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Devon knows how they make it so steamy: Phantom squatter of Torquay curls one out on bloke's motor


Police Powers

"I want the police to have tougher powers."

You can already be cuffed and put in jail for making a mean tweet on the internet in the UK. How much more powerful can your police practically get?

Back to drawing board as Google cans AI ethics council amid complaints over right-wing member


Living in their heads


American bloke hauls US govt into court after border cops 'cuffed him, demanded he unlock his phone at airport'


Re: "has ever shown the slightest interest in me or my gadgets."

That's racist.

Oh Deer! Poacher sentenced to 12 months of regular Bambi screenings in the cooler

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Re: 'Murica never ceases...

Hi, how's your lack of free speech coming along?

Oh, you're in jail for speaking out against your country's liberal migrant policy?

Isn't that a shame. If only you had some sort of lethal tool to defend yourselves from the government which is trying to replace you with, ahem, shall we say, less-skilled and more easily-controlled people...

China's going to make a mobile OS and everyone will love it, predict ball-gazing analysts


"...predict ball-gazing analysts"

Whose balls are they gazing at?

Prez Donald Trump to save manufacturing jobs … in China, at ZTE


About as long as we will tolerate you idiots regurgitating fake news and flooding our social media outlets with your stupidity.

In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying


Re: re you think i choose to live here?

No. I am in a part of a country where mobility and connection options are extremely limited. Sure, the job pays well, but what's the point when what you want to buy is literally not available to purchase?


The point of the article is idiotic, as an entire market has sprung up in response to the ads that constantly ruin the experience of those who browse the internet. So those of us who pay hilarious amounts of money for small data plans want those small data plans to last for the month, and we do NOT want those data plans wasted by automatically-loading and loud videos, flashing graphics suddenly appearing and dancing right in front of what I was just reading, and pointless, malware-infested advertisements bothering my antivirus. I pay for access to the internet, I experience the internet how I choose; therefore, I pay for the internet.


If people want me to pay them for producing their content, they can either throw up a paywall or put their content in a medium that's not readily and "freely" accessible, such as a magazine or a physical storage device, such as a CD. I'm not having ads bog down my connections and waste what little data plan I'm able to pay for just so someone else can make money off of my misfortune. If I want to pay twice just to access a website, then I'll choose to pay twice.

P.S. That "crazy amount of connection" you refer to? It's not even considered broadband by most industry standards. You think I chose to live here? I'm literally not allowed to leave, except to go to work. So stuff your "parasite" argument firmly where it belongs.

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"The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying"

I'm paying $75/month for satellite internet and $115/month for a dodgy cellular connection with extremely poor signal (and that's with a signal booster) because I literally cannot get any other type of internet connection in the wasteland. Yes, I AM paying for internet.

YouTuber cements head inside microwave oven


Re: Send them the bill

Can we ban fat people from universal healthcare? I mean, they've clearly demonstrated they can't be trusted with taking care of their own bodies, and fatties tend to have to visit the hospital more often than normies, so I don't see any logical reason my taxes should pay for their healthcare.

Darkness to fall over North America from a total solar eclipse


Re: Darkness fell over America in November

Most of the UK hasn't seen sunshine since forever. So, how are you coping with all those terrorist attacks in your "great" country? How many more of your people have to die before common sense takes hold and you kick those "refugees" out of your country? Do you enjoy being arrested for posting a "mean" Tweet? How do you feel for bringing politics into a place where it obviously doesn't belong?

Right, tit.

BOFH: Don't back up in anger


Name dropper

I knew as soon as the Director started dropping names, someone was taking a trip down the gurgler.


Re: New technical terms.

Given what was on the presentation slides, I'm thinking they were speaking of the "other" head.

You know how cop cars pile into each other in old comedy movies? That's how the Moon was built, say boffins


So, basically the formation of Earth and the moon to the tune of Yakety Sax.

Brit balloon bod Bodnar overflies North Pole



Haven't heard any tele data from it in 4 days, last reported position was over Russia, near kargopol...

US judge: Yes, cops or feds so can slurp an entire Gmail account


Re: Scott Mc Nealy is right!

Miriam Carey was a schizoid who went off her meds at the wrong time and definitely at the wrong place. She paid for her crimes, and rightfully so. Even better that her innocent daughter didn't have to pay as well (at least those officers got THAT right).

And humanity has NEVER left a "might makes right" society--there has always been law enforcement and military actions since the dawn of civilization itself, and that is never going to change. What has changed is that we sometimes use a pen to threaten the weak instead of using a sword or a gun to kill them. That pen is always backed up by the guns being held by others who support the people holding that pen. And no, those guns aren't really controlled by silly things like 'laws', for if they were, we wouldn't have gone into Iraq or Vietnam in the first place. And yes, they really are supporting the people in power, rather than the laws that put them there. In effect, nothing has really changed at all.

