical object today.

Why do we need SANs?


The AC with the Secret Sauce

DAS is directly attached storage. If it's being provided over a network with hundreds of drives, it's not DAS anymore.


That's not quite true...

You could remove the drive connections, plug them into another machine and then start up. That sounds like a perfectly scalable solution, right ?

Stroppy Belgian students in Ryanair mutiny


Suitcases get 'heavier' abroad

On my one and only flight with Ryanair, I carried an item of hand luggage and one checked item to Girona, Spain. On my return trip, my item of hand luggage was suddenly heavier by .7KG and I was forced to check it at excess baggage costs.

My hand luggage was a sports parachute weighing in at 13:5KG. Nothing extra was added to this in Spain and believe me, nothing was removed. But on the Girona scales it was suddenly 14.2KG

On arrival back in the UK I went to file a complaint and do the dance, and lo and behold, it was magically down to 13.5KG again.

UK police crime map website: Who's the victim here?



One of the murders and 2 of the thefts happened in December. They were reported.


The map is a lie anyway...

There have been 2 murders within 3 houses of mine. No violent crime shows up in my post code. 1 Motorcycle theft, 3 cases of theft from a vehicle, 2 car thefts and a number of burglaries. None of these show up. A couple of assaults and one very high profile of a house leading to numerous arrests on drug and weapon charges. No sign of that either.

And I know that in at least 3 of those crimes, permission was given to include the reports in statistics.

South African wireless traffic lights pillaged by SIM-card thieves


Why equip the robots (traffic lights) ?

Why bother trying to 'fancy up' the traffic lights in Joburg? No-one pays any attention to them anyway!

Speed-cam stats to be published, indicates gov


Safer for pedestrians ? Absolutely!

For the last several years there have been many new safety standards introduced concerning impact reduction and safety improvements on targets outside the vehicle.

Interpol issues arrest notice for Wikileaks' Julian Assange


He tried to face the music

He tried to face the music. Repeatedly. After these charges were brought, then dropped, then modified then brought again, he made several offers to attend interviews in person. When his application for residence was rejected, he asked if he could leave the country and was told he could. So he did.

After that, he continued to offer to meet with the prosecutor by video conference because he didn't want to schlepp back there, given their habit of not wanting to talk to him before. That's not unreasonable is it ?

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Cyber cops crush plod-snapper site following Millbank riot




Google open sources Apache server speed mod



Just out of curiosity, you are aware that Apple makes huge contributions to a number of open source projects, right?

Or have I been trolled ?

Group slams airport naked body scanners


How many bombs would this find ?

How many of the people blown to bits on airplanes in the last 5 years would this device have found ? Hint - it's virtually none.

First tube station to get Wi-Fi next week


At least we'll be able to find out where the damn train is!

At least with wifi on the platform, we'll be able to find out what creative lie TfL are giving for the absence of trains.... Or check that they really do mean that a good service is in operation when it's 08:00 and there are 15 minutes between trains.

At least my boss will know _where_ I'm stuck.

Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition


Only 5" ?

It sounds good, but 5in is still too small for me. The PRS-505 is the perfect size and anything smaller is _just_ too small.

Oracle dumping HPC: Genius or foolhardy?


What about Coherence ?

Oracle didn't buy Tangosol that long ago, and Coherence is actually one of the better offerings they have now. It would be a shame to see them ruin yet another product.

UK.gov scraps stop'n'search terror power


The didn't need reasonable suspicion under S44

Wasn't that the whole reason that S44 was illegal? That they didn't need reasonable suspicion? They just needed to designate an area as sensitive, and could then search anyone in that area with no reason whatsoever.


See what the cops think of this...

If you want to know how the police feel about abusing your rights, feel free to have a read of the comments to Inspector Gadget's newest blog entry at http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/the-unfolding-tragedy-in-northumbria/#comments

There are 2 main threads to the discussions - 1 where the police are justifying why they should be armed, and another where they're arguing that there really aren't any abuses of S44 searches of photogs going on, and even if there are, people shouldn't be so whiny.

