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Eurofighter Tranche 3: Oh please, God, no


One further comment from me...

I think it would be true to say that throughout more recent history military aircraft have taken so long to develop that by the time they hit the shelves so to speak they are either outdated or not suited to the job they need to perform at the time they hit those shelves. It would also seem that these days this country, like many others, no longer has the ability (or perhaps skill set) to stand on it's own two feet and develop it's own defence equipment. During the early days of the Cold War we made some cracking aircraft, they may not have all been perfect, and true enough some weren't as good as others, but they were ours, and they pretty much did what they said on the tin. We have now reached an age where technology rules the roost, and developments take 10s of years rather than maybe 5, and therefore the associated costs are huge, and do we ever really get what we want during thes elong development times.

Is there an answer to the multitude of problems discussed in the article and amongst these comments? Well if there is it will surely lie in sorting out the mess behind the scenes, cleaning up the procurement process, actually reading contracts before they're signed and coming up with proper forward looking specifications for equipment before any development orders are issued. As someone quite rightly said here one of the things that does the most damage in terms of cost is the change of specification part way through. It's like ordering a Mini and then deciding you need a Mondeo!


Reading between the lines...

Reading between the lines of SuperTims comments near the top here it sounds like the Eurofighter has the curse of the TSR2 upon it. If you don't know what the TSR2 was, just google it.

Airline websites forced to clean up

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It's all a big scam...

The whole airline business is one great big scam, this website clean up is merely scratching the surface. Firstly they need to knock all this constantly moving fare price on the head once and for all. So each flight has one price for Economy, one for Upper Economy, one for First Class and so on, so everyone is paying the same price. Secondly much stricter controls need to be placed on economy airlines like Ryanair, who don't seem to know what to get up to next to rip their passengers off. Seriously folks you never know what you'll get caught for so it's probably best to go on a non-budget airline.

All in all most airlines suck, we never bother to go abroad now, we can't stand the hassle and the over inflated prices.

The same rules should be applied to train fares as well, I always wondered why our roads were so clogged, then I looked at some train fares.

Paris because I'm attempting to educate the less wise with my comments.

Tiscali titsup fears grow


Thank god...

...I bailed out of Bulldog when I did!

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power


The Plague...

Me thinks we're back to our global over-population problem again. Perhaps, just perhaps, the human race has reached plague proportions...too many people and not enough resources to go round.

UK to get Vauxhall Ampera a year after the rest of Europe


By the time it arrives...

...it won't look anything like this! It will be as dull as dishwater...

eBay slams UK.gov touting ban


Point missed...

I think the overall point is being missed, and probably muddled by greedy eBay. It's not about stopping joe public selling tickets for event that they can no longer go to, it's about stopping touts buying loads of tickets and denying real fans from paying the normal ticket price. True enough the only real way to stop the practice is for folks not to cough up stupid money for these events. But then people are often stupid, and many have more money than common sense, which in turn leads us to legislation.

Microsoft kicks out third Windows XP service pack

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At least...

...99.99% of people will be able to install XP SP3 - which is more than can be said for SP1 for Fista.

OK maybe those with dodgy copies of XP will have to wait a few days for the Genuine Advantage Crackers\Work Rounders to go to town...but it will eventually install...

Shell waves goodbye to 3,000 IT staffers in $4bn outsourcing gig



...I've never quite got a handle on where the outsourcing benefit comes from. Generally the staff are paid the same wages as internal staff would be, and your probably paying a fixed amount per day for that body. So given that the outsourcing company is there to make a profit and not a charity you're probably paying alot more than you would normally shell out. OK you have no HR costs, but given that many companies don't have any formal HR facilities these days, because their tendered out, I just can't see the cost benefit.

Unless you don't have a guy or two on site permanently looking after stuff I can see little benefit.

I used to work for an out sourcer myself and was charged out at about £400 a day I think back then. So given that I was there full time - this seems a hell of a lot to pay for relatively basic IT support.

Dell axes 900 jobs in Austin plant shutdown



...the World watches whilst America falls into the big black hole that is recession, taking us all with it if we're not careful.

Time to move to another planet...who's with me?

DAB: A very British failure


What it all boils down to...

