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Bloke robbed of $800,000 in cryptocurrency by fake wallet app wants payback from Google

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Cryptocurrency is good for this….

James Webb Space Telescope looks closer to home with Jupiter snaps

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Re: photographing a turtle

That would be a turtle disaster

Elon Musk considering 'drastic action' as Twitter takeover in 'jeopardy'

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Re: BBC reporting Musk's bid is ended.

“Maybe Later”

Not enough desks and parking spots, wobbly Wi-Fi: Welcome back to the office, Tesla staff

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Re: When the show is run by clowns

You can kill a circus easily - go straight for the juggler

First steps into the world of thought leadership: What could go wrong?

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Re: Modern media content

That's a meme!

Plot to defeat crypto meltdown: Solend votes to seize, liquidate whale account

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Reinsurance spiral....?

This is getting to resemble the Lloyds (of London) reinsurance spiral crisis from the 1980s/1990s (for those of us old enough to remember that).

It turned out that a lot of insurance was (in the end) reinsured with many of the original insurance when all of the intermediate contracts were factored out.

One large adverse event/failure and the whole spiral unwinds catastrophically...

This led to greater regulation/oversight/disclosure for good reason, some of which was that relatively unsophisticated "Names" (private individuals) made loads of money in the good times, but when it all went wrong, they were on the hook for liquidity/claims etc. and many lost everything.

Everything old is new again.

Always read the comments: Beijing requires oversight of all reader-generated chat

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Re: That would be a huge change

Might need even more dangerous intellectuals than that as presumably they will have to review in > 1 language....

No more fossil fuel or nukes? In the future we will generate power with magic dust

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Not that I was expecting to understand any of the maths, the macroscopic two-level Hamiltonian thingy looks impenetrable, but I was wondering if this is also caused by mathematical markup/ formatting getting screwed up OR if they have invented a whole load level of brainf@ck style notation:

$${{{{{\mathcal{H}}}}}}=\hslash \left({\begin{array}{lc}{\omega }_{{{{{\rm{B}}}}}}[{N}_{{{{{\rm{B}}}}}}(t)]&-{{\Omega }}\\ -{{\Omega }}&{\omega }_{{{{{\rm{S}}}}}}\end{array}}\right),$$

Musk repeats threat to end $46.5bn Twitter deal – with lawyers, not just tweets

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P.49, second (full) paragraph

Mr. Musk also disclosed that his acquisition proposal was no longer subject to the completion of financing and business due diligence.

This doesn't mention skipping Accounting or Tax due diligence, but I don't think that is what is at question here.

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As has been mentioned, he specifically signed away the right to go through the books when he signed the contract.

He therefore can’t bitch about wanting to do his due diligence now.

We've never even built datacenters using robots here on Earth

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Re: Marketing hype no longer needs to be believable

Sorry Jake - you missed out "nanotubes" and "DevOps".

Thanks for playing

Tech hiring freeze doesn't mean people won't leave

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Re: Allow me to warm up a bag of microwave popcorn...

Maybe allow a Coulomb-off period?

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Re: Greedy giants

In most US/UK elections you have a choice of 2 parties, and it’s all-or-nothing in terms of their policies.

It’s not necessarily fair to blame the voters if it’s a binary choice….

Elon Musk says Twitter buy 'cannot move forward' until spam stats spat settled

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Re: There's a very detailed analysis of Musk's Twitter options here:

In a similar thread on Ars Technica, it is mentioned that Musk specifically waived any due diligence before signing the deal.

It looks like he's trying to do due diligence AFTER signing the deal?

Meetings in the metaverse: Are your Mikes on?

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Re: Come Into My Dull Meeting Metaverse

They might make one especially for you?

Biotech firm: Graphcore IPUs faster for AI-based drug discovery than GPUs

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Re: LabGenius

You old cynic....;-)

(Or maybe AMD?)

