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Spanish town trumpets 'Clitoris Festival' thanks to Google snafu

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Grelo in portuguese is not only a vegetable, but also a slang for female genitalia ( don't ask me why, i never understood it... ), so i can kinda see a connection here, although i have no idea how to connect it with spanish...

Trust me. I'm portuguese... ( I really am )

Intel Unite: For the workers of the world and their absentee bosses

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Windows... Mac....

Where's Linux?

Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'

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Re: Damn!

I can only suppose systemd is being "sponsored" by the NSA. What a wonderful collection of system-centric binaries, which no-one can understand.. What a perfect place to insert some sniffing code...

Linux is going down the drain with systemd, i'm afraid... :(

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The fantastical Francesinha

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You've missed the point...

You can't just skip the fries.. You just can't. Usually, that plate is stock full with fries around the francesinha, and with enough sauce to fill it to the top, making the fries soak it all up :D

Usually, the linguiça and/or chouriço are slightly grilled, and that whole thing ( without the sauce, of course ) goes inside a press toaster, to make it all "get together" as a whole".

Of course, you've earned the wrath of the gods by using spain's excuse for beer, and you're no longer eligible to cook your own francesinha in this country, but it's ok... ;)

And, of course, there's beer in the sauce, and there MUST be a beer in your hand...

If you really want to try something that gets that pub crawl away from your mind, try some feijoada. Or cozido. I promise you'll never want to eat anything else ( for the rest of the day ).

It's not even 10 AM, and you've made me hungry... Where can i get a decent francesinha around here... hmmm... Oh. 50 meters away... Right :D

Facebook scammers punt fake 'sexy vid' of Emma Watson

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Paris Hilton


Does that mean no pics? ;)

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study

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Re: Typing texts at the wheel is incredibly dangerous

The law basically wants you to keep both your hands free to drive. It doesn't say you need to have both on the wheel.

Holding your phone IS illegal. Eating or drinking while driving IS illegal. Tapping on your laptop, reading the newspaper or a book, or even watching a movie on your laptop or cellphone while driving IS illegal. ( Yes, i've seen all of these happen, unfortunately ).

Talking to someone on the passenger seat, of course, takes almost no need to focus on the driver's part, but it is known that talking on the phone takes a whole lot more focus/attention than talking to someone else personally, even if it's just because of the background noise, the call volume, etc... Texting will take even more. You DO have to take your eyes off the road, and that split second is all it takes, sometimes. I've seen it happen all the time. Of course, when they smash their cars, nobody says "yes, officer, i was texting/talking on the phone". Of course not! That's the same as saying "I'm guilty, let me pay for everything".

And i have to say, i agree with this. I agree that everyone should just focus on driving, instead of multi-tasking. Even if it's just eating a sandwich, or drinking that cup of coffee.

Even though i have a hands-free + bluetooth connection in my car, so i can answer any call without

taking my hands off the wheel, i still tend to just answer with "sorry, i'm driving, so unless you're dying, or is an emergency, call me later."

We lived years and years without the freaking cell phones, and now for some reason, we're all addicted to them. It seems we just can't live without a cell phone. I just can't understand what's so urgent about that call that can't wait a few minutes.. I went out with my friends on my teenage years, and i had no cell phone. I had to wait till we met, and then we talked. How did i survive, and had dates, and a social life, i ask..

I saw a story ( I think it was here on the reg ) some time ago, where one driver got a ticket because he sneezed while driving, and used one hand to hold a tissue.

Yes, it is illegal. Yes, it is stupid the officer fined him for holding a tissue while sneezing, instead of just letting it all go to your windshield ( yes, much better, now ). Yes, it was excessive. But it is the law. And if it's there, it's because someone was already pushing it too far.

Unfortunately, there has to be a hard line, and this guy was caught on the wrong side.

Now, the article says the statistics show no improvement. I don't see that as a "cell-phone has nothing to do with it". I see it as "nobody gave a damn, and everybody still uses their cell-phone while driving". I see that everywhere. The law only works if someone is enforcing it, and actively checking it.