So DAB is pants? Well actually I agree but only upto a point, the quality is poor, bit rates are far too low. But the reception problems mentioned have been created by the f**k up the goverment has made of the digital network as a whole. For starters Freeview is shite, the signal quality is piss poor and not strong enough, we're squeezing too many channels (many of which are crap) into not enough bandwidth. DAB of course in many cases is much the same unfortunately. The two go hand in hand, lets face it the British invented television and there are shed loads of people in this country that know how TV and Radio services should be broadcast be they digital or analogue, it's something we're good at. But add into the mix incomptent government ministers who know zip about doing things properly and who are only interested in bodging things and trying to save money in the public purse and you've got what we've got today, crap digital services all round.

As it happens although we are in a poor reception area we do get a good DAB reception without any use of special aerials. However Freeview is shite and the only way I've make it work properly would be by re-wiring the entire house with double screened coax like Sky use and sticking in a good mast head amplifier with some decent boosters spread liberally to distribute the signal, about £100-200 worth of kit and a day or twos work.

Hard drive replacement sparks singed disk situation


No it's OK...

"Anybody who thinks rebooting is a good idea after seeing smoke should not be allowed near the innards of a PC."

It was OK he just added that well known command in AUTOEXEC.BAT:

nosmoke.com /nocrash /noburn

All was OK after that.

Airline pilot sacked for 777 Top Gun stunt


You missed the bit...

...where he looped the loop, performed a barrel roll then went straight into a vertical climb.

Bet you wouldn't have been able to see out of the windows for the vomit or brown stuff!

A380 superjumbo in natural-gas powered test flight

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Sounds like a Bushism to me...

"The US Air Force, too, is working hard to shake off its current dependence on crude, too.

In future if now right now, there might be some prospect of carbon reductions..."

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges


Yeah right...

"The International Federation of the Phonographic Industries (IFPI) has slammed The Pirate Bay, saying that it was not motivated by "idealism" and a love of music but was only interested in making bundles of cash." - no different from the IFPI, MPAA, RIAA, BPI etc. etc. then.

World outlook worst since dot-com crash

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Lest we forget...

...those that hold the interest rate strings, they've got alot to answer for increasing interest rates to try and curtail the price of fuel, which was in turn the core reason for rising inflation. Fuel rising in price due in a good part to all the conflicts around the World.

It's too late now though, the 'bust' part of the cycle is upon us, those holding the interest rate strings went way too far.

Game throws out bullish forecast


Just perhaps...

...they made all that profit because they're so damned expensive! Shop around for your games chaps and chapesses there are often decent savings to be had...

I always check...Amazon, HMV, Argos, Gameplay, Play, Gamestation and of course Game. So far I've always managed to save £5-10 per title.

Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage


I got...

...my one from Argos with a few games and the accessory pack last weekend, my extra Nunchuk from Gameplay and Wimote from Argos - Thurrock. All for uninflated prices. I don't feel sorry for those twats trying to sell them on eBay though - serves them right if they end up stuck with them or loosing money. Incidentally both Wiimotes and Nunchuks are not that plentiful either.

I only picked one up because the misses fancied it, personally I've never owned a console in my life, no point I always have a reasonably powerful PC at home so I've always played the odd game I do play on that.

New taskforce to discuss why more people aren't turning to digital



...it couldn't be anything to do with the high price of the hardware and the fact that most folks are simply at technology overload. They don't understand it and therefore can't make use of it. My others halfs nan has a middle name of "I Don't Understand", placing her amongst the needy masses who simply can't cope with all this technology however great it may seem. She can just about manage changing TV channels and turning the volume up and down, but don't go there with Electronic Program Guides, so god help us with pausing live radio...

Darling admits Revenue loss of 25 million personal records



...we don't have any kids and claim child benefit!

I guess that's the problem with the computer world, once you're data becomes a stream of 1's and 0's ain't nothing going to protect it. The only way to win is not to play the game...

T-Mobile unlocks iPhone, charges €999


I think...

