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San Francisco dumps city data online

Jason Baziliauskas

Very DNA.

"rely on a person wandering into the local planning office to discover if their house is being demolished to make way for a new bypass." And even if they did it would be in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet in a disused toilet...

You know the rest.

Mines the coat with the electronic sub-ether device in the pocket.

Doro PhoneEasy 345gsm

Jason Baziliauskas

How to work out if the person at the other end is an answer phone.

How about asking the Answer Phone to press 1 on the keypad? If 1 isn't heard at the other end within 30 seconds move on to the next number on the list.

Virgin Galactic tests laughing-gas powered rocket motor

Jason Baziliauskas

Less fuel but is it as worth while?

So if it uses quarter of the a round trip to New York from London, that is approx half the fuel of a trip to New York from London which must be in the order of 1700 miles worth of fuel. So I can go straight up 65 miles or out to the Azores from London?

Hard choice.

HM Treasury website traffic goes into recession

Jason Baziliauskas


And how many of these sites died in the usual El Reg Denial of Service attack?

I'm sure the FIT site probably doubled it's yearly stats in an hour.

ASA indignates prematurely over billboard sex ads

Jason Baziliauskas

I spotted one of the ads on the M1.

Huge get big red letters and everything. I was starting to think that the spammers had found a new bot network which had infected the billboard printers.

Tabloid girl's jubs freeze at -130°C

Jason Baziliauskas

night time of -130 daytime of 20 to 40...

reading the story on daily star site it seems that it'll be a bit of a heat wave during the day with temperatures between 20 and 40C.

Maybe the Daily Star needs to invest in a website which can handle the degree symbol. -13degC to 2 to 4deg C...

DoS and distributed hacking tools finally criminalised

Jason Baziliauskas

elReg DDoS effect?

Does this mean the next time a URL gets posted to a small site the boys in blue will be busting down the doors as we perform our usual DDoS attack of wanting to see what is there?

Bastard Gator child dies sudden death

Jason Baziliauskas

"I really have to wonder what's happening with all that data."

Being written to an unnecrypted DVD, posted to the other office, lost by the transit agent and will turn up on eBay next week for fifty quid.

Full-size Roman siege artillery offered on eBay

Jason Baziliauskas

One person's siege weapon is another person's terror weapon...

And surley anyone buying it would be in breach of the Terrorism Act 2000 section 57.

57 Possession for terrorist purposes

(1) A person commits an offence if he possesses an article in circumstances which give rise to a reasonable suspicion that his possession is for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism.

Japan's ciggie machines to sniff out buyer's age

Jason Baziliauskas

How could the obvious be missed...

"The computer says no."

Swiss ponder the 'dignity of plants'

Jason Baziliauskas

Lose of independence!?!

"While it has conceded that GM modification of plants doesn't automatically offend said dignity, experiments which caused them to "lose their independence" would do so."

Does this mean keeping them indoors in a plant pot is not to be done because they can't get water and light for themselves?

Mines the Green Anthropomorphic coat.

Space shuttle descends: Satellite turkey-shoot to commence

Jason Baziliauskas

And at the same time the moon will vanish.

Isn't the total eclipse of the moon due at 3.01am GMT on the 21st?


The press conference will probably annouce that the spybird was shot down and the moon came back out from hiding from the nasty chemicals.

Microsoft opens Server 2008 licensing a smidge

Jason Baziliauskas

Nah, it would be WIMP

Windows, IIS, MySQL and PHP. A fun combination.

Barcode faking for fun and profit

Jason Baziliauskas
Black Helicopters

or the self altering barcodes.

I managed to pick up a block of cheese at a supermarket once which when scanned from one angle it cost £450 and from another £2.50.

It seems the way the company had set the pricing stored in the barcode was open to tamper and in my case it was a small bit of cheese stuck on the barcode label.

I suppose now the supermarkets are going to wake up to how easy it is to bypass barcode and start demanding RFID tags for the checkout.

Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand

Jason Baziliauskas
Black Helicopters

Wasn't there something in the Act...

which covered disclosure of the requirement to produce the keys? From what I remember of the original bill there was a second offence of telling anyone that you had been requested to reveal the key.

Oh it is still there just it has to be enacted by the person authorising the request for the notice. Bit late for CPS to ask for that to be included.

Technology is root of all evil, says IMF

Jason Baziliauskas

Lets take the IMF's toys away.

If the IMF think that technology is the problem lets take it all away from them and let them lead by example. I suggest they first remove all the flushing toilets in their headquarters followed by the computers and see how long they last.