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PC firms slammed in latest Greenpeace eco report



Nintendo are last. Is that because they don't provide details for the survey?

NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum


God Bless America

Don't you just love that. Firstly he was lucky to get away with a damaged elbow, and not end up dead.

Now he wants to sue her for $5M. Even if he won, she hasn't got $5M, so let's find someone with deeper pockets, the apartment block owner, who should of course be frisking the tenants for concealed weapons, as you do.

I just hope this never comes to court.

Intel eyes sun-powered data centers


Power savings?

Considering one Sun Blade rack is about 5KW (+ approx 2.5KW Cooling), then this is just a token gesture from Intel. Solar or wind can only really work, when we have a very good way of storing generated electrical energy.

Green datacentres are really a myth. The computers we buy are getting more power efficient, but also generally smaller. So we pack in lots of smaller systems in with no resultant reduction of power consumption.

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


Operating Theatres?

Why are these computers connected to a LAN with internet access. Surely anything critical, and in this case potentially life-threatening should be on a separate network?

I worked for many years in the Space industry, and the operational machines (those which run the satellites) were on a physically separate LAN with absolutely no internet connection. PCs with the usual office apps and internet connections were on the development LAN.

That would be too sensible in this case.

@Paul Uszak: The operational machines are all Linux and Solaris, so no chance of a virus there ;)

Next-gen botnet armies fill spam void


@By Moss Icely Spaceport

Even better:

Tell them they are terrorist spammers peddling global warming kiddie porn.

But knowing the government they would introduce some knee-jerk crap legislation..

McKinnon gets date for final showdown


Will this never end?

I bet he's wishing he was a US citizen and had hacked a UK system, because in this case he'd never have been extradited...

Anal whitening biz drops one million clams for Vibrators.com


Anal Whitening Cream

Is there any marketing blurb with before and after shots?

World's ugliest mutt pops paws


Better Headline?

"Minger mutt in Melanoma meltdown"?

Speaking of Mingers (www.mingers.com) does anyone remember Henrik and his sister?

YouTube goes spandex with MGM movie deal


American Gladiators!

Sign me up, I'l move to the US just for that..what quality broadcasting! Now what did Bill Hicks say about American Gladiators?

“Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your government is in control. Here, here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go America - you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!”

Don' t think he was a fan...

iPhone beats RIM for reliability, sales, consumer favour


The iphone..

is just another phone, yet articles about it always generate lots of strong emotions.

So, calm down it's just an electronic device, some like it some dont

The DNA database and you


DNA Databases

As a Database geek, my concern is not just that there are innocent people in the databases, but the question is how accurate is the database?

Are there dna samples assigned to the wrong people?

How well are changes and updates to the system audited and controlled?

When there is a mistake, how easy is it to get the mistake rectified?

DNA samples from crime scens are useful for solving crimes. Has the database increased the solve rate of crimes?

Music royalties group pooh-poohs Belgian P2P appeal reports



A poor attempt at a Troll :)

See here for instructions: http://www.urban75.com/Mag/troll.html

IPCC's 'evil twin' launches climate change sceptic's creed



The IPCC is a political organisation, and it's primary role, like all unelected(or elected for that matter) political organisations is to justifiy its own existance. Therefore it will not be interested in research that doesn't fit in to it's political agenda.

We will spend Billions of Dollars/Euros on measures that will probably not make much difference to the climate, and very little on helping those most at risk from any change, ie the poor in less developed countries. Those who set themselves up trading carbon credits will make a fortune, will that help the climate, no.

Enough of the 'consensus' BS. Science is not decided by committee, but by hard facts. The Quantum theory was very unpopular when it was first proposed in the beginning of the 20th Century and it has survived many attempts to shoot it down. That's how science should work. I want to see this with climate science as well.

There is much attempted surpression of dissenting voices and this has to stop. Argue the science, stop the Ad Hominem attacks when someone has a contrary view. Force the likes of Prof. Mann and his hockey stick to fully publish not just the data but the methods and programs they used to produce their results.

In the end I have no personal stake for or against the theory of Anthropomorphic Global Warming, I just want to see a scientific debate and not a political one.

Hoax: German IT boss sacks three non-smokers


To those who would like to work at this company..

The company had 10 employees, and he's just illegally fired 30% of them. Knowing German labour law, they will take him to court and win big time. The compensation will probably bankrupt the company.

So if you want a job there, you havd better be quick because the company will not be in business much longer...

16,000 namesakes cry foul over US terror watch list

Dead Vulture

It could be worse

It's just as well tha the shoe bomber Richard Reid was not called John Smith and hid the bomb in his underpants.

Imagine the security then...

Europe considers blue card for immigrants



Raising the retirement age is one thing as well as not letting people retire at 50 (as in France).

The biggest problem is with the Pension schemes in France and Germany for example. When paying state pension contributions, you are not paying for yourself, but for the people current retired. With the demographic situation now, there are less and less people paying in and more and more taking out. In both countries the contributions are no longer covering the costs, so they have to take money for other tax sources to cover the costs. The situation can only get worse.

The solution is that the state pensions should be smaller and there should be a personal schema for each person to top up the state pension (as in Switzerland). The difficulty lies with the transition from the old scheme to the new and no politician will take the risk. They just hope it doesn't collapse when they are in power, but these schemes will collapse.


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