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Apple 4 Verizon. True


Badly researched article.

The WiFi tethering feature is not an "app", but a system update. GSM phones should get it with 4.3

Presumably, it will be enabled by carrier settings. Hoping that Three will leave it enabled.

The MyWi app for jail broken phones has offered this feature for a long time.


Pundits predict plunging iPad market share


Sean Baggaley ... what he said.

Apple don't just sell a lot of devices. They sell them profitably.

They have been doing this for a while. And Apple's rivals and the haters don't seem to have figured this out yet.

They explain Apple's success in two ways.

"Apple's consumers are just stupid" - JHaitch

"Apple are doing something dodgy"

"It's just marketing"

PC Clone makers and Android Phone makers are both in the same trap. They are unable to innovate - because they have outsourced their innovation to another company. Which is fine, but when Google and MS churn out an innovation, everyone gets it.

All these clones are the same. Virtually identical products. So the only way a clone maker can compete is on price. And the race to the bottom begins. And as they all cross the finishing line. Apple has the profitable end of the market all to itself.

Only HP has a chance now. Because at least they have their own software at last.


Apple iPad run rate hits 2m units a month

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Not a miss, a bullseye!

Why not make a netbook? Because in business terms they make less than no money. HP makes about $20 profit per sale. And not only that, but Netbooks undermine sales of full-featured laptops.

Desktop OSes don't support touch, because EVERY SINGLE APPLICATION would need recoding to support it. If you don't recode, you end up with what Microsoft did with Windows tablets; a user-interface mess that confuses users and has them wishing for a keyboard and a mouse after 10 minutes.

The fact is, that the industry left an open goal, and Apple have scored.

Apple iPad 3G 32GB


There is another way

A little bit of software called MyWi turns my phone into a mobile wifi base station.

With it, I can sit in the park and do a bit of email.

I have a net book too.

But it has not been turned on since the iPad arrived. Seems like most of the critics have not really figured out why using the iPad is preferable.


Queuing for an iPad? Why?


Oh dear. Another so-called tech journalist who does not get it

This is how locomotive engineers reviewed the airoplane.

Please spend a week with the device before reviewing it.


HP exec confirms WebOS tablet


I don't believe it

I am sure we will see WebOS making an appearance on a tablet.

But I simply don't believe HP will be able to create a fit-for-market product in five months.

iPads in short supply as tablets take off


Remember Mary Whitehouse?

The members of her Viewers and Listeners association could confidently condemn films without ever having watched them.

It seems there is a gadget equivalent. People who can assert the uselessness of a device without ever trying it.


HP to plunk WebOS onto tablet


Competition is good

But over optimistic ship dates are not.

There is really no possibility of HP having a product like this ready in 2010. They have not even completed the acquisition.

Second quarter 2011 would be more realistic.


Tesla takes Top Gear test to task


Hydrogen Vs. Battery

Battery and Hydrogen are both "electric". Except in the case of Hydrogen, you have to turn electricity into a pressurized gas and then turn it back again. It makes it about 4 times less efficient. For the same amount of money - you can go 4 times the distance with batteries.

The big downside with batteries is charging time. You can fill up a tank with petrol or hydrogen in a few minutes. To fill up a battery takes a few hours.

There's no perfect solution. But don't worry. It's Peak Oil in 2020. After that, we'll all be raising sheep and shooting things with arrows.

Apple opens Macbook front in iPhone jailbreak war


One observation bad conclusion

If Apple wanted to prevent jailbreaking, this would not be a good solution.

99.9% of all computers Including Windows and older Macs can run the PWNAGE tool.

My guess is this a USB driver bug of some kind.


US consumers flock to Mac laptops

Jobs Halo

OS X is not just for idiots

There are two sides to OSX

Yes, you can give it to your kids and it's easy enough for them to actually do homework on it. You can give it your granny and she can figure out how to send an email and go on online dating sites.

But if you are more computer savvy, OS X is proper Unix. Not the cut-down Unix-wannabe that Windows tried to be. And not just the almost-Unix that Ubuntu is.

