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Hair-stripping fungus threatens future of judo and sumo

scott green
Dead Vulture

Re: Jui Jistsu, sole grappling art in Japan??

Can also throw in Aiki-jutsu (cross over beween aikido and ju-jitsu) and I don't claim to be a master, but do have a Ju-jitsu black belt from about 15 yrs ago, probably couldn't get out of my own way now tho :-(

Byron review calls for computer game ratings

scott green

Game ratings

My PS3 already does this, linked to the rating of the game and will prevent playback of any game with a higher rating than the permission set for sub-accounts (ie my sons), which has some interesting side-affects - He can play Heavenly Sword (rated 15) but can't play Ninja Gaiden Sigma (also rated 15) due to voluntary rating applied to it by manufacturer as Cat 9 not Cat 7 making it effectively an 18 rated game!

Dear ISP, I am not a target market

scott green

Re; When in doot, pollute!!

"So when will this "confuserator" be available?

Preferably as a Firefox plugin?"

I find Noscript/Adblock Plus/Track Me Not works just fine, 'cept Track Me Not is currently Us for my Beta 3 version of FF3

Darling won't move over gains tax

scott green

Snouts in trough

No co-incidence that this will be benefit the sale of our beloved MP's tax-payer funded second London homes, as their capital gains drops from 40% to 18% (net benefit to them - 55%)


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