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Police probe Baby P text messages and websites


Keybored Warriors.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again-

I am just about fed up with the whole keyboard warrior/commentard movement nowadays. If there was no FB or internet forums, how many of these enraged idiots would take the time to write to their MP, or arrange a demo? I'll tell you what- 99.99% would drop off the give-a-damn radar before you could scream "Hang Baby-P's Mum".

I hope the people who started these groups (for which I recieve about twenty invites per day) get hauled up before the Beak for breaking the injunction regarding the publication of the names of the accused. While I think the whole thing sucks, these people have overstepped the mark, and broken the law in publishing those names.

There is also a massive outpouring of hate towards the beleaguered Social Services which is entirely knee-jerk and facile. These people did not commit any crimes, and are themselves victims in this matter, and as such their identities should be protected.

I daresay that a percentage of the outspoken mob participating in these groups might notice that there are abuses and tragedies occuring in their own streets and homes, and instead of pouring out their bile on the intertubes, their time might be better spent examining their own lives, families and communities, lest such a tragedy occur on their doorstep next time.



On the convention of witholding names..

These peoples names are kept undisclosed for several very good reasons.

A) The ONLY way a fair trial can be performed is if the public (all potential Jurors) are as impartial as possible. This is helped by protecting the identities of the accused, and is a basic tenet of the judicial system.

B) The Law presumes in every case that the accused is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Having trouble understanding that? well imagine for a moment you were the accused. No matter what your view on the case, or what your beliefs, the right of the accused to anonymity helps to prevent PREJUDICE (think about it, pre-judice, clue is in the name) which in times of yore helped prevent the INNOCENT going to the gallows as a result of the pitchfork-weilding-tar-and-feather-witch-burning-mob mentality. This is also a basic tenet of our judicial system.

C) I would also like to point out that as the ubiquitous coward describes, there is a real danger that the accused parties lawyer might now get them off as a result of juror bias or suchlike, it wouldn't be the first time. How would you feel if your thoughtless actions in naming these people actually let them walk!

Immature tech likely to get lucky in credit crunch


Stonesoft virtual firewall

Stonesoft have a solution (Virtual Firewall) to secure virtual environments, in fact, I think they are pretty much the only people doing it right now. it is endorsed by VMware alliance too.

cDc automates Google Hacking


@ Ru....

I think you'll find the goolag app source is fully available on the goolag website.

Northern Rock FOI gag 'out of order' say Tories



Freedom of Information Act = my A$$.

Freedom of [some][unimportant][benign] Information Act = nearer the mark.

Flame..cos I can 8-D

Big Climate's strange 'science'


climate change is natural, and there ain't shit you can do.

As someone else said, we are just coming to the end of an ice age *right now*.

Yes, a lot of people/animals/other are likely to die, and much upheaval/chaos shall ensue. may I be permitted to introduce..Mother Nature- the gnarliest old bitch you ever had the misfortune to tangle with. Deal with it.

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic


table leg.

The geezer must be thanking his lucky stars that he wasn't black and carrying a table-leg in a plastic bag..he'd have been dead before he hit the ground!

Nice one Coppers!

Firefox 3 beta is live


Very nice.

Using Fox3b right now..

Fast, stable, compact, in fact, a total pleasure to use.

Highly recommended!

@ Alex Read:

Are you mental? Bore off n00b.

US buys in to QinetiQ's millimetre wave technology


more defence industry crap!

I have to agree with steve,

what the hell is the point of using this expensive shite when a human could do the same job?

Taking a big bag/holdall onto the train? expect to get searched.

Carrying a sidearm? good luck getting through the old fashioned metal detector.

Packing some fancy ceramic blade or composite firearm? you probably already work for the CIA/MI5-6.

Anyway, who wouldn't expect to see "cold objects" in a bag.

Oh, but removing the human element reduces the possibility of inside agents turning a blind eye you say?

Bollocks I say, It's much easier to ignore a blinking red light on a console.

Stop the ROTM and employ those most practical of automatons HUMAN BEINGS.

Don't shed any tears for Pandora


Anyone know of a way round this?

I mean, I really love pandora.

There must be a way i could still get a pandora stream here in the uk, right?

Sysadmin jailed for 30 months over failed logic bomb


@ Syren Baran

The plural of Virus is Viruses

*NOT* Virii.

Viri (yes, just one I) is already used in Latin as the plural of vir, meaning "man" (thus making viri mean "men") and adding another I (to form Virii) is a typical hyper correction.

I feel much better now :D

Sun: MoD has Bond/Potter/Klingon cloaking device


yet more totally useless tech.

the persons that sanctioned this ridiculous fucking project should all be shot in the testicles.

the scientific community really ought to grow up and consider VALUABLE systems, that solve REAL problems facing tank commanders and crews on todays battlefields, rather than fucking around chasing novelty sci-fi nonsense like this.

i recommend shooting in the testicles as a way to gently simulate to these asshole scientists just how it can feel to be sitting in an armoured vehicle when an infra-red triggered improvised explosive device goes off next to you.

get to work on some meaningful detection systems, or perhaps bring on the next generation composite armours.

our boys are dying out there by the score, and this is the best you can come up with?

you ought to be bloody well ashamed.

Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers


@ Robert Maughan

You wrote:

"So firstly in order to finger print the files they will need to see all of the file which would be difficult for something downloaded over possibly several days from probably multiple different peers".

This is not the case.

The popular mobile music identification service SHAZAM can identify an audio track

by hashing a very brief sample and comparing it with its vast database, typically managing to identify a track from a 2 second sample.

The same rules apply here i'm afraid.

I tend to agree with the rest of your post though, Cryptor here we come.

(p.s. i made that up - pat pending!)


@ Guy...

This has already happened, in China.

Oh China!! The Communist Country?? The PEOPLES Republic??


Ladies & Genitals, The Minister is a communist!

Schoolkid chipping trial 'a success'


this will never EVER work, so quit trying.

Kids (I was one once) will always find a way to bunk school, if they are motivated to do so.

Most kids,

(especially the kind of kids this system is being designed to track!!) already know how to defeat contemporary RFID chips, even if they don't know it!

Seen a *ridiculously expensive* CD in HMV that you like?...

Cue the old tinfoil lined hoody pocket and BAM, RFID, er, foiled.

Lets face it, I know kids that are capable of following even the most complicated instructions pertaining to various hacks etc (think xbox mods and so on..)

I can see no real significant obstacle to cloning these flaky devices, even for school children.

Which brings me to the worrying conclusion that, say your child became the victim of your neighbourhood pedo/priest/teacher, whaty's to stop them cloning the devices to create the perfect alibi?


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