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Landmark copyright trial against Pirate Bay gets underway

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Google to the rescue.....

Me thinking Google might want to help pay for their defence. If they are found guilty, it could set a precedent and it could mean Google could be held liable for all the pirated material that could be found on it's search engine.

Microsoft could block popular Azure apps

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... is MS smoking and where can I get some?

If you surpass your quota, just allow the damn connection and charge 300%-1000% the normal rate for surpassing it. Not only will they make a fortune but it would also persuade some clients to actually purchase more than they need for fear they get charged an arm and a leg if they underestimate their requirements.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER deny your clients anything. That is very very bad customer service.

Google tells Congress it's not Phorm

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Why no HTTPS?

How come they don't offer encrypted version of their site? That way only Google and I know what I am searching about? Not only would it offer some level of privacy from Phorm using ISPs, but would it no make their advertisement more valuable since only they will have data on what I am searching for? Or would that be considered anti-competitive?

Anyways it's only a matter of time before encryption for everything takes hold thus rendering deep packet inspection a moot point. At worst they will know what sites you are visiting, but only the sites themselves will have a clue at what you actually looked at. I already use encryption for messenger, trying to get as many of my friends as I can to use it, I also encrypt e-mails whenever possible. I set FF not to keep history, clear cache and cookies as soon as it is closed, user noscript and adblock addons and generally do wtv I can to keep people out of my personal business, when I can of course.

It's only a matter of time before corporations catch on of the value of using completly encrypted http sessions.

Weird WEP bug strikes Centrino 2 Wi-Fi

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That's not a bug....

.... it's a feature from preventing idiot users from using a weak key :P

Web browsers face crisis of security confidence



MS certainly pays more attention to security than Apple does these days.

Linux is still top.

Pirate Bay bitchslaps Swedish law with SSL

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2points to make:

@the douchebag who compared torrent use to burglary:

#1 IP property != physical goods with real value. 1 downloaded movie != 1 stolen dvd.

#2 Even burglars are entitled to a fair trial where you are proven guilty. These new laws do away with such pesky little things such as privacy and human rights.....

American cable giant joins data pimping club

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And what happens if you have bandwidth caps? Does these adds use it up as well?

Will those that don't opt out get a reduction in price to their Internet?

What about privacy concerns?

And also I would like to know where ISPs got this idea that they are entitled to 10000% return on investment?

You don't see phone companies listening in to your calls to target telemarketing calls to you. Why should this be any different?

Funny thing is back in the days of dial-up nobody could pull stunts like these because people could quickly switch to a competitor.

When it comes to high speed, providers essentially have quasi monopolies (often times you only have 2 choices: cable or DSL). Even when you sing up with a ma and pa internet provider, they are just essentially reselling their service. It kinda reminds me of the good old days of 1 telephone companies. But at least back then they where heavily regulated by the government to prevent them from abusing their monopolies. I don't understand why they have not done the same with ISP that are essentially in the same position again.

This civilization is quickly going to shit....

Google cheers anti-Comcast legislation



Why is the "bandwidth hog's" fault if your Internet is slow? He is just using what he paid for. It should be Comcast's responsibility not to oversell their service to the extreme they have done.

Oh and the reason why you need gov intervention is because in a lot of areas, there is but 1 broadband provider. How are you supposed to vote with your dollar in that situation?

Time Warner moots billing based on bandwidth usage

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1 stept forward, 2 steps back....

Just like somebody mentioned earlier, it was not too long ago when metered connections where offered by most ISPs for dial-up accounts but where dropped due to the popularity of unlimited always on connections.

Back in the days when we had a true free market for ISPs in Canada, it was soo easy to switch to the provider who offered what you wanted at the price you wanted. Free market decided what model best served people's needs. Now that super huge coporations pretty much killed the ma and pa ISPs, we are in situations where these megacorps have monopolies and quasi-monopolies. If you don't like it, well there is not much choice.

I personally would not mind it soo much if they offered unlimited at the current price, and the metered connections at lower cost, but I somehow get the feeling this is not going to happen.

Ironically, there is a lot of people who blame these 5% of users for bandwidth issues rather than blaming their own ISPs. When you purchase unlimited, it means UNLIMITED, not unlimited but with a cap.....They are not doing anything wrong. Besides if 5% of people running at full speed 24/7 represents 50% of bandwidth, well doesent that mean that they oversold their badnwidth? Instead of having a 10=>1 ratio, why not try I dunno 8=>1 or 7=>1 instead? But no, heaven forbid those corporate profits come in first.

Besides if anything like this gets implemented world wide (I know some places already do use this model) it would pretty much kill certain emerging products before they even had chance to start (such as renting videos/movies over the net) and not to mention the negeative effect it would have on gaming online, streaming shows etc etc etc......

Canucks kill second attempt at 'iPod tax'


@ James O'Brian

When you have stuffed shipped. your package will be opened at the border and have levies and taxes added it thus defeating the purpose.

Yeah having taxes kinda sucks, but then again it's a decent trade off knowing you won't be sued for $20,000+ for having digital music.


Oh Canada, our home and native land....

Actually file sharing is "legal" in Canada because we have sane copyright laws that basically say if we buy a copy of any media, be it audio or video, we have the right to make copies for backup, the car, the country house,etc and we can give friends and family a a copy.

This was written before the rise of digital file sharing, which has plunged us in sorta a gray zone, since technically sharing with people we don't know personally is illegal but then they have to prove that we don't know these folks. So instead of trying to change the law they decided to levy the tax in order to compensate the industry for the lost revenue.

All in all it's not that bad, since you don't really feel it (hey man $30 for 100 cd's still mean it's much less than $1 per cd), and to be honest if you really want to avoid paying a $75 tax on an ipod you can always take a short drive down to the good old US of A and buy it there. Mind you the fuel you would spend would probably cancel out any savings.

Also it helps when when our federal law enforcement agency, the RCMP, basically said they would not waste ANY public funds going after individuals who download and share files.

All in all we have it pretty good here. You can download to your hearts content and not worry about being sued and stuff, but organizations such as piratebay would get shut down though if they where hosting in Canada.

World of Warcraft spykit gets encrypted

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POS company could have at least WARNED us about the change...

Also a quick check on their forums, you will notice any topic about this is getting nuked by the admins.

Why would anybody trust them with this kind of behavior?

If it's not doing anything bad, why hide it?

Is the world ready for a 1TB iPod?


Did anybody stop and think for a sec....

...how much content that is?

Lets make a estimate and say the average song in that 270,000 library is 2 mins long (most are longer, but just to be on the safe side)....

That equates to just a little over 370 days worth of songs playing 24hrs a day......just to listen to each song just once...

Panic in smartphoneland


Dunno about you guys in EU....

...but in NA, the biggest roadblock to smartphone adoption is the cost (for both internet service and the cost of the phone).

Put quite simply, people are not willing to mortage their house to just to be able to check their hotmail account while driving home from work. If the price was reasonable (say $5/20 MB), I would imagine more people would be using it.

SaveTheInterneters to save the internet from Comcast



Whis is Comcast qualified to judge that your VoiP call is more important than the file I could be uploading???

For all they know you might just be shooting the shit with a couple of buds while I am trying to share some ultra important document that pertains to Monday's meeting.....

Yet we both pay the same monthly payment....hmmmm

Austria OKs terror snooping Trojan plan


Bah...they are 23 years behind schedule...

...but it's coming.

And it will not be imposed, but rather welcomed by the scores of mindless brainwashed people that make up society today....