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Fight malware by upgrading to Vista, urges MS


What's all the fuss?

My notebook is an ASUS VX2 that came bundled with Vista Ultimate and it works, ultimately. The reason it works at all is because I've set my rig up to dual boot with XP.

Vista is not a functional OS and everyone that's tried it knows that.

Just try unzipping a compressed file... badabing! You have an empty file!

So, if you want to do perform some sort of impromptu computer maintainence (i.e. heaven forbid, a driver update!!!) you can download it with Vista, then reboot into XP to unzip the file, then reboot into Vista to install the file.

Having said that, it's more than abundantly clear that after an operation like that you have exposed your PC/systems to not just one, but TWO discrete events of potential malware attack.

All things considered, it is more correct to say that using Vista to it's optimal standard is 140% LESS secure than using XP alone.

I don't know where the Microsoft marketting team gets their gall. Historically, only monarchies, politicians and clergymen have been able to get away with this sort of thing.


PS: Apparently ASUS is also intimately familiar with the challenges that go along with attempting to operate high quality hardware with disfunctional software. Hence, their website now provides a complete offering of XP drivers for VX2 notebooks.

PPS: Actually, I like Microsoft products (the ones that work). I just wish they wouldn't use the "unwashed masses" (i.e. me) to alpha test their software products. Vista is very similar to WinMe, in that it fails to perform to an acceptable standard. Microsoft should consider that in their performance evaluations of their executive staff.

I.e. I can't imagine an entire staff of junior compilers deciding they just don't give a f**ck about the projects they are working on.

However, I can imagine an executive oligarchy that is more focused on their own performance benefits and personal portfolios than anything related to product quality.

Note: I disenclude the Microsoft marketting staff from the immediately former comments. It's their place to sell product with no consideration whatsoever to quality, and they're doing one hell of a good job.