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Twitter breaks Jam Festival record

Duncan Harper
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@Joshua Davidson

That really made me laugh, thank you. Feeling a bit tired after some late night work but your inane comment made me realise that there's at least one more person far worse off than I am.

I'm sure you pulled that second to last paragraph from a random buzz word generator. A killer.

I just hope you weren't being serious. Now that would be really worrying.

Powerline Ethernet and ring mains

Duncan Harper
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I agree, it's good kit

I actually use a mixture of powerline and wireless connections in my house - wireless for the fixed connections, i.e. main desktop PC, and wireless for laptops. It works a treat - the powerline kit is almost insultingly easy to set up, as mentioned - you just plug in and go. It works fine across different ring mains, i.e. upstairs and downstairs circuits. You can encrypt them, though I believe the software to set this up is only available for Windows.

Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud

Duncan Harper
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All that talk of having yorkshire pudding for pud took me back to my childhood - anyone else had it with golden syrup? Deeelicious!!

Best powerline Ethernet products?

Duncan Harper

I use Solwise kit as well...

... with great success. It's the 85Mbps kit - alternatively called HomePlug Turbo - and I've got 4 adapters scattered round the house. So much more reliable and faster than my previous wireless (g) network, almost insultingly easy to set up - literally plug and go, if you're not bothered about wired security.

Even my wife is impressed :-)


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