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Imagine! Government to legislate against badness

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I need a government job

I thought day dreaming away my day in a chair in my server room was fun, but these morons get paid more and get to make idiotic laws! Children have no money... they are supported by their parents.. what if the economic climate changes? I thought we had that wonderful word of "inflation" still flittering around. How can they guarantee everyone has money? This will be exploited to DEATH by greedy lawyers, lazy people with no work ethic and idiotic law enforcement.

I need some of what these officials are smoking....

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7


@ The First Dave

Bingo! That was the entire issue in the beginning, that Microsoft decided to have Internet Explorer latch and intertwine with a lot of the operating system functions. Apple's browser doesn't do that, it can be easily removed. Uninstalling Internet Explorer from Windows may cause system instabilities. Microsoft should have uncoupled Internet Explorer from Windows and left it that way. Internet Explorer would have still maintained its majority share and the base system code would be reduced. Oh well... so much for common sense.

MS beefs up WinXP Pro's anti-piracy nagware


ohhhh more IT fun for all!

I guess I should thank Microsoft for giving me more job security, because I KNOW there is going to be someone out there that is going to create spyware or a virus that will mimic this process... fantastic.. Not many end-users are going to be able to tell a faked active desktop background from the REAL nagware warning. Woohooo

Thanks to Microsoft... I get to enjoy nightmarish meeting about privacy concerns with implementing IE 8 with its "privacy mode" into an enterprise , Vista and its wonderful enchancements, but we also get to have people calling us saying their machines desktop background of some puppy is now gone and they are getting an endless array of popups. So much for the slow days of work...

China readies Blu-Ray competitor


Shouldn't matter much

This is just like how China still has stand-alone VCD players while the rest of the world had DVD playesrs. Very few people here in the US knows what VCD, CVD or other standards were besides, VHS and DVD. So it'll be the same with HD generation, you'll have DVD , Blu-Ray in the US and maybe Europe and you'll have China and their disc format. It should cause that much of a stir.

HD DVD sales still solid despite format's failure

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Cause BluRay doesn't come cheap

Of course HD-DVD's are going to be cheap.. since everyone is offloading them at clearance prices and the fact that even though BluRay won their equipment is STILL expensive.. it slows adoption rates.

Oh ya... couple that with the fact that DVD's are still "good enough" for the masses... BD will have a slow slow rise to domination... its almost like a bad movie plot..

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads


I'm jealous

I don't think I've sat down to watch a movie on regular television and went more than FIFTEEN MINUTES without a commercial interruption... then again.. i live on the east coast of the US where they are already programming DVR's with the ability to NOT skip commercials... so sad.. Now i see why people use bittorrent for downloading tv shows and movies... you go to the theater... you see commercials before the movie.. watch it at home.. commercials.. before, during and after... This is becoming quite bothersome.

US Congress members push Gates's line on visas

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This news makes me sad

With ALL the time, resources and money Bill Gates is tossing at this VISA issue, he could use to train more techs to actually BE good technicians and or programmers, which ever one that is needed. The fact that he consistently pushes for the VISA proves that he wants to pay the individuals that come from outside of the country less money. Shameful way to keep that money a rolling into his and Microsoft's pockets.

Microsoft admits big delay on Home Server bug fix



See, I'm thoroughly impressed. For the team that programmed Home Server to NOT test it properly with Microsoft's OWN applications is just amazing! Forget uTorrent, and Quickbooks... the fact that Microsoft's photo and music managing software rips data to shreds when it writes data to and from the Home Server box, really, it just leaves me speechless.

But, at least now I know why Ballmer was screaming "Developers, Developers, Developers!" at a recent interview. Seems the developers that are there are more inept than he is.

IT industry needs more women


Well now....

I know I would LOVE to have more women in the IT industry. The fact that most events turn into a sausage fest annoys me to no end. Women in the industry would be a benefit. Cause I'm tired of seeing the same "geek" inspired designs... if any technological market that deals with consumers want to do well, all they need to do is include women in the demographic. What better way to find out how they think and work then to have more women in the industry to translate the feelings into tech ideas.

Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps



I'm sure that refers to the amount of money people spend on IT people to support Microsoft's unending tidal wave of products that are still in the alpha version until service pack 1a comes or something. Maybe the richness is the gold coins that good ol' Billy gets to swim in every monday inside his money bank.

Ban booze in supermarkets, says health adviser

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Down with seperate stores!

Feh, I live in PA in the US and let me tell you... it's really terrible getting your wine and favourite imbibed drink here. The selection is so off the wall low, that it grinds your nerves. The "seperate" stores will stock stuff thats will ONLY sell to peopel that binge drink! Every once and a blue moon you'll find a good bottle of wine, sake, or one of the hard liquors. But other times, you're shifting through the bottom barrel nonsense that people swill just to get their jollies. So, they might as well GO to the SUPERMARKET for it and not have these stupid stores that charge ridiculous prices with disgusting alcohol. Yeah... i'm bitter... I have to drive quite a ways to get good wine

Microsoft preps Yahoo! proxy attack

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This is a sad deal

If Microsoft gets Yahoo.... Things are just gonna get worse. Microsoft's way of doing things has never been truly for the benefit of its customer's. They are so detached from what the average user actually WANTS that they are now want to screw over the entire internet in general. It seems as of late, in the U.S. you have to choose between the lesser of two evils quite often these days. I'd rather have Google doing the whip cracking rather than Microsoft. You know what, I'd rather Yahoo just throw itself into a volcano as a sacrifice to appease the Silicon Gods in California.

