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What's MISSING on Amazon Fire Phone... and why it WON'T set the world alight


Re: Oldie but goldie

Someone's* memory is a bit off, though, because I remember the line as "worked hard", not "fought hard".

(* in the event that they are right and I am wrong, you'll see that the sentence still works)

I'll be back (and forward): Hollywood's time travel tribulations


As I recall...

...Scrooge was shown visions of the past and future, but he wouldn't have been able to interact with anyone in either place, so he wasn't really "there", so I don't see it counting as a time travel tale.

This was the most Dickensian looking icon of the bunch.

Renewable energy 'simply won't work': Top Google engineers


Re: Between a rock and a hard place

The Flat Earth Society didn't have lots of lobbyists renting or buying lots of congresscritters to get them to de-fund NASA.

Why isn't there a robber baron icon, other than fear that it'll get worn out from use?

That's all folks! US TV streaming upstart Aereo files for bankrupcy


Re: did anybody get their tiny antenna back before bankruptcy?

Yes, they did work, because Aereo did something very clever.

One of those antennas by itself might not have worked all that well, but by putting them in an array, the individual elements combined via inductive and capacitive coupling to work as one big antenna, yet each little element produced its own output, so it was one element per customer, therefore it was "individual antennas".

Anonymous ‪hacks the Ku Klux Klan after Ferguson‬ threats


It doesn't make sense...

...that Brown would be reaching in the vehicle window trying to grab the gun on the other side of the person in the driver's seat (and what's really strange is that it's apparently his right hand that got shot), but then neither does it make sense that Wilson would be trying to drag all 6'4" 292 lbs of him into the vehicle through the driver's window.

So I'm going to wait on the release of all the evidence before trying to reach any conclusions.

Sherlock, because after eliminating the impossible you have to be left with only one improbable or you haven't really solved it.

Stephen King, William Gibson and The Quantum Moment


If you want to feel cheated by King...

...just pay good money for a copy of "The Colorado Kid"

(Looking on the bright side, the lack of an ending made it totally unsuitable for being turned into a movie or television show, which meant that it was able to provide the very barest of bones on which they were able to build the TV show "Haven" without being particularly constrained by the book.)

BOFH: An UNHOLY MATCH forged amid the sweet smell of bullsh*t


What's a female BOFH?

Operatress? Operatrix?

Welcome to the fast-moving world of flash connectors


"Windows 10's only real selling feature"

I thought "not being Windows 8" was supposed to be it's selling point.

(they really need a 'snark alert' icon)

Remember that internet sales tax? Wasn't that a great idea? It's dead


Re: Confusion

Well explained.

Would upvote more than once if both possible and not considered bad form.

SCREW YOU, net neutrality hippies – AT&T halts gigabit fiber


Re: Google is coming to my town

Actually he or she is talking about how once Wilson, NC, built their own municipal cable system because they couldn't get what they wanted from the usual suspects, the law was changed to prevent anyone else in NC from doing the same thing.

Aereo-no! Streaming telly biz axes staff, shuts down operations


Re: Bye bye.

More like got screwed.

"You can't do things this way because you're too much like a cable company, but you can't do things that way, either, because you aren't a cable company"

And consumers/members of the public who own the airwaves the broadcasters get to use "in the public interest" got screwed right along with them.

Danish lit star Helle Helle, Marianne Faithfull and Jim Al-Khalili on Quantum Biology


About that title...

Even had the Oxford comma not been omitted, it still would have come across as sounding as though those three people were discussing quantum biology (whatever that is).

I was intrigued, as I'd never heard of Ms. Faithfull being involved in scientific endeavors outside of pharmacology.

Perhaps "Danish lit star Helle Helle, Marianne Faithfull, and Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden on Quantum Biology" would have been slightly less misleading.

Yes! It's DRONE PORN. And we don't mean shiny pics of UAVs


Re: The future

There's plenty of imagination involved in pr0n.

Sometimes the producers imagine the performers will be considered attractive by viewers.

Often viewers imagine that that what they see onscreen is somehow happening to them.

Or imagine that there's a chance in a million of it happening to them in real life.

Or imagine that that's exactly how women behave, and how available they are, in real life.

Ex-NSA lawyer warns Google, Apple: IMPENETRABLE RIM ruined BlackBerry


Toe the line...

...is the phrase you wanted there, as in a line painted on a floor or scratched in the dirt, behind which troops are supposed to assemble themselves with a proper air of humility and obedience.

No rope or pulling involved.

Didn't this place used to have a Python-esque foot icon, or was that Slashdot?

Lindsay Lohan ignores El Reg's tender twitterly advances


No doubt Ms. Lohan's advisors...

...on the subject of chemical dependencies have advised her to steer entirely clear of enablers such as you lot.

: - )


Re: Thank you to the sponsors

If Tridge is involved, why isn't this being publicized to TiVo owners?