Elon Musk's latest launch: An unsolicited Twitter takeover

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Re: Fixed it for you Elon.

“Hip replacement” maybe for many of us….

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Re: Money can't buy maturity

Cave canem surely? Write it out 100 times…

Cave emptor “Beware buyer”

Caveat emptor “Let he who buys beware”

Romani ite domum……

Openness of Oracle licensing and audit tools questioned

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Re: El Diablo Rojo!

Seriously, don't dance with the red devil, there's plenty of viable alternatives

Not true across the board as Oracle doesn't just sell the the Relational database - there are hundreds of applications in its portfolio too, many without alternative.

Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system

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Nearly there

When they can create the Majorana "one" modes to go with the "zero" modes they have already created, they will be able to do binary arithmetic too!

Indian services giants target emerging technologies with PaaS plays

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Re: Car on LAN?

Apologies - close, but no cigar for me then....

Will get my other coat now

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Car on LAN?

....and there was me thinking that Car On LAN was the Welsh National Anthem....

Apple seeks patent for 'innovation' resembling the ZX Spectrum, C64 and rPi 400

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Re: 1980s

RM 380Z/480Z?

Exidy Sorcerer....

Skills shortage puts SAP projects on hold

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Re: Really "skills" issues?

This is an American survey so you can’t blame IR35, much as I’d like to

IBM looked to reinvigorate its 'dated maternal workforce'

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Accenture aren't auditors either....

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Re: The funny thing is they compare themselves to Accenture...

Not sure what you mean here? Accenture are definitely not a firm of accountants.....

'Boombox' function sparks Tesla recall

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In the UK at least, they should play “Greensleeves” (on a Glockenspiel) from the speakers as the safest tune.

People will (in the warmer seasons) either look round as they fancy an ice-cream, or in the colder seasons look round and wonder who is trying to sell ice-cream in the cold.

If they are going fast enough, people will still hear but can always quote Eric Morecambe and say “he’ll never sell any going at that speed!”

Raspberry Pis gain power to flash their own OSes with new network install function

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Re: Only useful

Have you tried https://thepihut.com/ ?

12-year-old revives Unity desktop, develops software repo client, builds gaming environment for Ubuntu...

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Re: burn out

Ruth Lawrence

Second Trojan asteroid confirmed to be leading our planet around the Sun

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I hope desperately that it was named after Gerry & Sylvia Anderson's Fireball XL5, and not something more mundane!

New York Times outlays seven-figure sum for 1,900 lines of JavaScript – yes, we mean Wordle

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The digit sum of 14 is 5 - spooky!

He ain't heavy, he's my brother: Bloke gives away SpaceX ticket because he was over weight limit

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Re: Let me fix that.

Ah - different sort of carrier - I read that as "aircraft carrier" but did think that he might not fit in a F16/F-35!

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Re: Let me fix that.

He's a carrier pilot too from the article - so given his dimensions/mass, he will presumably be aware of Weight and Balance/Forward CoG limits

BlackBerry offloads its 'legacy' patents – some of the stuff that made its phones hum

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Re: Impressive!

Since a 2020 acquisition, the "troll" patent has been owned by Under Bridge IP Opportunities Inc. and so can no longer be used freely....

HPE has 'substantially succeeded' in its £3.3bn fraud trial against Autonomy's Mike Lynch – judge

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Re: "The finding is a massive victory for HPE"

They might also place reliance on Internal Audit

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Re: Absolutely ourageous

Stock-takes are usually given to the junior trainees since it often involves being on a remote, cold

industrial site at an early hour at a weekend or public holiday, up a ladder or in a warehouse trying to find a serial number for a widget or dipping the level in a huge oil storage tank.

Then they take you for a cuppa while they pump whatever was in the tank into the next one so that's full too when you get to it....

Or when counting vehicles, they drive them round for you to tick off the reg numbers, and then drive them round the corner and back past you again after swapping the plates over...