Opera screeches at Mozilla over security disclosure


Ah Yes... we have nothing but big babies in the Tech Industry now

Yikes... I thought all the patent squatters and the companies suing each other for copyright infringement was bad. This is utterly ridiculous, to the point of being scary. If they have time to come up with a complaint like that, then they have WAY too much time on their hands.

Comcast: Our BitTorrent busting is 'best in class'


Reasonable network management... HA!

Reasonable management of the network means, not only controller bandwidth but INCREASING the capacity of the network when the demands call for it. Comcast and other US ISP's don't want to take that route, instead they just want to keep the same technology and then punish customers for actually USING their 6Mbps download rate. Well, that is, if you can ever GET that much speed.

If Time Warner Cable is anything to go off of, with their complaint of "5% of their users using 50% of their network bandwidth", that means that TWC has the ability to ONLY serve 10% of its users base, if even that at all. As things become more centered around the use of Internet-Based services, we're going to need a WHOLE lot more bandwidth and soon.

Bittorrent traffic is only the bad guy at the moment because its one of the only things thats utilizing your connection to the full. What happens when we are running OSes remotely through the internet? Are they gonna throttle bandwidth when legalized movie and tv show downloading and streaming because popular? We have already hit and surpassed the point where downloading legal disc images of software, games and etc are above the 1gig mark. Frankly, I'd rather NOT see my download of a game come in at -24kpbs-45kbps with a time of about 48 to 72 hours.

Geez, there is so many new technical advances and we are STILL arguing over internet speeds below 10Mbps.

Ryanair battles ASA over 'saucy schoolgirl' ad

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That made my wednesday

That was the BEST thing i've seen all wednesday. I think their advertisement and the after-effects did their job rather nicely.

Brighton professor bans Google


Props to the Prof

Congrats to this Professor for bringing down the ban hammer on Google and Wikipedia. I work in an IT department in a University and you can tell / read the difference between people who got their material off the internet and the people who went to the library, or did a case study or two themselves in order to research a project. The ones who do Google and Wikipedia, their reports feel like they've only gotten the "Cliffnotes" version of the whatever topic they are researching and the rest just feels like BS or fluff. The students that take the time to get the books and do the hands on research, you readily see that the person is written in words that only the individual student would use. The information just seems to have been "digested" more. At least thats from what I've seen.

Feds to probe Comcast's BitTorrent busting

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Comcast needs to burn!

Comcast like ALL the rest of the US ISP's are plodding along on the technology scene like it stopped evolving back around the time the ATAPI interface was introduced into the PC standard. Why is DSL still around? Why is there only ONE major fiber optical ISP in the US?

Comcast didn't increase their network capacity properly and their network is suffering for it. But, Comcast will say its NOT their fault, its the fault of those utilitizing the "unlimited" feature of their UNLIMITED internet package. P2P applications are part of that unlimited internet use. To go throwing bad packets into the mix or doing network "management" is just bad business. Customers shouldn't be punished because their Company providing the service isn't up to snuff.

Lord Triesman on P2P, pop-ups and the Klaxons


Article is improperly titled!

This thing should be called "Consumers should continue to assume bent over position"

This politician is looking for some "magical" change or position take in society. It's next to impossible with the way the world is inter-connected. Society has progressed from the family sitting around the radio to millions worldwide clicking on a computer.

The record / music companies are never gonna be pleased because their interpretation of "piracy" which means they can't make billions off of one CD anymore and the consumer market will never be happy because society is used to sharing things FOR FREE anyway. We let people borrow lawnmowers, we give people recipes, we share music, thoughts, ideas, art work, on a regular everyday basis. So consumers will NEVER take on any of those ideas fully. Sure they can crack the legal whip on some people but that will just upset the other people, who will feel now "morally" justified to continue downloading stuff for free.

There needs to be an "This is enough money" button / limit on these items. After a song or album or whats considered "art" has reached a certain amount of money, it should be considered public domain. This forces the monopolies into a state either innovation or being crushed by the lack of it. People are only gonna want ONE copy of Blade Runner anyway.

Everyone other field has to innovate on a regular basis, why can't these two industries do the same?

Macs seized by porn Trojan


Ahhh yes

Positive proof that a computer can only be as secure as the dumbest user. This isn't a flaw of security. This is the same for Linux and Windows. Lately, it seems less about security flaws and more not wanking off on the computer.

Microsoft racks up best quarter since 1999


I have a funny feeling that....

It seems like those figures are from the Xbox 360 (thank Bungie and Halo 3) and the revenue that XP is still bringing in. Even if some of that profit is from Vista, its probably due to the fact that OEMs are practically forced to have their computers tainted with another version of Windows.

Ubuntu's latest OS not so Gutsy


No upgrade is perfect

There will be minor hiccups with bleeding edge software! I still have problems with the newest Linux kernel in itself. Using the latest kernel means that by default the hard drive that I boot from isn't referenced by /dev/hda2, its referenced by some UUID number which looks worse than an IPV6 address.

But, the point is that, there are new features and new features present bugs. Granted I've had issues with mounting my home directory on a separate partition during the Gutsy install and VNC seemed to not accept passwords, but I worked around that, cause hey... its new software.

If I wanted things to work right out of the box, I would have bought a calculator! No OS software works without hiccups.