Because right here in Portugal, right now, that's exactly what's happening. It's forbidden. And nobody cared. And i see guys driving at 150km/h while holding their cell phone. And as someone who got his car smashed because a freaking truck driver just couldn't wait 1 hour before making that stupid call, i have to say, yes, cellphones DO take concentration from your part.

There's no amount of "sorry, i got distracted with a call" that made up the fact that he smashed thru my car with me in it.

ALIEN BODY FOUND ON MARS: Curiosity rover snaps extraterrestrial

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Samurai sword? PFfft. Puny god..

I wonder, if the guy that made the comment ever played Skyrim. You can't make samurais swords out of iron. You can't make samurai swords. period.

At most, you'd make a iron sword, or a few iron daggers...

Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles

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"Nadella pledged to make products such as personal assistant Cortana, Skype and Office 365 essential parts of daily life."

So basically, after all the time they took to finally exterminate Clippy, they bring us Cortana? Instead of just avoiding office to avoid Clippy, we now have to avoid Windows altogether?

Will she be just as annoying? Did they just change the name and the drawing routine?

"Hi, it looks like you are writing a resignation letter to your boss. Do you want me to insert some insults and email it right away? <Yes> <Of course> <Right away>"

Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear of, er, a cheese-tastic title?

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Disney's Star Wars - The Phantom Blot ( returns )...

In a small cabin in the middle of the forest:

Mickey-Wan Kenobi ( with traditional high-pitched voice ) - "Come, my padawans. Come, settle down and feel the Force. Let us practice. Let it flow through you..."

Morty and Ferdie ( in a food fight with Goofy Binks ) - "In a minute, uncle..."

Goofy Binks - "Yack Yack! Meesa thinks this all dirty! Food everywhe' ! A-Yack!"

Mickey-Wan Kenobi breathes deeply, raises his hand slightly, and a broom starts to levitate. It starts sweeping the room of its own accord...

Suddenly, he opens his eyes widely...

Mickey-Wan Kenobi - "I feel a disturbance in the Force"...

A door explodes... Shards everywhere, and smoke... Morty and Ferdie crawl behind Mickey, while Goofy stands stunned looking for some light, while his ears cover his eyes..

Suddenly, a shadow takes shape in the smoke. Then suddenly there are three of them... All dressed in white plastic armor, with their blasters in their hands, the three elite beagle-troopers enter the room. Their names too horrendous to be pronounced, they are know throught the galaxy as 176-167, 176-671, and 176-176.

They sweep the room with their blasters, screaming everyone to look down...

Then, a new shadow takes form in the smoke....

The Emperor himself appears before Kenobi, with his trusted right-hand Pete...

Emperor Phantom Blot - "We finally meet, old guy... Last time we met, I was but a pupil... Now I am the master!!!!"

Pete - "Uh, yeah! What he says!"

The emperor raises his hand, does a slashing movement, and suddenly, the broom splits in two. And three... And they keep splitting until there's an army of brooms, all carrying buckets of water to clean up the place...

A contageous tune starts sounding.. The brooms all start marching...

Goofy keeps running around in circles, looking for the light ( while still having his eyes covered with his ears ), until he trips on a broom. The broom falls violently to the ground, letting his bucket full of water fly across the room, right into Pete, who , as a reflex to catch the bucket, drops his saber. The saber falls right into the Emperor's foot. The Emperor, in his pain, lashes out a large spread of Force Lightning that detonates the remaining thermal detonators in the storm-troopers belts...

Everything is blown into oblivion...

When the smoke and debris dissipates nothing is left of the brooms, beagle troopers, or the cabin.

The emperor is nowhere to be found, and neither is Pete.

Goofy Binks stands beneath a huge pile of hay while Mickey-Wan Kenobi is projecting a Force field to protect himself and his padawans...

May this be the end of the Empire???

( My apologies if the names don't make sense, but I only knew the Portuguese names of the characters... I had to google for these )

Twitter: It's JUST LIKE Elder Scrolls (no it's not)

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most wanted aspect from gaming in real life.

for me? saving and loading.

you met that girl that made you feel wonderful? save it! you said something inappropriate or missed your shot?

reload... keep trying...

big decision coming? save! if it goes south, just reload...

i wish that were possible...

