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Stephen Elop and the fall of Nokia revisited


Mr self destruct (but the board were the real idiots)

Steps in how to destroy a company (mobile phone side)

1) Publicly bad-mouth the existing main (struggling mostly due to a dated UI) offering for smart phones whilst simultaneously relying on it for high end revenue for the next 2 years (burning platform speech*)

2) Realise there are no credible alternatives coming out of the Nokia pipeline for the next year and a half (of course you may very will think that if 1 came after 2 then it looked like someone deliberately sabotaging Nokia...)

3) Pin your high-end mobile hopes on windows platforms.

...now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

However, the real accolades need to go to the Nokia board whom agreed to pay Elop a fortune even if he completely messed up (which he duly did).

As sympathizing for Mr Elop himself - seriously? He got paid handsomely for failing spectacularly and impacted a lot of people whilst displaying no observable traits of caring about those impacted by his decisions. So obviously we should all give him a hug now.

Please, please, c'mon, just... please, pretty please, just, like, please use our AI – Microsoft


Do not want.

If it was human centric, it would be optional. This is driven by Microsoft eying the money Google makes on user data and rubbing its hands.

Manhunt 2 leaked by Sony Europe employee


Maybe this is how we should feel about violent things?

It sounds to me like by provoking such a "this is very f*cked up" reaction, maybe it's a more healthy representation of violence, rather than the glamourising that we get on a daily basis. Hacking people up and arranging the bits => Bad , capping them in the head => good???

It would be interesting to see how people who played MH and MH2 all the way through felt about them though. Was it an exercise in seeing what happened next, a test of skill/ingenuity or truly relishing every moment of torturing someone (which does sound a bit worrying). Does anyone actually study this stuff?


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