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Drive for superfast broadband switches up a gear

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So there'll be no need for CD-Roms to transfer large amounts of Data?

The government can just squirt all our personal information to criminals over a fast connection......this has to be great news for the nation surely?

Also any truth in the rumour that Mclaren has been appointed the new head of Data Security for the government? What a twat!!

AMD reveals 'Spider' platform

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@ Daniel - Fanboy?

Your ill informed and personal comments above are the exact reason fanboys exist.

Just so you know my day to day system right now is a DFI NF4 socket 939 system with an AMD 3200+ processor (yes single core!!) and has been for the last few years...it's not overclocked and never has been. It's used with a couple of Nvidia Quadro cards. My backend server has a Core 2 Duo 6400 with a fairly run of the mill radeon card (can't even remember the model number).

Your comment though show's a massive lack of understanding of the market.....the 'hot product' is speed driven...same as cars (why do you think Top Gear DON'T show the latest ford Focus week after week). It's these numbers that get the media coverage which filters down to the consumer media coverage and gives the range the 'sheen'.

I read a review over the weekend of a QX9650 being overclocked to 6Ghz....6Ghz FFS, that's twice the rated speed of the processor....admittedly the person who did it probably spent more on his cooling system then all the other components combined....but 6Ghz FFS.

Now if that means I can buy a Q9450 in January and crank it up to 3Ghz on air it'll pidd all over anything I've seen on the Phenom x4 numbers and all for the princely sum of about £150.

I want AMD to sort their act out...I want them to bring out processors that compete and push the envelope against Intel.....because as I said above I DON'T want an Intel that doesn't keep pushing the envelope as well.

But there's no doubt at the moment AMD are getting their arses handed to them....pretty much as you just have.

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Doesn't matter anyway......

AMD are having their arse handed to them against the current Intel and NVidia offerings never mind the new Intel chips in January and the new Nvidia boards coming through.

For the first time in maybe 5-6 years i'm really concerned that AMD may not be here in a year/eighteen months. The thought of a resurgence of a price gouging innovation stymied Intel scares the bejesas out of me.

BT Vision misses customer targets (by a shedload)

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That'll be the BT spokesman who also........

Still continues to exhort that Paris is a Virgin then?

Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website

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Just to clarify.....

These will be the stats produced by the BBC servers....which run on (insert operating system you think most likely).

I wonder if this chap could perhaps answer this question.....

How many of your recorded visitors come up as OS or Browser not identified?

Lastly could you perhaps tell us if you have a silent 'dio' in your title?

Ofcom's 0870 rip-off reforms stumble at the final hurdle

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@ Tanuki


You don't get it....

It's remarkably easy to sit in a call queue to a company for 20-30 minutes when you're trying to sort out a problem. At 10p per minute (which is not an unusual charge for these numbers) that means you've possibly spent £3 before you've even spoken to anyone, then of course you usually have to make 3-4 calls in total....then you get cut off at least once......then you have to re-explain everything to the next 'call centre staff member' which chews up more of your time and money.......then when they haven't done what they say they were going to do you start the process again next month. Don't forget in many cases the company concerned gets a share of the call revenue....at 10p per minute they'll usually get more then 3p per minute if the call volume is high enough.

By the time all of this is added up you've probably spent a minimum of £30 and £100 to sort out a problem is not unusual.

In many instances because the company screwed up.

I use an asterisk system that records all my calls and I get the full name of the individual I'm talking to before I tell them the call is being recorded (for training purposes). If they caused the problem I always get them to agree to credit my calls back to my account as well.

Until they're motivated that incoming calls are not a revenue stream and potential profit centre they'll continue to abuse the systems.

Woman admits fleecing shopping network of more than $412,000

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Ahhhh but........

If some not too bright (based on her selling the bits on scambay) woman did them for $400k how much more did they get done for by the ones they didn't catch yet.

A flaw like that must have been 'discovered' by loads of other people.

Man who urinated on dying woman for YouTube glory jailed

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Hope the jail he goes to has solitary or a good dentist.....

I'll be amazed if this guy comes out the same person who went in as.

Microsoft pays $240m for tiny sliver of Facebook

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Everyone's focused on the valuation....this is a good deal for MS.

Every body can see that FB isn't worth $15bn today but that's not the point.....Now if MS had bought 10% of it for say $1.5bn that would have been a bad deal, but locking up this deal for only $240m could be very lucrative for the following reasons.

1. The valuation won't go up in the next round...so MS have 'locked in' a price and for their $240m they'll get first option on any more share purchases going forward - plus it now gives MS a 'grounding' in setting up a net based ad sales business with a pretty much guaranteed revenue stream.

2. Good deal for FB...he got his 'Headline' valuation, personally I'd have made sure I got $500m from MS as it would remove any need to do any further financing round before the float in say 2-4 years - plus give you cash in the bank to do any opportunistic deals if they come up.

3. Continues to pump the markets for the next dot com boom (it's all ad based this time round though it seems). The amounts of money getting thrown around are miniscule when you remember that the total advertising market in the US alone is worth almost $150bn per year.

4. As a strategic play prevents Gargle getting a lock on another potential major play.

At the end of the day if FB is a monster hit MS made a great deal, if FB is anything else then MS only lost $240m (and remember they have $50bn+ in the bank).

Paris Hilton heads for the cryogenic freezer

Secret Santa

Surely she's already been re-animanted?

It's the only thing that explains why she's changing her name to Paris HiltonStein

I wonder if when it happens we'll get to see her box (again)!


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