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What do you mean, you're alone, liking Larry?

Have you got any idea how much time in my life i "lost" playing that game?

Thanks to that game, i learned quite early in my life to always using a condom for sex . ( and to remove it later , obviously ).

If life were like that, it'd be awesome.

I'd "give rose to woman", "give wine to woman", "kiss woman", and i'd be all set ! :)

Ahhh, the time where you could lose yourself in a videogame... Where you used imagination as a graphics card...

I miss those. Computer games nowadays are so shallow...

"Hey, look! great graphics!"

"what are you supposed to do in the game?"

"point and shoot"

"ok, what's the story?"

"uhhhh. there are aliens/nazis/bad-guys/something that want to hurt you. you shoot them"

I think someone must have written a template for games and movies. You just have to replace all the tags with character names, and a small number of characteristics, and the movie/game is made...

Like for example... Avatar being blue pocahontas....

Snowden: 'I am still working for the NSA ... to improve it'

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Re: Eddy Is A Crackpot

I thought that as a possibility, too.

That all this was planned from the beginning...

I'm not a conspiracy freak, but the US seem to be...

BOFH: One flew over the PFY's nest

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I missed these....

How I BLEW my co-workers' HEADS OFF ... without going to jail

Rhiakath Flanders

Sniff sniff

Unfortunately, we get no such let-steam-out activities here...

I just mentally destroy my boss and some of my co-workers in GTA style.

They usually bring out their orange coats, and go around in a single line....

YouTube Wars: Microsoft cries foul as Windows Phone app pulled again

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Windows Phone users?

" Unfortunately, it seems Windows Phone users are the ones left caught in the crossfire"

All 5 of them.

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'

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Re: [Scene: Front door, external]

I read that as Elmer Fudd. Just because of the "tewwowist".

Rest your head against a train window, hear VOICES in your SKULL

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and THIS is why sometimes i hate people. No respect for anyone, only money.

and why i ALWAYS hate advertisers. Between tv shows, everywhere on the internet, you get ads.

You're on the beach, you get planes flying around with big banners. You listen to the radio, and only 15% is music now. the rest are ads. You try to watch a movie on the TV, and there are so many ads in the ( excess ) intervals that you manage to forget what you were watching.

So, now you're tired, and try to sleep on a train, and they manage to take every possible piece of your life and substitute it with ads...

God, i hate advertisers.

Microsoft announces $499 price tag, new games for Xbox One

Rhiakath Flanders

Re: this sums it up

Just watched the video...

Oh, fuck, SO owned!!!!!

I have two xbox 360, and i must say.... Next console will be a PS4...

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market

Rhiakath Flanders


Well. I DO get most of my games from second hand shops. They are way cheaper.

Why? Because if I buy a freaking cell phone and within 10 days i do not like it, i can turn it back ( assuming it's in mint condition, of course ). If I buy a fridge and notice it's not suitable for me, i can turn it back ( again, in the first 10 days, and in mint condition ). If i buy a game, and notice it just suck too much, i'm stuck. I just spent 50 euros on something i hate.

And, also, when i finish some game, and i know i won't be replaying it, I have two choices:

1 - Let it sit around, gathering dust.

2 - Sell it to that same shop.

I usually go for the second. I get some of my money back ( even if it's just 1 euro ), and someone else can experience the game for a cheap price.

Why does this not hurt the developer? There's still only ONE copy of the game involved. I can no longer play it, and another player now gets it. I didn't duplicate anything. And that player had to wait for me to finish it.

If the player really wanted the game, he would have bought it, not waited until someone finished it and sold it.

If I buy a cell phone, and later buy a better one, would it be illegal for me to sell my old cell phone? Of course not!

This way, microsoft is saying two things:

1 - "we want to get paid more than once for the same game".

2 - "rhiakath, you may forget buying the new xbox. Keep your current one, which we were very happy to sell you, and in the future, buy a ps4".

'Catastrophic failure' of 3D-printed gun in Oz Police test

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Sometimes, i hate humanity...

