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Symbian balances on an Atom

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symbian / epoc was originally written for x86 then ported to arm. Additionally the dev environment is wintel.

Still this is pretty cool news.

Posted from my N95 :)

Nokia N85 smartphone


Safari on S60

It's basically the same web browser running on both the S60 devices and the iPhone. I the iPhone has the funky zoom / finger browsing sweep, but the S60 has flash support... six of one really.

Holidaymaker gets £31k data roaming bill


Try Vodafone Ireland's normal data rate

They currently charge 2c per kb!


Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash


Engine Controller, or

Way back in the day I had a milk round interview with a company which created the engine flight controllers for RR. The engine is actually all run by a 68000 processor, like modern car engines the engine is controlled by a chip. The controller measures everything from engine temp, to fuel intake. The controller receives signal like, "increase thrust" from either the pilot or some automated system.

I'd guess that one of the first things you'd look at would be this chip. Did it actually receive the signal to increase thrust, if so did it act on it ?

I'd imagine that if the pilots manually requested extra thrust - by moving the throttles by hand that the signal should have been sent to the engines.

A glitch in the software of the controller could have caused the lack of thrust. However for this same glitch to happen with both engines then both engines must have seen exactly the same set of input conditions, including temp etc. I would guess that they probably were not.

This would point the finger at the control software, did it actually pass on the signal to increase thrust ?

Of course this is all speculation, thankfully everyone survived - and the full report will make interesting reading I'm sure.

eBay employee 'torpedos' fraud trial


For Neil Weller

Sorry Neil, your off on that one.

UK Passport actually says:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is Scotland, Wales and England.

The United Kingdom is therefore Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK.

The Judge however was correct, since the Ebay employee had left one country, England and traveled to another (N.Ireland). We are after all a United Kingdom, of many countries. - And this explains why there are English, Welsh, Scottish, and a Northern Irish football teams, rather than just a UK Team.

Note, not British Team, since this would imply Great Britain