These are the people we're allowing to police us :(

Orange to 'dump unlimited data tariffs'


Same as when all providers removed international SMSs

This looks like the same collusion as when the mobile operators all removed international SMSs from their free texts in their bundles within a month of each other.

Did they _really_ all just come up with this idea at the same time, or is there a back-room conversation happening to ensure that end users have no choice ?

It feels like we're going backwards at exactly the wrong time. We had unlimited bandwidth when we couldn't run streaming apps in the background on our iPhones. Now that we will be able, the bandwidth required to do so goes away.


South African Bill to block all porn


China, not the USA

I think that you'll find the big money flowing into Africa today is from China. There are many articles on the web showing China's investment and return on Africa right now.

Heathrow security man cops perv scanner eyeful


Quit trying so hard...

She's still not going to do you :)

New Labour bring old Nuremberg Laws to Britain


Most multi-tools are NOT legal

You're wrong about many multi-tools sadly, because their blades lock open and an action is required to be able to fold them closed.

It is illegal to carry a Leatherman or Gerber multi-tool in England without a good and valid reason, and people have been successfully convicted for this.

Apple iPod Nano 5G


@Anonymous - this works for me

I regularly pause tracks, listen to something else, power off for a while, then come back to my audiobook and it picks up where I left off. All I need to do is ensure that for all audiobooks in iTunes, I select the 'Remember position' option.

This is on a second gen nano.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7


Shutter lag

El-Reg - could you please include shutter lag times when doing camera reviews?

My biggest problem with most compact cameras is the shutter lag, but some are miles better than others.

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows

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Monopoly law

Most of the comments here seem to be completely ignorant of anti-monopoly laws. As such, all your whinging about Safari on OS X and Firefox on Linux is irrelevant.

Firstly, monopolies are not illegal. However, the law states that you must not use a monopoly in one area to gain dominance in another. This is what MS did with IE - they used their Windows monopoly to dominate the browser space. We still suffer from this harm today - worms, viruses, etc.

None of the above applies to Safari on OS X as Apple do not have an operating system with OS X, so they cannot abuse this to make Safari the default. On the iPhone, it may have been a different matter.

As for the people asking how you would get a browser without a browser, most computers arrive with software pre-installed from the vendor. In a world without default IE, people like Opera, Firefox and others would be able to pay these vendors to distribute their browser. This would still ensure a range of browsers in the market and also allow users to download their browser of choice when their machine arrives.

Are people really this unable to think these things through any more ?

UK puts £55m into disabled parking reform

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What's the point?

What's the point of stopping issues with the badges when most cars parked in disabled bays don't have one in the first place?

Of the 4 places I commonly shop, all advertise that they will clamp vehicles parked in a disabled bay without a badge. Every single time we go there, I see most vehicles parked without badges and no clamping happening.

So we're spending £55m in taxpayer's money for... what? Wouldn't that maybe be better spent on my doctor ?

BPI chief hits back at ISPA over villain of the year jibe


Creating an internet that rewards creativity

Yeah, because the current Internet doesn't reward creativity, right? You only find creativity in places like Teevee and movies. Oh, no, wait, those are formulaic in the extreme for the most part.

And yet, on this Internet that doesn't reward creativity, we have people collaborating to make 3D movies and we have people becoming famous and being significantly financially rewarded through youtube (e.g. ask a ninja).

Then we have the people carving out their fame with new ways to put people in touch with each other, great uses of GIS technology and lord only knows how many other things.

And that's before we look at the people who build the opensource tools that in many cases make the Internet work (apache, bind, exim, etc.), all putting their creative and technical brilliance out for all to see.

But yeah, let's pass laws that allow some coke snorting record exec to have my connection interrupted and interfered with for my CentOS and Ubuntu seeds.

How on earth does David Cameron think that buddying up with these maroons will make him more popular with the yoof of today?

Racist Reg ignores Nigerian helicopter pioneer


It's not a helicopter

It has no tail rotor, and no means to adjust the pitch of the main rotor. This means that it is hovering using ground effect and unable to generate any lift of its own.

So it is a device with rotors, but certainly not a helicopter.


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