I just don't understand why people are so stupid that instead of creating something useful, that pushes us in the right direction, there are still some freaking dudes that only want to create guns. Honestly. Why? Why on earth, does someone spend their free time creating something that it's only purpose is to hurt one another?

one could say hunting, for regular weapons. ( although i don't believe it ). But for this??? The only upside to this, is knowing that whoever fires this piece of shit is going to be left without at least a hand. But they ARE going to hurt someone else.

Am I supposed to feel safe now?

There are two possibilities.

Some people feel safer knowing no-one has access to firearms.

Some people feel safer knowing everybody (mainly themselves) has access to fire-arms.

I, for one, am amongst the first group. This is not the wild west anymore. You can just see the result for yourselves looking at american paranoia with their firearms. It's legal to have them, yes. Everybody carries them, as if it's nothing, yes. they DO have one of the highest criminal ratings, yes.

Review: Renault Zoe electric car

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Welcome to Lisbon

First of all, welcome to Lisbon. I hope you liked our capital.

Driving around downtown Lisbon is no small feat for your mental health, so I'll gladly buy you a beer.

Second, I love the idea of an electric car, but please, leave the interwebs out of it. After seeing everything that can be done thru a simple socket ( and i mean socket as in a TCP or UDP one, for example ) I'm kinda terrified with the idea of a interweb-controlled-car.

Also, after buying the car, one must pay 70£ per month for the battery? What? That added to the electricity costs to feed it will be more expensive than my gasoline fueled Fiesta. ( I spend around 100€ a month in gasoline ).

Trip the fight fantastic

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Re: A few comments

Never tried Tomb Raider, but i'm curious.

As for MGR, I agree 110%. It may be a nice action game, but please don't name it Metal Gear.

Metal gear has always been an action/espionage game, not a glorified slash-em-up.

And it has NEVER EVER been a game of kill'em all. I managed to end Metal Gear Solid killing only the bosses. And MG3 without killing anyone.

So yeah, MGR is definitely not part of Metal Gear series.

Sad face, because that was me when i looked at MGR. I just thought "please, don't go that way. Please respect the fans... please please please please"

Modder hacks SimCity for unlimited offline play

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They'll hide behind that "you need to be online for other players to be able to import good from your city".

So, you DO need to be online. To play alone. So that other players can pretend they can interact with your city... But you're trying to play single player. But they're interacting with your city.... < go back to the beginning >

EA has been full of shit for some years now. Honestly, I'd personally LOVE to see them hit rock-bottom. Unfortunately, all the wrong they're doing is just because some people give them their money. Who needs a new FIFA every year? or a new Need for speed? What does it have, new models? Or players changed teams? That would be an update, or an add-on, or whatever, but NEVER a new game.

EA has never been about the players, but always about the money.

I'll keep playing my Cities XL OFFLINE , thank you very much.

Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake'

Rhiakath Flanders

although i'm not a microsoft fan...

which is meant to be read as "I hate their freaking polytics"......

I have to admit I admire Gates. He DID a good job. He gave us Windows 95->XP. Who amongst us hasn't used XP to the day they couldn't install the brand new DX11-only game?

I know I have.

And he seems to be passionate about what he does, and that has got to be admired. And he does it good, which is even better! He shares his incredible fortune helping people!

Gates shows devotion and passion about Microsoft. He gives us his vision,and his ideas. That can be appreciated, and can bring people to Microsoft.

Ballmer shows his by jumping around and screaming like a frightened ape. By telling that everything else sucks, that open-source is like a cancer, etc etc. That doesn't make me feel any better for the company. In fact, it makes me lose all respect for it.

Yes, I too think Bill must either be living in his own fantasy world, which i think is good for him. To see Balmer destroy his life's work would be heart-breaking for him.

I also have an XBox, and I love it.

Now... I'm not a windows fan. not since Win 7. For me, it's Windows XP prettied up, with some extra features, sure... But is that enough to ask for 16 gig minimum in my hard drive??? or 2 gig RAM? No. No way.

