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ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'


It's not all bad...

The industry generally accepts that some ADSL chipsets perform better than others on 'less than ideal' connections. If your line stats are good then you shouldn't have problems with the AR7 chipset. If your stats are borderline or poor then maybe things can be improved by changing your setup (1) or tweaking the router (2). If you have tried all the possible improvements with your existing setup then you may want to try a different router with a different chipset (such as the Alcatel chipset in the Speedtouch 'frogs' that BT use [as mentioned in the article]).

I would like to mention that we offer free technical support and advice to anyone experiencing problems with their AR7 (and other) routers on our website: www.routertech.org

We also have a custom AR7 firmware which is packed with features.


1) http://www.routertech.org/pages.php?page=44

2) http://www.routertech.org/viewtopic.php?t=1501

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