Out of the box, OS X lets you use more than 2GB ram - without having to buy as special 64 bit version. There's no registry to become polluted. Privilege protection works.

Better than Ubuntu is having supported applications that work properly.


Only insanity would lead Apple to make a mobile chip play


Apple does not want the chips....

... it's after the patents.

Buying the company is cheaper than being sued and paying lawyers.


Apple US retail sales leap past PC par

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Here's the reason....

...Buy a PC - and and someone has pooed in the box.

It's not just Vista.

Every beige box sold is filled to-the-brim with third-party crippleware.

Each and every one of these programs loads itself into the system and leaves its hooks in deep. They nag you to buy them. And you know, deep down that when something goes wrong, one of these pieces of crap is to blame.

They'll be a half-functional virus checker that slows the system to a crawl.

There'll be some fancy 5.1 sound driver, that has to proclaim itself at every boot with a fancy splash screen.

And there'll be a half-dozen others. Crammed in by the box-shifter because the software companies have paid for them to be there. Sometimes they don't even work together.

Half of them don't even follow Windows user-interface rules. And if you want to hose them out, good luck.

It could be hours before you get on the internet, and when you do, each of them will want to start downloading updates.

Who would want this? How did the PC market get into such a state where respect for the customer counts for nothing?

The reason Apple is doing well is because it respects paying customers enough to not shit in the box.


Google claims 'non-existent' Android beats everything but the Jesus Phone


A mobile phone needs interpreted code....

...like a tortoise needs lead wellingtons.

Someone ought to ban interpreters on mobiles.


Europe too cynical for iPhone


Hey Alphaaxion

So what you are saying is that perhaps the whole unlimited data thing means that folks are suddenly able to afford to use their mobile for browsing. It's just so darn sneaky of Apple. A cynical combination of a browser that does not suck alongside a feindish price plan where users and not charged by the kilobyte! No wonder people are using it like crazy.

These guys are just not playing by the rules.


Hey Smell My Finger.

Sorry money is so tight for you man. Me, I just got me this wicked yuppie razor that costs more than me iPhone!

You'd never credit it, but some people actually spend more on watches than 260 quid! These watches don't have GPS or nuffink! Insane!

Think of all the Burberry you could buy with that! With 260 quid, you could probably afford a new fridge for the front garden.


Hey Stuart Castle....

Without concrete sales data - it's impossible to tell exactly. But it's funny that everyone is lining up in the "it's a flop / it's a runaway-success camps"


Checkout browser usage -


It's data of some sort. Decide how to interpret it in a way which best fits your world view.

My last phone had the same features as an iPhone. Email, Opera web browsing.

Trouble was, all these great features, were, y'know "Special Olympics" features.

3G - check

MMS - check

Make every website look like ass - check


You guys want this to fail *sooo* badly

And it clearly isn't.

It's obviously outselling the brick-like N95

It's reportedly out-browsing all the PocketPCs on the planet.

And the fact that it is too expensive for chavs .... well there's another reason to have one.

GMail shakes IMAP out of coma

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At last!!!!

After today, GMail is now collecting all my POP3 mailboxes and making them accessible by IMAP.

IMAP is so much better than POP4. Especially when you have two desktops, a laptop and a phone and want to have the same Email on all of them!

You can even push messages up onto the server to make them accessible on your other devices!

Apple: 1.4m iPhones sold, 250,000 unlocked


This is win-win for Apple

Couple of points to note.

In these figures, Apple are not recognising the full value of the iPhone sales. Instead the revenue is spread over three years.

The handset sales are profitable - even those sold to unlockers. Apple plan to sell unlocked phones in France. And will certainly do so elsewhere once the prime markets have been entered.

For the majority of phones which are not unlocked. Apple goes on to receives even more revenue, as the network operator shares monthly fees with Apple.

Sales figures place Apple's handset at number 4 in the US by volume. But Apple have always placed profitability above volume. My guess is that by profit, Apple is at number 2 or 1 already. Astonishing!