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Sunspot decline could mean decades of cold UK winters

Peter Brown

Sun has had low activity for the last decade

or more, and last year was the hottest on record (time to put away that old "no warming any more" canard"). No sign of an ice age yet.

Manchester cops hit Twitter - spoof feeds fall down stairs

Peter Brown

or even 3rd

the way most people would define Manchester


Copernicus reburied with full Catholic honours

Peter Brown

Reconciliation of science and faith?

What they mean is, the church has been forced to concede that science is providing the answers. The Bible explains (reliably) precisely this much about the universe ->

Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)

Peter Brown


Jailbreaking is not the same thing as network unlocking, Jailbreaking is so that you can install whatever software you like, not to go and use it on another network. I don't know the legalities of that, I just know I jailbreak but don't unlock my iPhone. People whinging about it being Apple - I seem to remember having to do the same thing with my SPV a few years ago, although that was Orange's fault rather than microsoft's. I've never seen why I should be bound by someone else's abitrary choices, and I don't care if I did tick a box saying I agreed not to do it.

Third-gen Apple iPhone in development?

Peter Brown

re: Ohhhh...

If you jailbreak you can have proper copy/paste, the two solutions atm are not perfect but they do work across the phone...

Still, not the most exciting story this.

Enraged devil dog lover locks on to Reg photo team

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GPS is killing children

Peter Brown

re: just a MMS

Don't most sat-navs have a map-only option anyway? Although I like your idea about the variable scale and bigger screen. I do think there is a useful place for GPS, I don't use it at all in the UK, but I did use it on a recent trip to Germany where I didn't want to have to do lots of route finding myself - being unfamiliar with the language etc. would make it hard for me to ask a stranger if I got lost, and I had a lot of driving to do.

New Jersey scraps death penalty

Peter Brown

re: Good thing, bad reasons

Number 3, it's not ok to imprison an innocent person, but at least there's a chance of undoing some of the harm caused.

Sidcup massive threatens Reg hack

Peter Brown


Scallies is what they're called in manchester, as for acronyms of Chav, not very plausible. About as plausible as 'posh' being an acronym.

China celebrates first lunar pictures

Peter Brown
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@theory destroying

that's the best looney conspiracy theory I've yet heard! (you are spoofing aren't you?)

As for Sillyfellow, wish I could believe conspiracy theories based on films...

Drunk US man asks drunk son to take the wheel

Peter Brown

only got into trouble when he turned it off the pavement?

shurely he'd have been even worse off if he'd kept it on the pavement? pedestrian alert!

[I know, I know, American pavement means road]

eBay employee 'torpedos' fraud trial

Peter Brown

For Neil - look again

Your passport actually says: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Before independence of the Republic it would have said United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Go and read it before replying.


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