...Apple have made a huge mistake because of greed with the iPhone. I'm not an Apple fan in anyway shape or form, for me the brand is synonymous with DRM, over inflated prices, limitations and dumbing down in terms of consumer choice. The iPhone is a clear illustration of this, and so is in many respects the new iPod Classic, the the case of that they changed the video out method leaving existing users or new users with large bills for new dicks and cables to hook the device upto the TV - in UK money an extra £70 on top of the £160 or £230 price tag. So ya'll when it comes to anything Apple - it's very much buyer beware, do you're research first and make sure you can use it the way you want to, not the way Apple or some tin pot mobile phone company tell you to...

MoD defends £5bn IT system

Gates Horns

Well what do you expect...

...when you install Windows Vista?

Best Buy sells 'last Wii' twice


If you ask Nintendo UK when they'll be more Wii in the UK...

...you get the below polite answer...

"Dear Customer, thank you for your e-mail.

Nintendo is working at its maximum production level to supply as many Wii hardware units as possible during the busy Christmas period.

The demand for Wii hardware globally has been unprecedented and higher than Nintendo could ever have anticipated. Nintendo are now in a position in which seasonality demand trends are being broken, therefore the demand for Wii hardware is constant throughout the whole year globally. Due to this phenomenon it is possible that the demand for Wii hardware may outstrip supply.

As an indicator of the commitment to ensure stock reaches the market to meet demand, Nintendo have continually been increasing its annual Wii hardware shipment forecasts throughout the year. For the fiscal year beginning 1st April 2007 and ending 31st March 2008 Nintendo have raised their annual shipment forecast for Wii hardware by a total of 3.5 million units globally, Nintendo now plans to ship 17.5 million Wii units globally, versus the 14 million units initially planned in April 2007.

Production levels for Wii hardware are also at the highest they have ever been, with a maximum production capability of 1.8 million units globally per month.

We are doing everything possible to supply continued levels of stock and meet demand as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Your Nintendo Team


Nintendo Service Centre,

CoDEstorm House, Walton Road, Farlington, Hampshire, PO6 1TR.

Tel - 0870 6060247 (Calls charged at the National rate)

Service Centre Hours 08.30 to 19.00 Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays)



And the fault lies...

At the end of the day, all this nonsense with the Wii is down to Nintendo, they've had a year to get on top of the fact that their console is a best seller. They should therefore have got their shit together to ensure there were enough consoles to go round. Personally if I was CEO at Nintendo I'd be kicking myself over all those lost sales...and if I was a share holder I'd be jumping up and down going apeshit.

Red Arrows Olympic 'ban' causes online furore


@ Senor Beavis

...but who will supply the flotillas? They might need to be made by all species, phyla, genders, races, creeds, colours* etc. that way they won't be too English, German, French, American, Italian, Indian etc. etc.

Dutch Consumer Association declares war on Vista

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@ Mike RE: far jacob

...is that you Bill? Or is it Steve?

Suicide website creator arrested for murder

Gates Halo

Suicides an alternative...

...but you'll be sorry...

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors


Just because...

...9 assertions which aren't supported in a mainstream science are in there. Just because it's not mainstream doesn't mean these points are not right. Merely that they are up for argument.

As for Dimmock, well sorry but the guys a pillock, he wasted tens of thousands of pounds fighting a pointless case.

Why pointless? Well at the end of the day it doesn't really matter whether global warming is real or not, the consequences of doing nothing are too great to take the risk of not doing anything. So it's better to do something to try and eliminate the problem; if we then find out we didn't really need to do anything, then whichever way you slice it we'll end up with a cleaner, healthier environment.

Lets face it the whole global warming issue is one of population, there are simply too many of us on Earth consuming it's resources, i.e. there ain't enough to go round.

Beeb news website goes titsup


All they needed...

...to do was reboot...! As for Solaris what a load of rubbish...get yourself Windows 1.0 running IIS 0.01

100Gbps Internet2 is ready

Gates Horns

They're probably...

...just using all the B/W to download porno...!

Lawmaker shows nudie pic to high school seniors


I guess he made...

...a bit of a boob...!


UCL preps clustered Dell supercomputer


They just wanna...

...play Crysis on it...! They're trying to build the worlds most powerful gaming machine...

Doggers dogged over the dog and bone


Can I just say...



