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Crystal ball torches woman's flat


re: Smallbrainfield

because their knees have buckled under the strain of all that stolen lead roofing

Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

Gates Horns

bit of an edit needed

Quote said

"Downloading Windows 7 from peer-to-peer Web sites is piracy, and exposes users to increased risks - such as viruses, Trojans and other malware and malicious code - that usually accompany counterfeit software. These risks can seriously harm or permanently destroy data and often expose users to identity theft and other criminal schemes," the company said

Should have said

"Installing Windows exposes users to increased risks - such as viruses, Trojans and other malware and malicious code - that usually accompany Microsoft software. These risks can seriously harm or permanently destroy data and often expose users to identity theft and other criminal schemes," the company said

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed


re: May I be the first to say

then keep digging watson

Security researchers unpick botnet economics


re: A question I've often wondered

escrow, western union or any other money transfer service, paypal, c.o.d., direct account to account transfer, postal orders, sure the swiss could give you a few options (more if your a nazi), and more that i cant b arsed to list

Swine flu will [enter scare words here]...

Big Brother

load of balls

recently both my wife and son (8yrs) have been diagnosed with swine flu. At first there was a bit of worry, they both were perscribided tamiflu and i was sent to a local clinic to pick it up. The clinic looked like a scene out of outbreak with loads of plastic sheeting about and cloured zones that marked out where people could and could not go. Getting home they both had slight temps (just over 100degF) and had the other symptoms of a slight flu, but nothing there to worry about. When reqading the side effects of the tamiflu, which were especially bad for minors we dec ided not to give our lad it at all. Now 4 days on and our lad is almost perfectly well and chompin at the bit to get out of the house and play, while my wife who took the tamiflu is still feeling terrible. She has no flu symptoms, but is exibiting almost the side effects of tamiflu which are pretty bad. now there a few things that i have noticed

1. the expiry of the tamiflu is only a few months away, and looking into it the government had a massive incentive a few years back to stockpile it to "save~" us all from the bird flu. Are they simply pushing out a drug that should be reserved for serious flu, because they have stockpiled to much of the stuff a few years ago

2. The medical instutions are just pandering to media hype of the situation, even our GP admitted to me that there is whold lot of over-reaction going on. This so far is a very mild variant of the flu virus, and its going to take a major mutation before it gets serious.

3. The government is simply using swine flu as an instrument to proove to us that they "care" and that they have the ability to be "pro-active" in resolving a "global pandamic". While in reality they are aiding in spreading panic (isn't that the goal of terrorism?) and wasting away precous recources of our already streched NHS, and the so called opposition parties are guilty of exactly the same thing

-4. really this is a non event

Business throws cold water on gov hot air proposals



Not only the gulf stream, but look higher and u have the jet stream as well. Cant remember the total figures, but the avail energy from the gulf stream as it passes over the ukk is at least 10x that of the current total WORLD energy output. The depressing thing is that we arent a level 1 galatic civilisation, and at current levels it is going to be decades, if not centuries, until we can truly harness the power of our world.

With new reactor technologies there is less waste with shorter half lifes, and the germans even have reactors that would run off of the waste that we currently have in storage. Try telling this to the unwashed hippy treehuggers who cant even see past the end of their dirty noses. Daddy left you a nice fat trust fund so you can waste a lot of time constantly whining about the environment, not happy till we are all living in urts, abandon all technology, and suffer a 1 in 100 infant mortality rate, while the rest of us living in the real world have to muster on as best we can, all the while looking for sensible answers to what is almost universally seen as one of the most defining issues that the huma race has ever faced. Nuclear isnt the answer, but it would provide us a nice stop gap until we suss out the true sustainable sources of energy, but the tree hugging twatwits wont allow this.

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui


which old witch, the wicked witch!!

where's the chorus line of little people, the wicked witch is dead, we need to have a song and dance!

Rumor rubberizes iPhone 3.0



when iphone 2.0 came out a year after v1 release o2 did allow free upgrade for it eventhough peeps had 6 months left on their contract, so imagine that it will be the same this time round.

Sikh coppers request bulletproof turbans


these comments are so depressing

after reading this page i am really feeling disgust and hatred towards most of the prev posters. The vast majority of you should be thinking emigrating to the deep south of the u.s. as your bigotry and small mindedness would be right at home with those inbred, fascist, right wing, fundamental christians.

the sikh religion is one of the most beautiful in the world, and is full of teachings of tollerance and understanding of others and also the responsibility of the individual to live right. One of my favorite aspects of sikhism is that there is no clergy as we would reconise, again its the individual that chooses to live right or not, and most sikh have a heavy tolerance of other religions as they belive that any path towards holyness is the right path.