Unless you have some way of keeping your government from forcibly decrypting your private information or otherwise invading your privacy, you have no privacy. At least in the U.S. (in the civilized parts, anyways), they can't (legally) force you to hand over your passwords yet.

95 floors in 43 SECONDS: Hitachi's new ultra-high-speed lift


Sounds like a fine piece of technology...

...that the BOFH can get ahold of to perform career- (and life-) ending maneuvers on those annoying auditors or his authoritatively-naive boss.

PFY: So the boss's final uplifting moment was when he strutted into the new lift with our contract severance forms.

BOFH: The lift which had very recently had maintenance performed on it by what appears to be a mix-up between two separate orders filed by two different departments.

PFY: I'm still not sure why anyone would decide that attaching an experimental rocket engine to the bottom of a lift car would be a viable option.

BOFH: Or who would order such a thing for this company. Unfortunately, it appears that the electronic order forms for this maintenance and for the "rocket engine install" have been deleted by that virus that wiped out most of our financial databases. And the paper copies were probably lost in the fire resulting from the rocket engine's exhaust.

Police Officer: MM-Hmm, yes, very interesting.

PANIC OVER DROOPING house prices hits MEMBER-shaped estate


"Who would want to live in the cul-de-sac that everyone is taking the mick out of?"

Everyone, forever.

Anonymous hacktivists' Million Mask March protest hits London


Re: I don't know about you...

I'm afraid an idea is not as bulletproof as you seem to believe, as the braincells that are fused together in the minds of people who are receptive to such an idea can easily be shattered by a passing bullet. Shatter enough braincells, and any idea can be easily extinguished.

London plod plonks, er, pull request on EasyDNS


Check out that missing closing anchor tag. And the wrong doctype for that document.

Apparently the US government shutdown has affected web development services for the City of London Police agency. So they've had to hire Julian Assange to create that page for them.

Pulsars: the GPS beacons of the cosmos


"Structures 100'000 ly in diameter don't explode."

They do in a Michael Bay movie.

This comment also exploded--------------------------------->

Mighty multi-scope snaps stunning STARBIRTH image


"Starbirth – a violent affair – results in the stellar babe ejecting materials at exceptionally high velocities of as much as one million kilometers per hour. In the case of the object viewed by Héctor Arce of Yale University and his international team, the birth is taking place about 1,400 light years away in the southern constellation of Vela.

When the ejecta smash into the starbirth's surrounding gas, it glows, creating what's known as a Herbig-Haro object. Arce's study of this particular object, HH 46/44, revealed two jets of materials, one aimed at Earth and another aimed away."

Isn't this almost exactly like childbirth? Except, a bit slower, and closer to home?

Screw you, Brits, says Google: We are ABOVE UK privacy law


Re: Nuts

You don't ban Google. Google bans you, then your internet traffic goes through the floor.

US taxmen told to hush up shadowy drug squad unit laundering NSA intel


Re: Back up a bit...

So, you've more or less confirmed what I was trying to say. While giving me a downvote in the process. And you still have a gold badge. Interesting.

Anyways, my point is, that the information in this article points toward...absolutely nothing illegal whatsoever happening. The police officers conducting the actual investigations probably don't even know where these tips are coming from. They're probably told "got a tip from an anonymous source that Joe Blow is selling heroin at this address, go investigate it". Whatever evidence is gleaned from the investigation is used in a court of law. No poisonous fruit there.

My question is there to point out that this article is geared in the wrong direction. What the Reuters reporter(s) should have investigated is exactly how the tips get loaded into the database, before being disseminated to local law enforcement agencies. THAT'S the part everyone should be focusing on.


Back up a bit...

So what I think I'm reading, is that when law enforcement agencies receive a tip from a database, they then go out, conduct their own, independent, investigation, and use whatever evidence gleaned from that investigation as evidence in a court, while protecting the 'true' source of the tip. So, basically the same as an anonymous tip coming in from CrimeStoppers, or maybe a confidential informant telling the police about a drug dealer doing his thing, then the cops investigating and corroborating the information in the tip, then using the evidence from their own investigation in court. Ignoring the whole "monitor everyone for terrorism and using the data to bust druggies and stuff" deal that seems to be the "cool" thing to do nowadays, this actually sounds like normal, everyday police work. The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree suddenly seems a lot less likely here.