Say at tivocommunity.com, or in the discussion forums, http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/index.php?

Pitchforks at dawn! UK gov's Verify ID service fail to verify ID


Re: Jupiter

"So what was their problem?"

They kept asking "Where's Uranus".

FIFTEEN whole dollars on offer for cranky Pentium 4 buyers


Wasn't Intel the reason...

...that there was an x86 architecture in the first place?

No nudity, please, we're GAMING: Twitch asks players to cover up


So that's what they're calling it now?

"There are even regular events where gamers get naked and twiddle their controllers..."

Mine's the grimy one with the tissues in the pocket.

NTT thinks it's defined the PERFECT AMPERE with a cunning trap


Perfect Ampere

I think I saw one of their albums in a remainder bin back in the '70s.

The icon has no connection to this post, I just want to know who that is and why they're being used as an icon. I guessing it's sort of a UK-centric thing.

Meet Mr Gamification: He's got a NUDGE or two for you


Serious Games Institute....

...was obviously originally intended to be a band name or album title.


Re: nothing new here

That was CBS that cancelled all of those shows, not for ideological reasons, but financial ones.

Those shows brought in plenty of eyeballs, but the eyeballs were either too young or, mostly, too old to fall into the demographic they wanted to attract.

And the reason they wanted to attract that demographic was because they could charge more money for ads to advertisers wanting to reach that demographic because, out of the total available pool of advertisers, more of them wanted that demographic, therefore supply and demand.

If the big three carmakers and big food companies and makeup companies and all the others primarily selling to young to early middle aged singles or marrieds with children were competing to buy the ad slot, you could sell it for more than if only a handful of denture cream and laxative companies were.

Could also have gone with pedant, (statistical) boffin, or "that's mine with the copy of Ad Age in the pocket", but "explanation of elementary advertising strategy" works as well.

CBS goes OTT, releases EVERY EPISODE of Star Trek EVER MADE


Re: OTT ?

Unfortunately it doesn't mean "going all out", it's just a new name for Set Top Boxes that you get from someone other than your cable company in order to feed your TV with something you get over the internet.

Remember the Aereo streaming TV service? Wasn't it COOL? Well, it's pretty much dead now


Re: They won't quit

After the Supreme Court said they were essentially a cable company, Aereo tried to do what cable companies do, retransmit and pay a fee to those whose signal they were retransmitting.

The broadcasters refused the deal.

Or rather, the companies that own the broadcast networks and a bunch of other non-broadcast channels they want bundled in with the broadcast stuff refused to only let Aereo pay them for, and only offer to customers, just the broadcast stuff.

In other words, the broadcasters are really trying to stick it to cord cutters who, because of geography or the rules of the buildings in which they live, cannot access the free over the air signals which they want, and which are all that they want.

If the broadcasters could figure out a legal way to do the same thing to people who get great over the air reception, they'd do that as well.

US Senate's net neutrality warrior to Comcast: Remind us how much you hate web fast lanes


"She also noted...

...that it was unusual for the senator to target Comcast alone out of all the ISPs."

If the TWC merger goes through, it's going to Goliath (Comcast) and the 7 or so Dwarves, so he's just working the percentages.

In order to see that, one doesn't have to be, etc., etc.

Carry On Cosmonaut: Willful Child is a poor taste Star Trek parody


Didn't Futurama already do that character...

...under the name of Zapp Brannigan?

When you try to do comic books without pictures you run the risk of turning out Ayn Rand novels.

Closest icon I could find to poor, long suffering Kif.

'Hmm, why CAN'T I run a water pipe through that rack of media servers?'


I expected it to be...

...about actually using water cooling for server racks, kind of like they used to do when mainframes were vacuum tube and about the size and heat output of railway locomotives.

But what I want to know now is how a guy from Kentucky/Vegas got turned on to barbecue from the right side of The Old North State, where we use a vinegar based sauce and save the tomatoes for salads or sandwiches.

I wonder if he's also a beach music fan.

Mine's the one with the bag of hush puppy mix in the pocket.

Down-under record: Australian gets $140k for pussy


Re: incorrect value in register

Things just aren't the same around here since the departure of The Moderatrix.

'MYSTERIOUS PYRAMID STRUCTURE' found on COMET beyond Mars: Landing planned


Re: @TonyJ and "less data"

Considering that data are what you get when you take a datum and add another one or more of them, shouldn't that be fewer data, and not less?

Official: Turing's Bombe better than a Concorde plane


So somebody really did...

"The fully functional replica that’s on display at Bletchley Park was reconstructed by a group of enthusiasts over a period of 13 years."

...set us up the Bombe.

Mine's the one with all your base in the pockets.

Icahn and I DID: eBay volte-faces, spins PayPal into separate biz


Re: Get it, but don't get it.

