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Blogger can't sue over comment, rules High Court

Dan B

Judge... Judy?

Could he not be leaving the posting there as evidence?

If it is deleted, apart from a screen grab, there was no proof it was ever there. (Save for the wayback machine if it was indexed)

Also I am pretty sure that at least a few people would have looked at the blog/posting if only because of some blog software notifying other sites of updates (pingbacks? I could be completely wrong here) - could he not use the server access logs in his defence?

Don't really care either way tbh

AMD unleashes open-source 3D code

Dan B
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virtualized 3d?

Does this mean we could get a 3D-aware VM guest working? (Without the phoney VMWare SVGA graphics drivers), or is more needed to be done than just tweaking the drivers...?

Local council uses snooping laws to spy on three-year-old

Dan B


Law breakers?! Wanting to get your child into a good school is breaking the law (and a criminal matter) now?

Why am I not surprised.

Viva le revolution.

7000 Leap Year Babies attack Steve Ballmer

Dan B

@ Neil

Your mums "21'st" birthday?

Maybe you should be getting the card from Geoffrey :-)

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic

Dan B

@ test man


And the conduct of the police in this matter does not surprise me, a quick 'sorry for the inconvenience' is bullshit, I would still feel like a suspected criminal without a full proper apology AND my DNA being taken off the database.

Translate my website... bitch

Dan B
Dead Vulture

facebook membership $0, look on zuckerbergs face when it folds - priceless

Great article!

Maybe im jaded because I KNOW I could have made this web-app in a few days, and be rolling in pound coins. doh. It's not even like he deserves all that money for origonality - he stole the idea from MySpace and just got the userbase because the average net user these days is so fickle about the next big thing.

The whole sites value is based on it's popularity, but said popularity is perching precariously on a tightrope. What I dont get is that realising there is nowhere left to go with this project, and it has a value of £0 in real currency when all the users flock to the next site, WHEN (not if) this happens - why not just flog the whole company now and buy an island somewhere, let someone else flog the rotting corpse.

That's what I'd do. And there'd be monkey butlers. (And apple macs would be banished from my island).

Home Sec in anti-terror plan to control entire web

Dan B
Dead Vulture

newsflash: govt completely rescinds free speech due to 'terrorists'

I really wouldn't be surprised to see a great firewall of (the) UK.

From there it's not a great leap to think that tools like Tor might be banned.

We're turning into the very countries we call repressive to protect us from these monsterous 'terrorists', heil fuhrer Brown.

Bleh. What's the point in commenting on stuff like this any more, it's a slippery slope and we're already half way down it and yet no-one will do a thing about it.

I think we should teach politics and law (stripped down obviously) as a compulsory subject from primary school onwards, then maybe people would open their eyes and see their rights being stripped from them instead of blindly supporting yet more legislation to 'get the bad guys' because they do not understand the implications of some of these fruitcake laws.

I expect the SAS will be battering through my door any second.

Hat. Coat.

Fluorescent sow drops glow-in-the-dark piglets

Dan B

@ Louis

"I've been really looking forward to glow in the dark animals so please get it straight"

You've been really looking forward to glow in the dark animals? how strange : for what possible use? :-D

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

Dan B


Yah. I'm in too.

Just think of how much power a national IT guild or union would have.

Our profession keeps the world spinning, and it's time people recognised this.

Shame something like this will never happen :o)

Dan B

really... if the government are that bad

Then why not vote lib dem. I know I am.

Regardless of the mindset of the general public, your own votes do make a difference. I know I'm sick of the current lot of fascists, and the conservatives are no better. Whilst they have some policies I disagree with, I think I'm ready to put a group of people in power that haven't already proven themselves to be incompetent and sleazy, at least give them the chance. :-)

If you vote for labour, or don't vote at all, then you have no right to complain about our ever dwindling personal freedoms, infact you deserve to lose them.

Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting

Dan B

I would certainly give OSX a try...

... if it weren't for the fact you've got to pay 3 times the amount than I'd pay to build my own comparably specced PC. Plus the OS being locked to propriatary hardware combinations - VM'ing OSX to try it out is not an easy thing to do - and even if you decide you like it and you spend over the odds for the hardware your locked into hardware vendors you may prefer not to use.

Since I need windows at work for my software development (.NET 2/3.5) and all I use my PC at home for thesedays is media and gaming I don't see myself switching from Vista any time soon, I just dont care enough... an OS doesn't have such a drastic effect on my life... ! It would be nice to use something else, but if it was really that big of a deal I would have switched, as I imagine, might a lot of people, but it's not something I'd spend a fortune on doing.

I remember having conversations with mac fanboi's back in the day Apple were still using the PPC chips talking about how superior their hardware was, and that was why apples would dominate the computing landscape in the near future.

It's a few years down the line, apples are now basically PC's with a different operating system. Reality distortion field at work again - or just fanboys trying to find a reason why their choice in OS and hardware makes them somehow better.

People that try and push things on others (looking at both apple and windows fanboy children here) need to take a step back and realise that people will use what they want to use, and that the OS you decide to use does not define you as a person, it is simply unimportant in most cases.

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill

Dan B
Paris Hilton

Although he is an idiot - I hope he wins his case

Unlimited should mean unlimited - but it doesn't. I would have been tempted to try something like this if I didn't have access to home broadband although first making sure i'd read the T&C's.

The provider probably assumes no-one is going to be able to download very much on a mobile connection but guess what - my N95 can download videos from youtube, it can load full webpages with all imagery and embedded flash... all without using it as a modem. I could EASILY rack up a few hundred megabytes with ordinary browsing. What I would expect to be a bit cheeky would be using P2P, but I BET that wasn't in their Ts&C's and that my friend is their problem.

There will be an acceptable usage policy but surely they should have contacted him when it was found to be higher then $50/$100.. letting it get up to the thousands of dollars - crazy!

And not being allowed to use your mobile phone as a modem? Why not...

It's data all the same whether it's being displayed on your handset or your PC.

My friend in uni halls of residence at the time tried hooking up his mobile to his computer to activate HalfLife 2 when it first came out - probably a few hundred megs, and there wasnt an unlimited plan back then (rather idiotic but he was desperate). A mobile almost-broadband connection with 'unlimited access' would have been perfect back in those days, would have seemed quite a reasonable proposition, and if used would result in thousands of dollars of charges. Rather unfairly I think.

Rip em a new one. Perhaps then they will learn to use easily understandable language when advertising their products.

90mph police chief cops 42-day ban

Dan B


Do policemen not get points on their liscence for speeding these days?

And come on - a 40 day ban? Surely if it's a real ban he will be required to sit his test afterwards, I BET you this is not the case, I really wish this point had been elaborated on.

Why should the rest of us motorists take speed limits sereously (on fast roads: dual carriageways, motorways etc.) if one of the integral players in making these rules is breaking the law himself (he admits) for no good reason. The irony of course is that he himself campaigned for more obscure speed cameras. Perhaps he was caught out by the other half of his split-personality.

Retailer reveals Wii Laser Sword

Dan B

so its a freaking wii-remote in a tube...?!?

See above.

How can this be sold as a product?

Cops pull plugs on TV-links, claim 'facilitation of infringement'

Dan B

why is the site down then?

If the police can't say what he's been arrested for AND it has not yet went to court to be proven that indeed anything illegal has taken place...

the ISP bending over I suppose...


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