They seem to get things done this way, unfortunately. They give you a crappy OS, then the same crappy OS with some of the crap fixed, and you think "wooow, that is WAY better than the one before". That way, you don't even complain that you needed to upgrade your PC to run it

Think about it...

95 ( so-so ), 98 was super.

ME ( was even erased from Microsoft's page ), XP ( über ).

Vista ( need i say anything ? Nothing worked in this ) , 7 ( the savior ).

Windows 8 ( already having all the negative reviews regarding Metro ), .....

I've been a linux user for some years now, and I tell you... Although i like to imagine Microsoft losing it's monopoly, I hate it to be because of Balmer. I'd simply like for some friendly and fair competition.

Also, as a thought. A few years ago, a rumour appeared that Bill Gates was going to return to CEO, chairman, whatever, of Microsoft. Basically, he would run the whole thing again.

Microsoft's stocks went sky high. As soon as that was dismissed as a basic rumour, it dropped even lower than before.

I think that says it all about people believing in Ballmer.

Tesla vs Media again as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway

Rhiakath Flanders

People always resist change, and also, never forget, there's a lot of interest that cars like Tesla ( that don't use fossil fuels... ) fail, and are given a bad image.

It's easy to talk bad about something brand new, or experimental, while it hasn't matured. People tend to forget not many years ago, you could drive at around 50 Km/h top speed. Everything has to mature. Electric cars are no exception.

I still think it's great, and if they weren't so damn expensive, i'd proudly own one.

Felix Baumgartner sadly turns out to be blinkered FOOL

Rhiakath Flanders

I actually agree

He does have a point, there, he may just not have exposed it properly.

I do think we should focus on maintaining a planet, before expanding to another one.

If we keep this up, we go to mars, very cool, and a great advance, no doubt about it. And then we begin to ruin it, just like we're doing with earth.

If on the other hand we focus on developing ourselves, in our habitat, and trying not to screw it up, yes, we will be behind schedule looking for new planets, but maybe we won't have to, so soon. ( I'm not counting overpopulation, just destroying the environment )

"Even supposing we could somehow, with this very limited amount of money, transform the Earth into a very paradise ... sooner or later we would detect a large approaching asteroid or comet,..."

So, finding a way to go to mars is the way? Are there no asteroids there?

There are. By focusing on expanding before maintaining, we will be destroying more planets early, and then later trying to save them or ditching them altogether.

By focusing on maintaining before expanding, we will be able to keep earth, and when we finally get to mars, we will be able to get it done right.

He just stated his opinion, he doesn't have to give all the answers...

Boffins: Our memory film is like your girlfriend - transparent and cheap

Rhiakath Flanders

I can imagine a windshield on a car suddenly filling up with lots of info, and ads for gas station, tires, etc etc, and you go "gaahhhhh, get that out ! I can't see!".

After you crash onto the nearest truck/wall/pole the display info ads change to insurance companies, body shops, etc....

Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo

Rhiakath Flanders


Honestly, I think it's a trap for anonymous. Like previously said here, what better way to make them surface, than to steal their image?

Also, this is a straight appeal to arrogance, or vanity.

Anonymous has made a name for themselves, no doubt about it. What better way to hurt them than to take their name, and make anonymous become some french company?

Definitely. I think this is either a trap, or an attempt to ridicule Anonymous.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

Rhiakath Flanders

I demanded my two hours back

After I saw Project Andromeda. It's... It's just...

I.... Oh god, i just thought of the movie. Oh.. NOOOOOO

* Shoots himself in the head. Twice. With a shotgun. Just to be sure *

E. coli turns seaweed into ethanol

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bye bye, sea life

so, basically, instead of burning forests, etc etc, we collect all the sea-weed (aka fish-food) and run our fancy cars etc on that ethanol. Great. Remember that the next time you try to fish something, and get absolutely nothing....

Mark my words. NOTHING that uses non-renovable source of energy is correct. If it exists in our ecosystem, it's because it has a purpose. By tampering with it, you're tampering with whoever (or whatever) needs it.