As to your so called conflict of interest between religous beliefs and serving with the police, i cant see any as all sikhs will strive to adheer to the princples of "Sant-Sapai" (translated as saint soldier); to practise their belief always (rather than on just a particular day or time ie: just Sunday or Friday); to maintain and protect the cosmic balance in the world; to guard against tyranny, discrimination, evil and injustice, wouldnt it be nice if more coppers on the beat conducted themselvs with these princaples in mind??

we all have a personal identy, and if that identity dosent infringe on others you have the undying right to express it. this matter isnt about sikhs insisting that they should have special considerations made for them, but health and safety regulations preventing them from expressing their deeply held sense of identity while trying to serve their communities, and to protect you and me, after all in the military sikhs already activly serve without protective helmets, and have been doing so, protecting our country and the ex empire for hundreds of years.

So to most of you above, and you all know who im talking about, why dont you all do the world a favour and fuck off and die, your holding the human race back and until we can wipe your bigotry off the face of the planet we will be forever be stuck in the shite that we all face every day. like my dear grandmother used to say "if you have nothing constructive to say, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP, pass the biscuits and get a job"

Blu-ray to boom despite downturn


RE: xbox

NO, your xbox is made by microsoft, therefore doomed for failure

Microsoft extends Red-Ring-of-Death cover to fresh Xbox fault


repair all consoles

well i repair all major consoles, and here's what ive found so far

the Wii well these things are propper little troopers and really we only get disk read errors from them, this is a simple matter of stripping down, and using some cleaner on the lazer lense, the amount of wii's we get in is only around .5%, the h/w inside is of moderate to good quality.

the ps3 well few issues. The major fault that we get with these are again disk read errors, again strip down clean the lense and your on your way. Recently we have also been getting sound but no pic issues, but this usually the result of a botched sys update, so a flash of the sys rom, and format of the hdd and they up and running. Also there is a small amount of hdd failures, but this is a simple fix of getting a 2.5 sata hdd and slotting it into the ps3, and most times we use this fix as an opportunity to upgrade the cmr's ps3 to 400gb. the ps3 accounts for about 1-3% of our repaired consoles, and the h/w inside including therm managemnt is good to excelent quality, (excetpt for 1 early variant of the bluray which a small percentage fails completly)

Xbox 360, sucks through teeth, 3 red lights, 1 red light (e74/ e76) cheap and untested lead free solder used, and this combined with the 360 VERY poor thermal management just compounds those issues. Disk read errors, usually as the result of bricked dvd drives,scratching disks (which is fixed using 2p worth of rubber pads) hdd failures, sound but no pic, pic but no sound, e71 (south bridge shafted), e-net errors, controller connection errors, random freezing, power issues and so many more its hard to remember them all. 360's make up at least 95% of our repairs, and the h/w quality inside the 360 is terrible at best.

To wrap up Microshaft pushed the 360 out early to get a hold on the next gen market. It appears that they followed their software model of push it out early and fix with updates, somethign that you definately cant do with hardware.

Both sony and nintendo delayed the release of their consoles to ensure that the durability testing was thourghly carried out (this mainly has to do with the lead free solder that all manufactures had to switch to).

The 360 suffers from systamatic failures and like i said above it is supprising that they had the cheek to push it out untested. Yes the ps3 is more expensive, but you are paying for quality, and in the next couple of years we will be seeing games developers taking full advantage of the tech of the ps3 and even now the falicy of no good games on the ps3 is a moot subject. Also if you do a direct comparison between similar speced 360 and ps3 (hd opti drive, wifi, large hdd) you will find that the cost of the ps3 is not that much more then a similar speced 360, plus you dont have to pay to play online games with the ps3.

The Wii, well these little things just sit in the corner and behave themselves.

I am not a fanboy of microshaft, sony or nintendo, i am a gamer. I have had almost all major consoles that have been released from the atari 2600 to all 3 next gen consoles.

As a gamer it is easy to reconise that Nintendo has the most amount of respect for their customer base, and microshaft has the least, and has treated all 360 owners as beta testers for the 360 console, and even after the 3 major revisions of the 360 (zyphor, jasper, and falcon chipsets), they have still failed to get it right, and with them having to dump so much cash into the damage control of their substandard consoles it is doubtfull that they will ever get it right. Fingers crossed the 720 will not be a bag of nails, but im not holding my breath, after all the 360 is the 2nd console released by Microshaft to have major isues.

