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Mysterious ‘security update’ to Google Drive cloud storage locker will break links to some files


Time Traveling Update

"Google says the update will be rolled out by September 13th, 2001 — 81 days downstream from its notification to admins."

Good to see that the update was already applied in 2001... :-p

Climate change made sea levels fall in 2010 and 2011


Re: Climate Change = climate speculation @Diogenes

I'm going to start printing my posters for the protest right now. Stop Man Made Continental Drift!! ROFL

You, sir, deserve this beer.

El Reg drills into Office 365: What's under the hood?


Public Folders

Be wary if you have been using public folders in your organisation. In Exchange online (and Exchange 2013) public folders are still there, but the management and internal structure has changed significantly. The public folder is now based on a mailbox. The IPM sub-tree and management thereof is now naturally seen as normal mailboxes, this also means that the multi master model seen in previous versions have changed to a single master version.

I fully understand, and appreciate, that for most orgs this is not going to be a show stopper, but keep this in mind when you are planning your migrations.

It seems as if MS have not given up the fight against the humble public folder. :-)

Delay climate mitigation, escalate the costs: study


Re: Propaganda still winning hearts and minds?

@NomNomNom - Oh my fracking word! So what you are suggesting, if I read your comment correctly, is that we remove any temperature record that does not fit in your world view/model/ideology? Sure datasets can and should be normalized, but this dataset has already been normalised.

This looks like the study done by Mann (et all) that decided to remove the MWP so that I can get a nice hockey stick graph. And I'm sorry but if this study and practice is going to directly influence my bottom line I'm not going to be too happy about it.

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!


Re: Impartiality and scientific theories

@Douglas Lowe - Science is not, and never should be about, consensus. Then again if you really want to talk about consensus are you talking about the widely held (and completely untrue) believe of 97% of scientist?

US climate-change skeptics losing support


Re: love the trust chart...

I believe that the TV weather man is a dig (intentional or not that's not for me to decide) at Anthony Watt. He maintains one of the biggest sceptic sites on the net (http://wattsupwiththat.com/).

Colonel: Bowman army comms 'astonishingly bad'


From the 3rd World

Being an ex-signaler and coming from a fairly poor 3rd world country, I have to admit that on the one hand it is fairly ... and I use this VERY gingerly ... hating to see that other militaries are struggling with the problem. Note that I have been deployed in hot environments before and that in all honesty I do believe that the people in front are, be they from what-ever nation, are doing a job that a mere few can claim to have done AND they are doing it really well...

Mil spec equipment, be it ITC or serious killing hardware (guns, tanks, aircraft carriers *wave at Lewis Page*) are notoriously hard to engineer, manufacture and produce. Asked why; most of the vendors that I had the pleasure of experiencing outside the work environment told me that frankly the military have enough money to throw at their problems. :-(

P.S. Before anybody states the obvious, YES I'm a suck up to the GRUNTS in front -- I have seen what they can do. YES I'm oblivious of the modern world, I have only spend the last 14 years working in IT and 8 of those in a Defence Force and lastly YES I'm a total buffoon with no understanding of the anything what-so-ever in any why shape or form.

P.P.S. "A woman for a general, and the soldiers will be women."

Rare bug blights Lotus Notes


Admin Rights, etc...

I see that the admin rights caused a bit of a stir *sigh*. Yes we are using a very old version of the Notes client. (Phil wish we could upgrade but corporate policy prevents this currently). Like I said in the previous comment we are making use of 6.0x.

To be honest we did have a presentation by IBM on v8 and it really does look amazing. Will have to wait and see what the users think though.

P.S. I'm NOT a security expert by any stretch of the imaganation. However even I can say that installing an app forcing the user to be a local admin is a very bad idea. But then again maybe I should do a bit more searching on the IBM knowledge base as Phillip mentioned.


As Lotus User...

I have to agree with Dan Skinner. Probably the worst piece of software ever written. To make it worse from a security aspect Lotus Notes 6.x requires local admin privliges on a Windows box. Ever tried to manage a network, from a security POV, where EVERYBODY has to have admin privliges in order to do daily task? *sigh*

Police tackle crime hotspots with scary warning poster


Visit South Africa

I would have loved to acctually post an image of one of my nations favourite signs here... unfortunately I do live in a country were I would have to pay a thousand big macs for a 256kb line with a 2gb cap.

anyhoo back to the matter at hand, we have signs stating that this is a highkack area please beware for your own safety.

Hands on with MDX


Great Article

I have to admit that MDX has always been a bit of nightmare for me to understand. Finally an article that explains the fundamentals without trying to wrap my brain into 5 million dimensions (pun intended).

Great article!