Our best option remains "nature power". (wind, solar, heat, etc). You won't hurt anything or anyone by having a solar panel (as far as i can remember, at least)

Microsoft flags Firefox and Chrome for security failings

Rhiakath Flanders

not biased at all..... nooooo

And it rates mostly capabilities only found on Internet explorer. It's like asking "is your car blue? No? Then you failed, because ours is".

They should just be asking "is your browser made by microsoft? If so, get 4 automatically"

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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not a mac-guy

I was never a fan of apple's policy, prices, and all the hype around apple's products, but i gotta admit, i admired Jobs. He had a vision, and the strength to make it true.

The IT world needed people like him, and we've just lost a great visionary. I was really sorry to hear of his death.

Men like that are few, and needed.

He will be missed.

Rest in peace, Jobs.

From non-mac fan that admits Steve did an admirable job. (no pun intended)

CATS to be saved by BLASPHEMERS after the RAPTURE

Rhiakath Flanders
Jobs Horns


I still believe that the most incredible, stupid, absurd things to be said or done, are done in the name of religion.

This is one of them...

Who says that a christian can't take his pets with him?

Microsoft welcomes CentOS Linux onto virtualized Windows

Rhiakath Flanders
Jobs Horns

I'm suspicious about this

And extremely uncomfortable. I really don't like Microsoft touching anything Linux related. They have a way of corrupting things, absorbing them, and then saying they did it all along, and they're the freaking geniuses. God, I hate them. I like some of their products, no doubt, but I hate their attitude.

@Richard Lloyd - I don't think Microsoft would forget about that.

On the other hand, if Microsoft were to carefully read linux's source code and take some ideas from it, MAYBE we could all have a better windows :)

Watchdog sniffs Rihanna's 'gently thrusting buttocks'

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what is their problem?

What's the problem with buttocks? Don't people like them? Don't people like sexy?

Tell those guys to stop being complete a**holes, and just let them watch the thing!

Kids are exposed to much worse things, during daytime. You just have to watch the news, commercials, or movie trailers. Or Dragonball, where you pierce your adversary with a beam of light...

but noooo, no buttocks...

daddies or mommies who complain about a pair of buttocks appearing on tv, should not ever , EVER shower with your kids...

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

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Sorry, I disagree

A guy walks up to you. He doesn't do anything. He just starts taking pictures of you and following you around. When you confront him, he says that coincidentally, he just happens to be taking pictures of the view behind you. It's a coincidence you appear on all pictures. Do you just say "oh, ok then" or do you try for the guy to stop following you and stop taking pictures?

Has he no right or liberty to take pictures of whatever he wants, or go wherever he wants?

He has the same right as you of not wanting to be on his pictures, or having him follow you on some way that makes you uncomfortable.

I agree that police-officers, or security officers, or whatever (you get the point) sometimes push it. They do, I know it. But THEY ARE the first line of security when you get on that plane. They are there not only to keep the plane intact, the insurance companies happy, but also for your safety.

Legally, they might not have the power to do anything. Then again, did your school teacher have any power?

They did punish you, did they not? Do you not agree with that now? Bouncers at clubs, disco, etc, have no legal powers. But sometimes you're really happy they're there, are you not? When they turn some a**hole who has drunk to much and starts harassing your wife, into a paste OUTSIDE the club, you're grateful, are you not? It was illegal for him to do so.

Why on earth do you want to be there just picking them off? Yes the passenger had the right to be filming. Legally, he can just say "I won't do anything that you say, la la la la la" and dress as a rabbit. Does he have the right to be annoying?

I think the law is there to serve as a base, as a guideline. Not to be taken 100% rigid, or literal.

If he does everything he wants to annoy the hell out of other people, as long as it's legal, we have to shut up, and sit tight?

If someone gets close to you and just starts puffing away smoke at your face on purpose, in the middle of the street. Legally, you just walk away, he has the right to smoke.

Is this right for you??

Take the law and officer's rights, power, etc with a bit of salt, ok?

Theres a comedy clip here in Portugal that is somewhat akin to this. Guy1 walks up to Guy2 and keeps his hands and fingers about 1 cm of Guy2's face, and keeps running around him. Guy1, obviously, gets mad at this. Guy2 rightfully says "It's my right! It's everyone's space, and everyone's air!". And the whole clip is Guy2 annoying Guy1 without touching him.

