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Boeing trumpets 'relevant battlefield laser' raygun

Carl Hill

Hezbollah UAVs

While I'm going to agree with the gist of your article you should be ware that Hezbollah did acquire and fly UAV's in their recent encounter with Israel. Agreed, they probably weren't even flown by hezbollah. They were likely flown by representatives of the generous donours, but the point remains they had access to them and flew them. That is likely the hearstring that Boeing was tugging at when they made their reference to UAV's,

Cruise missile streaks across Google Earth

Carl Hill

A Regional Jet

The CRJ is 87ft long, 69'7" wingspan. Two rear engines, that if painted white under black tail would present that. Unpainted wings could look darker, especially against a fuselage painted white.

CRJ specs:


An example of a CRJ with white body, black tail, white engines and apparently unpainted wings:


Obviously this isn't likely to be a Lufthansa jet but the point is that a real live example exists and probably isn't the only one -- particularly since Air Canada flies these and is also a Star Alliance member. Flyinf over Utah it likely is an Air Canada CRJ.


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