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O2 sweetens its iPhone deals

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O2 Website

My company's UK mobile phone contract is due for renewal at the end of May...so soon I'll start shopping around to see which companies are offering the best deal for us.

Unfortunately for O2, I am currently working in Brussels, and the best their site can offer me if I go to their shops is an otherwise blank screen stating:


Thanks for visiting the O2 Online Shop

Unfortunately, we are unable to sell to countries outside the UK.


Very useful! Never mind - I'm sure they don't need my company's business anyway...

-- Pete.

Asus' Eee PC laptop so small, buyers sent boxes of five


Reminds me of some laser printers...

I ordered a colour laser printer once...delivery guy turns up - surprised to be at a residential address, and asks where we want the pallet...

They had shipped us 4 printers instead of one. Should have accepted delivery really, but there was no way I had anywhere to put them - wasn't able to accept only part of delivery, so had to reject the batch and wait for them to correctly deliver just one printer.


-- Pete.

eBay employee 'torpedos' fraud trial


Re: For D.A. - NI NOT in UK

Neil Weller, I suggest YOU look at your passport. N.I. is not a part of Great Britian, but it is a part of the United Kingdom.

You will find that your passport reads "United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" - the UK is the combination of NI and GB.

-- Pete.