It's legal.

US government recruits Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton

Is dumbness contagious?

Well, there is hope... If they put all these "celebrities" talking to the middle-east, maybe they'll vegetate in front of tv's, or radio's, or whatever.... I heard dumbness is contagious...

On the other hand, if they DON'T become vegetables, paris hilton is going to become the prime target for terrorists. They'll stop at nothing to raise the average IQ of the planet. And, you've got to admit, It would raise a lot....

Rhiakath Flanders

Oh, and one more thing

Will those celebrities appear wearing burka's? Imagine them watching Paris Hilton with those little pieces of clothing on her.... Appearing in their TV's... are the US just saying "yes, we are a country of sin, please terminate us" ?

AND, take care of the suicide bombers. I'm sure there are a lot of them still in middle east, happilly walking on the street with their favourite suicide jacket, but there must be a lot of them in the US.

When they hear what those celebrities have to say, they will assume they have been assigned capital punishment... They will not be able to bear any longer. They will desire HEAVILY to press the button. And so they will... And finally, no more... Death is way better (for them, at least)...

So, beware when those "commercials" first appear. Stay off the streets

The US is starting WW3, and is sending their elite platoon ahead.... Make them stupid, and then sell them burgers....

Grenade for the obvious reasons

iPhone users get more sex than Android fans

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Paris Hilton

Then again...

Maybe what this means is, if you have an iPhone, you spend so much time playing with it, that you can only have one night affairs. Lots of them. He/she dumps you right after, when , instead of cuddling with him/her, you grab your iPhone.

An android user, on the other hand, gets to keep his/her sexual partner. And still bang a lot. But with the same person :)

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

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Dead Vulture


You've inspired us all during our childhood, with your "kung fu" series. You kept us all company thru the TV.

Rest in peace, Grasshopper.

PS: And I really would NEVER EVER imagine kwai chang caine dying inside a wardrobe with his balls tied up.

Vatican blesses iPope app for Jesus Phone

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Definite proof that Microsoft is in pact with Satan

This app does not stand up to MY proof that Microsoft is evil...

I'd love to meet the guy who configured this....


Try it.....

Never has an icon been so adequate...

Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates

Rhiakath Flanders

And yet another thought....

I wonder if one could just right-click on the missile launcher and select "Set target" and later "Fire"....

Or, even better, if the weapon control software would say something like this during a war:

"Your trial period is finished. Please register this product to continue using it"

Rhiakath Flanders

You forgot about this

It surprised me to see that everyone failed to see the full length of this....

MS Windows being so easy to crack and hack, we're seeing the next step in the beginning of SkyNet.....

Next thing, is equip the "innocent" cleaner robot with MS Software. Wait a few days, and it'll strangely change from repeating "clean up dirt" to "clean up mankind" and grab a 40W range PPC.

I never would have guessed SkyNet ran windows.... But It makes sense...

Officer - "Enemy missile inbound!"

Guy in front of computer responsible for automated defenses- "Hmm??!! (clicking his mouse)

Officer - "Enemy missile inbound!!!! 400 yard range!"

Guy in front of computer responsible for automated defenses - "Damn! You made me blow up a mine! There goes my high-score! Even my kids have a better score than me! Do you know what that means , private??? Have you realised what you have done???? Can you imagine how long I have tried to break that high score? You have just... " KABOOOMMMMMMMMM

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!

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Yeah, i also thought of that a couple of years ago. Now, that would be some serious kick ass. Unfortunately, it's rating would be for 20+, and the kill count would surpass Platoon, or AVP2.

Why don't they host a poll, or something, asking for the community for ideas? after all, WE pay for the movies....

Otherwise, please shoot me....

The online funeral

Rhiakath Flanders

Beginning to hate technology and/or mankind

Is it just me, or are people getting dumber and dumber? Damn, this is stupid! Webcam for a funeral? Geez!

And supposedly, by law, any employers MUST give a few days off (dunno how many) to any employee whose close relative dies. At least, here in Portugal.

