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Yahoo! reads! your! emails!

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Another alternative

Does anyone else use GMX.com..?

New Zealand rated least corrupt country

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Rank amatuers

That's how NZ politicians compare to the UK versions. As Mike Norrish 1 says, they get caught quickly..!!

That 'Elderly Persons' sign: Can you do better?

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NZ Sign

In Nelson, where I live, there is a seafront suburb called Monaco. On a bend is a sign warning of "Rug-rats and old biddies all over the place". great sense of humour, the Kiwis.

PS you should experience a few of their TV adverts as well....

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away

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Re:Re: And the next step is...

My Father is German and was in WW2. He was captured and became a POW, never returning to his homeland, apart from visits. He tells me that the UK is now far worse than Hitler's Germany was during the run-up to the war....

I now live in NZ and fortunately things have not yet gone down the UK route.

Hasbro kills Colonel Mustard in the corporate office with the marketing ploy

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Even more pedantry

"your mission if you plan to except it"

"I could except if the replaced the lead pipe with a Machete or khukuri "

The word is "accept"!!!!

El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't

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Transport - NZ Style

Here in Wellington, NZ where i work, there is free car-parking at all the railway stations on the commuter routes. The fares are really very cheap, comparatively and the services fairly reliable and frequent at peak times. Even in the CBD parking can be found for about £5 per day.

At my local hospitals in Nelson and Blenheim (S.Island) there are no parking charges and plenty of space. Also you can usually get a hospital appointment at a time that you request.

There are a few speed cameras but those that are working do not come with 'demerit points', only a fine. Hand operated cameras / cop-car mounted speed devices incur both points and fines.

Why there hasn't been a revolution against Za-nu- Labah and it's revenue-raising schemes I cannot understand, although I sincerely hope they get the result they thoroughly deserve when they eventually are forced to call an election.

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

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Re Axe the Licence - if you want sh*te TV

In NZ they do not have a licence fee and every station is littered with crappy adverts every 10 minutes or so. And because there are so few advertisers, they are the same ones over and over and over again. The most decent programs shown are generally imports from the BBC, and sometimes ITV.

I have the BBC News website open all day and welcome some non-parochial news content.

I'd pay a fee here if it meant better TV without incessant adverts.

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

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Re. Anagram?

I seem to remember, when I last voted in the UK (now in NZ), going into the Polling Station where an official gave me a voting slip after having written a number in pencil on it. Then said official ticked my name on a list and wrote the number on the list as well. Or am I mis-remembering? If not, it means that for years it has been possible to know which way someone votes.....

Coat? Because mine was on a few years ago to leave the country that was once home, until Zanu-Labah got in.

NZ hydropower drought could see leccy rationing

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@ Nimbys

In fact, there are large wind farms, one of the largest at Manawatu, on the North Island - over 150 turbines in total - with many more under construction or planned. There is also a lot of Geo-thermal energy produced on the North Island around Rotorua.

Now I've emigrated to NZ there will be energy enough so long as we keep out any more Brits! ;>)

Nokia shows an Orange face to the world

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Yes I remember those days.....if it hadn't been for Orange back then, we would still be paying £1 per minute to British Telecom (then became O2) and Vodafone, as well as getting charged for one minute even if the call was only 10 seconds, which still is the case here in NZ.

It's just a shame Hutchinson / Whampoa sold out.

Parliament's security staff lose parliament security data

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@Brain Drain

@Brain drain.

that's the reason I'm now in NZ!

@An ominous cow herd.

NO - they REFUSE to legalise cannabis.....

Save the BBC - by setting it free

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Down Under

Here in NZ there is no longer a licence fee supported TV service. The result is endless (loud) adverts every 10 minutes or less & endless vacuous USA crime / comedy series. The only decent stuff that appears is British made drama, mainly from the Beeb and sometimes from ITV.

If only there was a BBC here.....

BBC.com begins commercial push

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@Scrap the license fee?

I am an ex-pat in NZ and the TV here is truly awful 'cos of the ads every 10 minutes (and they last for about 3 minutes!)

we would welcome a licence fee just to get ad-free TV

Europe considers blue card for immigrants

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IT Skills shortage!

Having read the article on El Reg and the Beeb and thinking there might be an IT skills shortage, I decided to look on Jobserve to find out if the rates in IT had increased since I left for NZ 2 years ago. Not a hope!

Another non-story...


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