The companies don't own themselves (at least not yet), corporations which are not currently public still have shares outstanding which are owned by people (although in this case other corporations *do* count as people, my friend), and going public is a way for those people to turn those shares into actual money.

The Schmidt hits the clan: Google chief mauls publishers' 'abuse of dominance' claims


I do believe I've found the problem

" (after all we built Google for users, not websites) "

They did it the wrong way round--they need to create a search engine that lets a website find the users/readers/customers it wishes to have.

You want someone who's ready to buy that latest model Acme Widget right now, not someone who's daydreaming or window shopping, and certainly not that annoying old coot looking for original parts and service information for a model that hasn't been produced since 1947.

Ice cream headache as black hat hacks sack Dairy Queen


Re: Franchised stores

If someone could just barely come up with the capital to buy the franchise and open the store, then they almost certainly are going to be running it themselves (sweat equity of a sort) rather than have the extra expense of paying a manager.

Ofcom will not probe lesbian lizard snog in new Dr Who series


So bestiality...

...'twixt human and lizardly alien is perfectly acceptable, but only if it's heterosexual bestiality?

Feds salute plucky human ROBOT-FIGHTERS


Re: Fond Memories

I was just about to ask (with tongue firmly in cheek) if one of these robot fighters was named Magnus.

Why has the web gone to hell? Market chaos and HUMAN NATURE


Re: Human Nature

So you're saying we should be intolerant of intolerance?

How would that work, exactly?

Time Warner Cable customers SQUEAL as US network goes offline


They aren't very big on redundancy...

...and routing around damage.

A few years ago my entire county was out, internet and cable, because of a single cut cable two counties over.

Hey FCC, Comcast-TWC merger is bad news for Netflix, says Netflix


If we can't keep content and carriage separate...

...then why can't NetFlix buy TWC?

Primetime precrime? Minority Report TV series 'being developed'


"If it's on Fox, it'll be canceled after 3 episodes..."

But of course if it's on FOX those won't be Episodes 1, 2, and 3 shown in that order

Thirteen Astonishing True Facts You Never Knew About SCREWS


Re: The simple answer is usually the obvious one

The solution to finding them, of course, is to be looking for something entirely else.


Re: Arapaho used Left-hand Screws?

"Seriously, 0.02%? That seems awfully high to me. Several orders of magnitude too high."

Not once you include right-side wheel lugs on old Chrysler products.

ONE EMAIL costs mining company $300 MEEELION


Re: Churnalism

"Could be worse - I once wrote a pastiche of a Tom Clancy novel about a middle easter country having WMDs.

I posted it on my blog but I hope nobody read it and took it seriously"

I think they gave it to Powell as part of his UN talking points, but otherwise no harm done.

Mine's the one with the aluminum tubing sticking out.


Re: Ball Ox

He only *knew* what the effect of his actions would be if he *knew* that the press would swallow it hook, line, and sinker, rather than actually do their jobs and verify before publishing, and that investors would accept whatever they published as gospel rather than doing any checking into it themselves.

Granted that's a pretty safe bet these days, especially the press part.


Paris Hilton

Re: I'm worried about this

Wouldn't that be more like "The Geckos came in Outer Space" and "Penetration of the Geckos"?

(and since this story really is all about sex, where is the Paris Hilton angle?)

NSA man: 'Tell me about your Turkish connections'


Re: "Has anyone put anything in your luggage without your knowledge?"

The lawyers for the convenience store would probably be quick to point out that it's actually "7-Eleven", not 7-11, or 7/11.

Stick a 4K in them: Super high-res TVs are DONE


The TV I want...

...has circuitry that inverts the volume ratio of spoken dialog to background music* and sound effects, and automatically knows to leave it off for older material and on for new stuff, but knows about exceptions to the new stuff such as USA's "Burn Notice".

Bring out one of those and we'll start re-arranging the furniture and taking a crowbar to the wallet.

*especially when it's a cut from an album they want to sell you.


Re: During the meanwhile ...

He talks about the "telly" and you respond "Only in America ..."?

Is that some of that hipster irony they tell me the kids are talking about these days?

GoTenna: How does this 'magic' work?


"... We are operating at the limits of physics,"...

One wonders if perhaps Ms. Perdomo is operating at the limit of her understanding of physics.

Presto! After Supreme Court loss, Aereo says it's a cable company now


Apparently they honestly thought....

...that they weren't a cable company.

Then the Supreme Court told them they were, as they were handing a favorable ruling to the other party.

So now that they've reconciled themselves to the reality that they're a cable company, the other party, which won because SCOTUS said they're a cable company, wants to argue that they aren't a cable company.



The scary part is...

"Who, of his own free will, would put Wolfowitz and Cheney back in the news, even the front pages? Who resurrected Ahmed Chalabi?"

...some of that actually makes sense.



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