Or Trainee:"what's your stock valuation policy? FIFO/LIFO/Weighted Average". FD "FOFO - F@ck off and find out""

Or (possibly my favourite), a car factory says that there are some cars with luminous paint destined for the Scandinavian market parked amongst all the others (hundreds). The trainee doing the stock-take is given a torch and a blanket to go and find them. After 30 minutes they happen to glance back at the main factory windows to see most of the workforce laughing at them....

But I digress (I was a Coopers & Lybrand audit trainee nearly 30 years ago....)

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Re: "The finding is a massive victory for HPE"

After all, Deloitte were deceived / allowed themselves to be deceived

Precisely - if there is systematic collusion at the senior management level to deceive the auditors deliberately then there is not much the auditors can do about it, unless they get lucky and pick up on inconsistencies and start digging deeper.

Additionally a substantive testing approach (aka ticking and bashing transactions back to invoices/assets etc.) vs. a controls-based approach (i.e. rely on internal controls by testing those internal controls) could give differing results in a case of deliberate collusion to mislead.

ISO.org outage hits day 3: Still in the dark as the important matter of bunk bed standards enters discussion

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Bunked off early for the weekend!

Bunked off early for the weekend!

Silk could tie up all-but-unbreakable encryption, say South Korean boffins

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Re: But how can they do this in the West?

You'll find out about that on the Web for sure!

Head of Big Tech Expertise? Believe it or not, it's a UK.gov vacancy for a Whitehall job

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I'm not sure that salary range (wherever the candidate is geographically) will attract the right candidate for a "Head of Big Tech Expertise".....

Former Oracle execs warn that Big Red's auditing process is also a 'sales enablement tool'

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Oracle isn't just the database - it's applications too

Remember that Oracle isn't just the database - it's a whole slew of applications too (whether home-grown or acquired)

APNIC: Big Tech's use of carrier-grade NAT is holding back internet innovation

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Re: That old chestnut

unless you are Google or Facebook (which almost everyone keeps a live connection to all the time,


Businesses - really?

Tesla driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after deadly Autopilot crash

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Re: New Name for Autopilot needed

The SatNav doesn't have to be aware of priorities - it's only giving directions for the driver to consider and follow

Autonomy's Mike Lynch gets yet another judgment date as US extradition wrangling continues

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Re: Over a million words?

Could you jazz it up by using a Homer Simpson voice for your Screen Reader?

Ad blockers altering website code is not a copyright violation, German court rules

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Re: Great idea

Yes - even though this should not be permitted under GDPR

And don't get me started on "Legitimate Interest" driving a coach and horses through it all anyway!

More contractor pain: Parasol's sister firms, SJD Accountancy and Nixon Williams, confirm cyberattack

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SJD Online

SJD Online is beyond shit - but they moved me to FreeAgent in August at least (not for history but this Financial Year at least).

Alien life on Super-Earth can survive longer than us due to long-lasting protection from cosmic rays

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Black holes

Not a physicist either but:

A black hole "gobbles up light" only because light cannot travel fast enough along the spacetime infall to escape once inside the Event Horizon. It's a bit like trying to swim up a waterfall.

Light does not have mass, so that's not what is causing it (directly).

The sun will be losing so much mass (i.e. much more than the sunshine/coronal mass ejections we know and love presently....) at the Red Giant stage that Solar System planetary orbits will shift outwards due to this change in gravitational mass from the sun.

If the mass stayed the same then the density change wouldn't matter (unless we were then in the solar atmosphere in which case drag would send the smoking ember that was Earth spiralling in to the sun)!

Tesla Full Self-Driving videos prompt California's DMV to rethink policy on accidents

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Re: Chess - one move ahead

Get it to try and understand Mornington Crescent

Could BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) offer a solution for charging electric vehicles? Microlino seems to think so

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Re: This is the right direction!

I knew there had to be strings attached....



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