Nobel-winning boffin slams ISS, manned spaceflight


Personally I think...

...the best thing Professor Steven Weinberg can bring to this conversation is silence...

Fossett search 'downgraded'


Don't hold back...

...Raheim Sherbedgia just speak your mind.

Actually I subscribe to another reason for his disappearance...ALIENS!

European court protects file sharers


But over in the US...

The RIAA propoganda machine is in full swing...


Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys



...an iPhone?


"If it proves to be another cultural icon like the iPod I hope you eat your words."

The iPod is only a cultural icon because Apples Marketing department says it is, otherwise, it's just another MP3 player...just the the iPhone is just another mobile phone...

TVonics DVR-250 Freeview Playback DVR


Also see...

If you're thinking of investing on a DVR or PVR you should also check out the Topfield TF5800PVR, it's highly customisable (for the geeks among us) and can be purchased with a 160GB or 250GB drive. However there are reports of folks swapping their installed drive for ones upto 750GB without problems. For more info go here: www.topfield.co.uk

And here www.toppy.org.uk for the support forums / customisation info etc.

I almost purchased one of the reviewed devices until I found the Topfield, what tipped it for me is the lack of PC connectivity and customisations you can do with the TVonics box. But if you don't want those features, I'm sure it's a great buy.

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders


To Office or not to Office...

As mentioned the problem with Office is that in all versions most folks only use a small percentage of the Suites features. So infact for many Wordpad would be quite adequate. Further to this with every upgrade comes the inevitible training issues, but perhaps companies would be more willing to upgrade if Microsoft gave the training free. But any upgrade in office suite or operating system comes at a massive price and despite all the "greater productivity" hype that comes with each release, the reality is that the productvity gains (which are usually not really there) are lost in the additional costs of support and training.

German teen unplugs pensioner's 'noisy' life support machine



The little wascal has spiwit...

Expel the IT bodgers, says Microsoft


And Microsoft are the biggest bodgers of them all...

It's true there are quite a few folks working in IT that are fairly useless, however firstly can I point out that M$ are the biggest bodgers of them all, we see it every month when they patch up the bodges they've made in the OSs and Office releases.

Further to this most 'bodges' occur because companies can't afford to do the job correctly. Why? Well I'd suggest that M$ or "A N Other IT Company" are simply charging too much, i.e the job needs to be done but the gain is lost by the cost of the IT. This doesn't affect large companies so much, but small companies simply can't afford M$ et al prices. So we end up doing the best we can with what we've got, be that second rate M$ software, or even worse a Pirate copy.

Scientology tries to discredit BBC documentary


Enter the church...

...the 7th Church of the Apocalyptic Lawnmower...

It costs a minimum of £1000 to believe...and you must mow your lawn daily...

Honda to debut hydrogen fuel-cell car in 2008


But of course we all miss the root cause of the problem...

...there are simply too many human beings on the earth. Too few resources to spread round amongst our many billions. We do sadly have a situation where we have 'surplus population' to use Scrooges phrase.

For now, because we're a long way off from the technology that will help ease the problem, we should be setting population limits on countries. Limiting the number of children per family to one or two.

Then when we do get the next wonder 'green' technology (if it exists) then we can perhaps relax these rules.

Judge in MP3 case to Microsoft: time to pay up


Now you know...

Now you know why Windows Vista is so expensive...

Pirate radio: the pros and the cons



Is that the Brixton Broadcasting Corporation?

Naomi Campbell MTV 'Minion' show canned


Manager, Minion or Plebb?

They've cancelled the show because she's filled the Minion position, but she's now looking for a Plebb. So when MTV phone up the secretary can ask whether they want to speak to a Manager, Minion or a Plebb.

They may of course consider a show however called The Plebb...

Electric cars may not be solution to all world problems


Currently I'm working on...

Currently I'm working on a DeLorean conversion that will run on household rubbish...

Seriously though the dream of pretty much limitless, polution free energy is some way off yet. The question we should be asking is whether the planet can stand the population growth until we reach a technology point where we have cleaner limitless energy...

Jedi denounce UK sabre ban plan


Excuse me while I whip this out...

Next they'll be banning the sale of forkhandles without the fork...!