And to all you fanboys out there, dont, be a fanboy of gaming and of quality, dont let misguided brand loyality blind you. If you do not personally have a console you have no real right to comment about it. Open your eyes and speak from experiance, and above all have fun and happy gaming!

Google to fund 'video Street View' for Central London


april 1st

Im calling sheninagans on this one.

NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum


re: What is it about gunmakers

its all a throwback from the black powder days. When the U.S. navy wanted to upgrade their .36 muzzle loading revolvers, the obvious option was to use the .38 cartridge (they were easily bored out to accomodate the slightly larger cartridge). As this was put into use it turned out that it was severly under powered, so the .357 mag was introduced (well the .38/44, then eventually the .357 mag). The major thing to remember that the .38 special and the .357 have exactly the same cartridge diamiter, with the .357 mag being longer. We often put .38 special rounds into our .357 revolver with no probs. With the longer cartridge size of course you can pack more powder into the cartridge, meaning that you can have a heavier bullet going a lot faster.

Pics show North Korean rocket ready to go


re: wait *sigh*

for about the 10,000 time on the reg forums, its because the last few zoom levels on google maps/earth are from pics taken from aircraft, not satelites

Microsoft claims IE8 is 'a leap forward in web standards'



I got 76/100 on my iphone, and thats with its rubbish version of safari.

3D TV by Christmas, hints Sky


re: All crud


sounds like your relatives fell for the "biggest is best" school of thought. For these flat panel tellies you have an optimum viewing distance, roughlly 4:1, so for every diagnal inch on screen, you need to be sat 4 inches away from the screen. That means that that huge 50" monster would need a viewing position around 17ft away to get the best picture, and sitting any close things will be heavily pixilated and very gash.

Blighty's electro-supercar 2.0 uncloaked today



lancaster or spitfire dosent matter, the both use RR merlin engines

NASA's Phoenix braces for Sunday touch-down


re:8 miles off target

You have no idea about the accomplishment that the nasa lads have achieved. Pheonex has had to travel over 423 million miles, which is not trip to the local shop. To get within 8 miles of the intended target they are in fact only 0.0000018913% off, which is an unbelievable accomplishment imho. Before you belittle that staggering accomplishments of others plz make sure that you actually know what your talking about, or just keep your petty options to yourself.

How just thinking about terrorism became illegal



The reason the us and uk are in afganistan?....

Well the answer is 2 fold, oil and poppies. The taliban for years has been a thorn in the side of th U.S. for 2 main reasons, 1st for years the the taliban has impeaded Americian efforts to lay down a pipe-line from 1 of the other "stan" countries through Afganastan to Pakistan to finally end up at the Ariabian Gulf for worldwide distrobution. 2nd reason is poppies, or mainly the revenue from global heroin sales and its use by sercert services to fund "black ops". Since the collapse of the Taliban the production of opium and eventually heroin has gone up about 15 times (if you look at 2002-2003 alone it doubled) this is a major revenue stream of the C.I.A. which for years has been used to raise money without the involvement or go-ahead of the U.S. congress.

There you go, again your governments pledge for freedom is just anothe shallow grab for money and power

Pennsylvania woman in legal doo-doo for lav profanities



Thank you soooo much for actually proving why the citizens of the good 'ole US of A are slandered on such a regular basis. Just so your addled mind can know, the world wide web and the protocols used were a european creation. It was infact development done by CERN (EUROPEAN Organization for Nuclear Research), that eventually led to the publishing of the "world wide web project", which was based on html and http development by the british scientist Tim Berners-Lee. I think what you are refering to as "the web", is actually ARPANET which was developed by the yanks as a way to keep military communication channels open during nuclear attacks, but ARPANET was extremely limited to a few acess nodes and can only be refered to as a limited study into the feasibility of keeping milatary coms channels open when the standard infrastructure is destroyed. If you want to claim any US involvement in the creation of the internet as we know it, give due credit to the research and development ot the tcp/ip protocol done by the boffins of Stanford University. As you can see the development of the world wide web can be seen as a global effort, but most americans like yourself are to arrogant or retarded to realise this.

Oh as a foot note us brits don't claim to have created the pc, but computing itself. From the genius of Babage in the 1800's to the devlopment of Colosus during the 2nd world war to crack the enigma code the birth and development of computing can be placed in gods country itself