I'm not catholic, or anything. don't like funerals. But damn, i respect the notion of a funeral. It's a get-together of people who will miss the deceased, and want to pay a final respect, say goodbye. This is freaking stupid.

Like was suggested above, someday, we'll have webcams to watch our beloved ones go up in flames....

Nvidia drivers named as lead Vista crash cause in 2007

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One more thing... How many of you have had a nvidia driver crash on you? I figure, not many. If you found a bug in these, you would certainly submit it, as it is a piece of software which you're used to work correctly, and want it to keep that way...

Now, how many of you have had a windows crash, or bug? Everyone! How many times did you bother to send the error report? A lot! Did it come back solved on the next Service Pack? .... I doubt it! No-one ever sends the error reports anymore, i guess. We're all used to windows crashing. It's not a bug, it's a WELL-documented feature.

I do use NVidia, and will keep using it. Nothing against ATI, as i have also an ATI card on one of my laptops, and i used those for a VERY long time, early in time. (Mach64, anyone? or RagePro 2C)

I do know that Windows is a freaking dinosaur compared to a mosquito which would be the drivers, in what comes to code size. It's a full OS. But damn, with an unstable base as that, It's a miracle if the drivers work.

Rhiakath Flanders

In defense of nvidia

As my title says, i dont think it's nvidia's fault. Basically, as was already said, Microsoft delayed the Vista launch a bunch of times, always rewriting something. Second, they were constantly changing it's driver model, which gives nvidia and other hardware vendors a reallly bad time.

Third.. Who made the statistics? Who's got the data? Microsoft! Who has the OS that connects all the drivers and runs them? Who is responsible for managing everything? Microsoft! They changed their architecture radically (or so they say), and they want everyone else to just code THEIR way? Come on!

If a windows error popup dialog comes out, and says that nvidia drivers borked the system, why should it actually be that way? can't it be that the OS doesn't know how to handle the situation, and then just says that the drivers performed an unknown or unauthorized action?

I've seen it happen a gazillion times. Besides. I use Linux, Vista, and XP. Love Linux, like XP a lot, but damn, i HATE vista.

I don't think Nvidia or the rest of the companies are doing a good job. They're working with what Microsoft gave them. A super buggy OS, and they've never even once acknowledged what most of us know... That Vista is a resource hogger with more holes in it that a fishing net.

Vista, for me, is a death trap. Half the stuff i had working on XP doesn't work there. Most of them even work in Linux, under wine, or something similar...

DIY satellite TV installer shoots wife dead

Rhiakath Flanders

Use the proper tool

Someone, please, teach him how to drill a hole in the wall, with a drill and a 5 cm wall..... and please, let him be on the other side of the wall.... THAT way , the second last thing he gets in his brain is "how to make a hole in a wall"... just before the drill itself.

He should wear a death warning sign on his forehead

FBI agents lured suspects using fake child porn hyperlinks

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Paris Hilton

New cybercrime

I'm thiking of a new type of cybercrime. I'll hold people's browsers for ransom. If they don't pay, i'll infect their computers with a worm that repeatedly opens the URL's for kiddie porn, and they'll get busted.

I'll be the next type of serial killer!

Or else... We could write a simple game like "uplink", where you infect as much users as possible with this worm.

I read once that, there was an easy solution to stupidity. To remove all danger warning labels, and safety advices from products, and let human stupidity do it's work. Natural selection, it was called. Damn, if that were the case, America would go back to the "duel in the main-street with the sunset" age.

Paris... living in a country with this average IQ... I forgive you...

BTW, in "house of wax" she has a death that suits her... a nice stick that goes thru her empty skull with no resistance whatsoever...

Woman accuses RIAA of killing dolphins

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"Now, a new Andersen suit seeks class action status, demanding redress for everyone else who was allegedly harassed by the RIAA. The suit demands satisfaction from the Ass (-holes). as well as the big-name record labels that back the Ass(-holes). and MediaSentry, the company the Ass(-holes). hired to investigate suspected online file sharers."

RIAA sucks.