I think the main reason they do it this way is that, if the source (the database) is NOT protected in one instance of use by law enforcement agencies, then the ENTIRE database is then open to scrutiny by a defendant's defense team, and we can't have that.

Now, if documents are being altered to protect the source of the tip, or if people are making things up when they write the reports, then that's perjury (and probably other crimes). However, there's no evidence that I have seen yet to prove that this is being done.

A question I have is about how the information in this database is being obtained. How is the government finding out that Joe Blow is dealing drugs, before putting that fact in their database, then sending it to the relevant local agency(ies)?

'Look, give us Snowden' - this Friday's top US-Russia talks revealed


Re: take him out

You know how I'd do it?

Attach a sniper rifle to the X-37B minishuttle, and aim it in Russia's general direction. Maybe design bullets with heat shields so they don't burn up on reentry.

All Snowden has to do is look up once and *bloop*.

New NSA tool exposed: XKeyscore sees 'nearly EVERYTHING you do online'


Re: Works for me

Do NOT insult moose cocks by labeling him as one. Moose cocks serve a useful purpose.

Chubby-chasing sex trolls ran me offline, says fashion blogger


Re: She has a point

" I didn't appreciate the unsolicited naked selfie of her someshat "buxom" body..."

You did, and we all know it.

On a slightly more serious note, assuming you owned a blog or a message board or something, couldn't you just set it up so that comments that people send don't get posted until you allow them to show up? Maybe reward people who have been posting like rational, normal beings for a certain period of time by having their posts show up immediately? If the blog is specifically about you, you could maybe have a friend do the moderating, so you won't have to see the bad things people of certain mindsets tend to post?

I dunno, it just seems that, this being the internet, this sort of thing should be more or less expected, and the internet shouldn't have to be regulated for the rest of us due to the actions of the few dregs of society with access to an internet-capable device.

Comet ISON seen eructating 300,000km-long methane and CO2 BELCH


"Flying ice mountain trailing vast clouds of gas"

Shirley you mean 'falling', right?

Senator: Surveillance state based on secret law 'has no place in America'


"If we do not seize this unique moment in our constitutional history to reform our surveillance laws and practices, we will all live to regret it..."

...or die regretting it, same thing really.

For pity's sake: DON'T MOVE to the COUNTRY if you want to live


The death rates need to be much higher. I need my air.

Troll loses 'we own the Web' patent appeal


"I'm sorry, but if I have a genuine patent and a genuine claim, just because the world+dog is abusing it and it's too critical to the world, that invalidates it?"

No. However, if you have a genuine patent and a genuine claim, and wait until world+dog is abusing it (which is why it's so critical to the world) before launching your lawsuits, that does tend to help invalidate your genuine patent.

For example, if you invent a new type of rubber hose, with one end closed off with the same material that the rest of the hose is made of, and you file a patent on it...then wait a couple decades and sue all the companies that are now mass-producing condoms, any court with a judge who is grounded anywhere in reality will see a big problem with you and your patent netting you any sort of payout.

Rap for rap chap in crap rap app flap: Jay-Z blasted by privacy bods

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Re: *Applauds*

Someone, somewhere, got laid for either writing that headline or for reading it. Or both, doesn't matter.

Obama says US won't scramble jets or twist arms for Snowden


Wait a minute...

First, he's a leaker, now he's a hacker? Did I miss when some huge revelation came up that said that Snowden had hacked his way into systems he should have not have had access to? I was under the impression that he had access to systems he probably shouldn't have had access to, due to poor oversight, not due to hacking skillz.

Icelandic biz baron: 'I have a private jet waiting in China for Snowden'


Sounds sorta familiar...

Is this going to be another one of those Assange situations, where the dude has to be holed up in an embassy, surrounded by police officers from the hosting country threatening to take him away the second he steps foot out of the embassy?

Leaked Obama brief reveals US cyber defense, offense policy



Hey, look at this brand-new, shiny iPhone. Ooh, and don't forget, you don't want your family to starve to death because your boss saw your protest plans on Facebook and acted "in accordance with national interests" to protect your freedom.

We're losing the battle with a government seduced by surveillance


How to end up on a watch list:

Bomb president white house tower Boston pressure cooker airplane guns terror Allah jihad alqeda blackbriar Osama Kim jung un nuclear civilian pentagon Israel Hezbollah


iPHONES and 'Pads BANNED in US for violating Samsung patent


"iPHONES and 'Pads BANNED in US for violating Samsung patent" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

*back to reality*

A couple older generation products made by Apple that aren't being bought by most people anyways are banned in the US.

Can you please stop being the Daily Fail everytime a lawyer sneezes in a courtroom over Apple patents?

