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How do you drive a supercomputer round a Formula 1 track?


"Today, a car will generate, on average, 15 to 16 MB. Per lap. And we’re talking 50 plus laps."

Is that supposed to be impressive? I assume it's a typo.

Gadgets are NOT the perfect gift for REAL men


@Pete 2, GHD hair straighteners are apparently an exception to that rule.

Firm moves to trademark 'Python' name out from under the language


www.python.co.uk went down yesterday, and now it is forwarding to www.python.org, so it has either been hacked for they've had a change of mind.

Ever had to register to buy online - and been PELTED with SPAM?


Re: Own your own domain name

Redirecting back to the alleged sender of the spam is moronic as the address field will almost certainly be forged, which just creates more junk (aka back-scatter).

What you should be doing is redirecting it to the customer services department of the company who leaked/sold your email address with a message telling them why they have received it.

Forget widgets, invest in staff say Black Hat alumni


So the security guy says you need a security guy. Just like a lawyer says you need a lawyer and a plumber says you need a plumber.

Schneier still kicks ass though.

Security fail for Apple as hacker cracks iOS in-app purchasing


"ZonD80 is now asking for donations to set up a website to promote the hack."

What a douchebag. It's because of people like him that security researchers while a shred of decency get sued when disclosing a vulnerability in a private and constructive manner.

Office 365: This cloud isn't going to put any admins out of a job


Re: My experience

"If you have 2 MX records of the same priority, one to Microsoft's servers, and another going somewhere else"

When you assume, you make an ass........of yourself.

Advertisers slam Microsoft over 'Do not track' decision


"We hope that many consumers will make a conscious choice to share information in order to receive more personalized ad content"

fuck the fuck off.

Condom compartment hidden in iPhone case


buy rubbers in bulk, but post on the register with the name "LinkOfHyrule"? Bullshit meter is going WOO-WOO-WOO.

Council spunks '£100k on how to wash your hands' vid


Re: There are plenty of blokes...

So I'd take it you'd be happy to shake my hand after I've had it down my trousers, scratching my balls? After all, I don't urinate on my hands either.

Boozed-up ball-biting mum spared jail


I know! You should really cancel your subscription.

Stallman: Jobs exerted 'malign influence' on computing



I agree, and I might add Hitler was a fine young gentleman!


'Devastating' Apache bug leaves servers exposed



parallely? really?

Unless they are foreign then thats a bit of a fail.

Popular FTP package download tarball poisoned


You can't lose

unless the source of the hash has been compromised too.

UK will obey Euro unisex-insurance rules from 2013


titles are not necessary

Would you be in favor of discriminating on grounds of race or sexual orientation then? After all there is bound to be variation in risk among the groups.

As a previous poster said it should be based on your history alone, driving length and your history in that time. If you don't have any driving history you would expect to be worse off that a driver with clean history as there is nothing to judge you by, like with credit ratings.

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush


title goes here

Bear Grylls wouldn't have minded

Man says he lost $500,000 in virtual currency heist


"I feel like killing myself now."

what a drama queen.

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs


me titles

memebase is over there ----->

Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start


the titles goes here

I was taking my GCSE's just before operation ore, and my IT teacher got snagged, and not for just viewing. Judging by his behavior in the class he most likely guilty.

Conficker Group muses on hits and misses


here's an example

A significant member of your organization's PC won't boot, you've pulled the HDD out and slaved to in another to get the data, and swapped in a temp PC for the worker. Obviously they've saved all their data locally as they are told not too and the longer it takes you to get them up and running the more earache you'll be getting.

This is only one example, but the generic case is "I need to move a large amount of data as quickly as possible", currently USB removable is the most convenient, even if not always the fastest.


this is the title

Ok, well, I need to move several gig of data to another computer ASAP, I don't even want to wait on the LAN, propose a quicker and more convenient way to do that a USB removeable device.

