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Intel screams Tiger Lake is 'world's best processor' (then quietly into its sleeve: for thin Windows, ChromeOS laptops)

Cosmin Roman

EVO or Evo

After mentioning that the Evo name for Intel's products is not all-caps (to distinguish it from Samsung's EVO), you wrote EVO all caps at the end of the article :)

Will get my pedant/OCD (not Ocd) coat now ...

Gone in 70 seconds: Holding Enter key can smash through defense

Cosmin Roman

wonder ...

.. what Linus would have to say, though. Choice words, surely :)

Deep beneath melting Antartic ice: A huge active volcano

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Re: it's Washington Uni, not Washing ...

upvote :)

but let's not forget the plume, which can form a _cloud_ ...

Cosmin Roman
IT Angle

it's Washington Uni, not Washing ...

(having been there recently for a conference, I should know).

Also, IT angle? :) (although, you guys can probably remove that icon, EVERYTHING has an IT angle these days).


Boffins find 17,425,170-digit prime number

Cosmin Roman

"are one less than another number to the power of two"

Ummmm... Maybe the other way around, one less than two to the power another number?

No need to post this, just helping out. Cheers.

HSBC pinpoints branches with sub-atomic accuracy

Cosmin Roman

to quote candidate Perry: oops ...

... put the decimal dot in the wrong place. *red face*

Cosmin Roman

Google says it's 1.76323344 × 10^17 femtometers indeed, but that is truncated.

The true answer (if my computations are to be trusted *false modesty*) is

1 763 233 440 307 568 375 731.2 femtometers.

Now, about that pint ...?

Intel demos ultra low-juice chippery

Cosmin Roman

"So here we are, on the frontiers of computing, and we're looking in the dumpsters for motherboards."

And, probably, in the dumpster nearby were the NASA people.

Mine's the one with EDO RAM sticking out ...

BOFH vs PFY: There can be only one (on the exes chit)

Cosmin Roman

not really a comment ...

I just like penguins ...

Masochists add Jimbo Wales to every webpage

Cosmin Roman

but isn't this tongue in cheek, rather?

And some comments on the dev page, really one can read them both ways :)

Mine is the one with the extensions hanging out ... thanks.


Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

Cosmin Roman


It would be a sad day when installing Linux would be flawless; where's the old times of compiling the new kernel, patchings over patchings, half-backed drivers downloading from umpteen places and chatting over irc with fellow linuxers ... happy days, they were!

Of course tongue-in-cheek, but a bit of nostalgia still :)


NASA explores 'Curiosity' for nuclear-powered Mars rover

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Hacked flight sim site in catastrophic crash and burn

Cosmin Roman

just shooting an idea ...

... but how about archive.org? They might find some stuff there.


NASA ponders Spirit's erratic behaviour

Cosmin Roman


it's VxWorks, not Zxcvb :)

... and I might be wrong, but JPL's supposed to have considered radiation when designing the rovers, and they must've shielded the electronics (CPU, memory, flash memory etc). Not to mention error correction.

So BOFH excuse after all.

The alien angle reminds of the now very old Userfriendly cartoon


(has it really been 4 years now? incredible)

Throw me the one with the radiation hardened pockets ... no, the other one ... thanks.

Swoopo - eBay's (more) evil twin

Cosmin Roman

Winner's 75 cents?

I understood, though, that Swoopo cashes in on the winner's series of bids too - and so if the winner placed 40 bids for the ultimately $30 Nintendo (which, considering how the system works, will probably accrue pretty quickly, n'est ce pas?), actual amount out of the pocket would be $30 + 40*$0.75=$60 - double! (plus shipping ...) Of course, one could only bid at the "end", but the one who pursued the item for a while won't let it go at the expense of 75 cents (bid) + 15 cents (upping price), no?

If somebody is actually considering this bidding system, you have to re-think the whole bidding process. But then, I also thought of a similar scam from the hands of Swoopo-s - not going as far as your idea, in the sense that you let them win, but have a bot bidding right at the last second to entice the would-be winner shell out another 3 quarters, and so on. Great minds think alike and all that.

Happy New Year, Reg people, and keep up the good (and the dirty) work!

(pirate icon for obvious reasons)

Tux makes home on the iPhone

Cosmin Roman

why? that's why:


I remember years back when the same "dumb" terminal showed up on iPaqs (another i-thingie, I suppose), Palms, Toshibas and Asuses. Then - commercially, nonetheless - we had the Zaurus ... nowadays it's the Nokias (n770, n800, n810). And if you check GPE, or Opie, or Maemo, to see how far it's gone, you'll be surprised; from humble beginnings to really useful environments. And it doesn't stop here.

It is true that at this point most ports have matured on hardware that has fallen behind (say, the 3600 series, 3900 series, 5000 series ipaqs) ... yet every now and then new gems appear, such as the HTC phones, most of which have their linux port.

And it's always that the most blatantly useless linux port eventually turns out to be a money making one: the first time I read about a guy, who replaced the wireless PCMCIA card in his wireless router (802.11b at the time) with a PCMCIA memory card loaded with a linux kernel, and then booted the router into linux, I thought to myself "this guy is crazy"; a few years later, Linksys releases ... a linux-based wifi router!

Linux on iPhone ... I'll tell you what, you'll have "copy and paste" sooner that way :)

check out this link:



Yahoo! offloads Kelkoo for a song

Cosmin Roman
Dead Vulture

What! ...

... happened! to! the! exclamation! marks! when! quoting! a! Yahoo! story! ?

The Netbook Newbie's Guide to Linux

Cosmin Roman


No, as a hacker you'd start working on the linux kernel by hand, make the C compiler, and compile all the extras as you move along (nod to Linus)

I, personally, got to the X part (that's where the caffeine effects ended ...)

Coat is the one with the Assembly book in the outer pocket, thanks.

Battle of Britain pilots actually crap shots

Cosmin Roman
IT Angle

Poles in RAF

The sky over England was defended by two Polish squadrons, one of them the Kosciusko squadron. Aces: F/Lt Witold Urbanowicz with 15 shots; F/O Zdzisław Henneberg, P/O Jan Zumbach and Sgt. Eugeniusz Szaposznikow, each with 8 kills; P/O Mirosław Ferić with 7 shots. The "Ace of aces" of all the RAF squadrons was Czech – Sgt Józef František, who achieved 17 kills.

Out of the 1700 or so german planes shot down, 203 were shot by the Polish pilots. In September, during the highest intensity of German attacks, 13% of pilots in frontline squadrons were Poles, and in October, because of the RAF loses, the proportion went up to 20%.

And as far as I know, while being the only foreigners invited to the victory parade in London after the war, they refused to participate - since the UK (as well as the rest of the Western powers) did nothing to keep Poland from being under Soviet influence ...

I agree that the foreign pilots (and I read Piece of cake, very nice book! - thus I know there were also Americans, not just Eastern Europeans) had the advantage of more experience, and that's why they outclassed most of their British airmates ... on the other hand it's nice to give the dues to all involved.

And yeah, IT angle?

Jackie Chan records Olympic ditty

Cosmin Roman

@ @AC

"Lequelle est l'angle d'IT?"

Occasionally Jackie uses or breaks some computers :) I forget now the title, but he _hacks_ a bad guy's account to transfer funds to some charity ...

coat, door, etc


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