Cameron eyes 'non legislative options' for more spook snoop powers


Re: @NukEvil

"and what *can* we do? We live in a society where governments can steamroller us into an illegal war, despite millions of people marching against it (in fact the only notice they took of that was to make it illegal to march in Westminster)."

And whose fault is that, I wonder? You people are the ones that voted those cretins into their positions (or at least allowed said cretins to take their positions). You people allowed your occupations and your iDistractions and your inconciderate breeding to pollute what was once a great set of ideas into what we now have today--a system where Democracy is used to take away the rights of hard-working and law-abiding citizens, leaving the people that are either not hard-working or law-abiding (or both) to leech off the additional resources made available to them by these actions. You have even allowed those festering, pus-oozing scabs you call your government to take away your right to bear arms so that they can in effect take away the rest of your rights with impunity, and making any attempts to get any of your rights as sentient beings back all but impossible.

And then you have the nerve to complain on your government-subsidized internet connection when they threaten to take away one more right. Why should I feel sorry for you?

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You people sure do talk a lot while planning to do absolutely nothing about it.

Hitchhikers' Guide was WRONG, Earth is not in a galactic backwater


Learn to reprezzent, yo!

So we have basically gone from being a place where they steal the spinners, the '22s, and the 10k watt sound systems off the occasional passing star cruiser, to the posh gated resort community where everyone with any measurable influence stops by for a week-long vacation at alpha centauri?

Of course, they do stop by Earth every now and then, to exterminate the roaches we call humanity, but they haven't been by in a while, for some reason.

Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON


Re: What model of potato was that taken with.

You don't like the quality of the videos? Then lobby your congressman to recommend increasing funding to NASA so they can buy some decent equipment.

NASA boffins: Space 'scope JUST missed dead Cold War spy sat


Re: In other overblown hysteria

I was taking a dump this morning when I received an automated signal from the TOILET (True Ocular Interdiction Lateral Electromatic Transmogrifier) which suggested that approximately 1 pound of semi-solid human waste would be intercepting the orbit of your face, which would have resulted in a massive, but hilarious, collision.

Fortunately, my conscience is equipped with a chemical inhibition actuation system intended to reduce the chances of me caring about the impending collision.

The decision was taken to initiate an endorphin release, and the sound of the impact was successfully accompanied by the sound me me going "ahhhhhhh" in quiet, excretory bliss.

Atoms star in ball-bothering boffins' Big Blue movie


Re: Background?

P.S. I wrote the above response, forgetting the fact that it wasn't a light microscope. Whoopsy.


Re: Background?

The background IS made of atoms. You can see the faint reflections of the atomic background around the actual subjects. The reasons they're so hard to see are:

1. The microscope is not focused on the background

2. The atoms in the actual subjects are reflecting more light than the atoms in the background, thus almost obscuring the light being reflected from the background itself.

Explosion, because that's the only reason atoms were invented.

2,000km-wide Eye-of-Sauron MONSTER hurricane spotted on Saturn


Re: Holiday on Saturn?

Nah, if you were a Saturnian, you would consider that hurricane as 'a light shower, with a particular taste of farts'.

Explosion, because that's what farts should do when you light 'em.

Is this the first ever web page? If not, CERN would like to know

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Couldn't get it to load :(

But, I'm just going to assume that, being the first webpage in the world, it didn't have those annoying <blink> tags, flashing smileys, generic ads (YOU *blink* ARE *blink* A *blink* WINNER *blink* !!!!!!), site hit counters, text marquees, animated gifs moving across the page, harsh text-to-background color interface, a link to a primitive java chat room that's the same as every other java chat room, iframes everywhere, a java chat room in an iframe, and loud MIDI music suddenly playing out of nowhere, for no reason whatsoever.

Bet it had porn, tho.

Boffins build ant-sized battery, claim it's tough enough to start a car



I'll look for this in 10 years or so...

Ex-hacker leaves Pentagon's TOP-SECRET war boffins for Google


Lots of buzzwords here--translation provided:

"Optimized for speed. Small, lean, resourced. With agility, freedom from bureaucratic constraints, and a willingness to embrace risk as core attributes. ATAP is focused on harnessing best-in-class, interdisciplinary talent from inside and outside Motorola Mobility, as well as technological developments from whatever the source."

In other words, a gigantic money-soak operation that would send even the beefiest black hole into a fit of jealous rage that the taxpayers are somehow paying for, despite the fact it's Google and not DARPA.

<<--You need one of these constantly going off to counteract the gravitational effects of a black hole. Because, without that, everything collapses in on itself and BLAH BLAH BLAH.