Ubuntu Wayland: Shuttleworth's post-Mac makeover



Does the law explicitly forbid transferring from a format you purchased to another? If not then it's fine. You don't need laws granting permission to do something, there's no law about being allowed to skip down the street but you can do it if you want.

Donkey Kong Country Returns



£40-45? Really? I'd rather just pay £4 for the original and play that again.

Hells Angels slap London dressmakers with trademark suit


another title

Maybe they would act like twats too. What's your point? Even if you wore a police uniform you wouldn't expect a beating, just arrest.


this is my title

"good lads"?

You think people who are liable to physically assault strangers just because they are wearing the same clothes are "good lads"?

sound like twats to me.

Trucker jailed for deadly motorway gamble



"no-stakes hold 'em"? That must be a boring game of poker.

Genuine white iPhone 4 spied in wild


Don't get it

What's so special about white? If they made a white one then brought out a black one people would go nuts for that.

Man enraged by sagging pants pops cap in teen's ass


some title

By chance got a photo of yourself for us to sneer at?

Facebook Places - why, and why not



Reason #1 is because you have no friends

Lindsay Lohan goes down for 90 days



Sarah, are you sure you're not just getting trolled?

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?



Do you know anything about mobile phone testing and the requirements for product certification? Clearly not, you make yourself look like a knob for spouting such crap.

Computer grads can't even get jobs offering personal services


[insert title here]

maybe you should be the secretary then



maybe you're not very good?

Canadians form adulterers' privacy campaign



What if someone finds cheating evidence through IM logs that someone forgot to keep hidden? Does that make the IM supplier liable for consequences of someones actions? Obviously no, surely all shes doing is announcing to the world that she is a dim witted ho bag.

State senator eyeballs smut during abortion debate



"I opened it up and said holy [expletive]! What's on my screen? and clicked away from it right away."

How many wives have heard that one I wonder?

Loud sex ASBO woman back on the job


I don't Get It

I don't understand why people think it's ok for someone to make as much noise as they want as long as they claim "they can't help it" (what, like tourettes? doubt it). If it were me I'd wait till they had finished then play Come To Daddy as loud as I could.

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'


no title here!

Insulted by a colour? softies.

Microsoft to launch incompatible telephone



"Sadly, cell phone manufacturers no longer make phones that are just phones."

You aren't looking hard enough.

The x-texting Metrotextual comes out of the closet



I'm so manly I just cup my mouth and shout in the necessary direction.

Nokia to shut down N-Gage



I once saw one of these in 2003. Never seen one since.

Cornish separatists take aim at pasty students



I actually used to work in Penryn, the most exciting things there are the Rowes pasty shop and the (not so) Famous Barrel pub.

PC tune-up software: does it really work?


@Steve 70

The pig would be sexier. Windows 7 seems good to me though.

MS insists bodged fix didn't spawn Windows crash risk


nerd alert nerd alert

@Geoff Mackenzie

only nerds use regexs in general conversation

therefore, you = nerd

penguin because hes a nerd too

Translation services used to pump out polyglot spam


May I be the first...

to kill the next person who makes another goddamed "overlord" joke. You are not as funny as Kent Brockman people.

US thesp to attempt audacious tw*tdangle



Will there be fire and rockets involved?

Spam tool developer faces six years in chokey



Damn, you got me, I know I have superior intelligence really (after all I am reading elreg). And you're right, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good chest beating after berating the techno-peons.

Tootles, lord Benedict.


@Phil 66

I don't think I have superior intelligence, and I really dont think I'm being a snooty computer type. I've seen what stock spam looks like and if you believe that you are going to make money by acting on those types of emails then you have probably been had with pyramid schemes several times in the past.

Hell, I'd believe cheddathehustler.com before I believed stock spam.


this is a title

I'd like to what morons actually buy stock based on advice from an unsolicited, dodgy looking anonymous email?

They deserve to lose all the money that have.

Man hooks home into Twitter



This guy has a family?

Controversial mobile directory fails on launch



So what if i end up on some list? You people do realize that phones have the ability to disconnect calls at your leisure right?