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Millions of Brits stick with current broadband provider rather than risk no Netflix

Richard Harris

Re: There's also a value to keeping your email address

I had my own domain, but my ntlworld.com email address pre-dated that. You missed the point. Changing ISP's or creating my own email addresses from a new domain has the same net effect. I lose my old email address and have to start again with a new one.

Richard Harris

There's also a value to keeping your email address

As someone who still clings to my ntlworld.com email address like the NRA would with a rifle, I think the value of a static email address is important. I could change to a gmail type address, but that defeats the point of having a long lasting, static email address.

Stephen Hawking reckons he's cracked the black hole paradox

Richard Harris

What if...

What if the assumption that there is 1 universe is incorrect? What if ours is part of a pair, where what we perceive as time goes forward in ours and backwards in the other one? If blackholes become white holes when time is reversed, then anyone in the second Universe would also perceive black holes, but our Universe is spewing stuff into theirs and vice-versa in doing so, wouldn't that also transfer the information between Universes and the net of everything be a nice round zero?

An on-demand video subscription isn't just for Christmas... Oh. It is

Richard Harris

The entire model is flawed anyway.

The TV viewing model is extremely flawed and the sooner everyone realizes the better. At the moment, the model is like a Japanese restaurant, where the food is delivered on small conveyor belts. The only difference is, you have to pay for everything on the belt, no matter what you take from it. You can also pay again for an all you can eat buffet (Netflix), and then yet another all you can eat buffet (Amazon Prime) and so on...

You can only watch one thing at a time, so in the end, you are paying more and more for things you aren't going to watch. If you're watching a film on Sky Movies, you aren't watching the football on BT sport, but if you've subscribed, you're still paying for it. Going on holiday for two weeks is throwing away around £70 if you have all the packages with Virgin or Sky.

A fairer model would be for the delivery owners (Virgin/Sky/BT etc.) to charge per hour for the type of content you watch). Free to air would be included in the base costs. Movies etc. would be £1-£2 hour.

I doubt that would ever happen though.

KCOM-owned Eclipse FAILS to cover up the password 'password'

Richard Harris

>>During the login process the password is not visible in plain text

It's not as if anyone could look over your shoulder, see the password and use it later on to do something nefarious. Oh wait...

Ready for the car 2.0? Nvidia preps UPGRADABLE car system

Richard Harris

Free Layouts?

I can just imagine the following. You download a free layout for your dashboard and the next time you start your car... Please watch this video from our sponsors... Then later... you have used all of your 5 free right turns. Please purchase more right turns for 69p... NEVER let the makers of Candy Crush near this hardware!

Drilling into 3D printing: Gimmick, revolution or spooks' nightmare?

Richard Harris

Ignoring the speed...

Isn't this technology heading towards the concept we've already seen as Star Trek replicators?

'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama'

Richard Harris

Sorry in advance

If this person wants to get rid of Eve, does that make him an Eve's dropper?

Microsoft makes good with a 23-fix Patch Tuesday

Richard Harris

Once a month pain and resultant bad moods and bloating?

Maybe this once a month patch should be renamed as the MSenstrual Cycle???

Warner Bros boss moots 'disc-to-digital' scheme

Richard Harris

The Guide Mk2

Why make millions of DVD's when you can make one logical file and sell it millions of times? I wonder if there is a black bird with no perception filter flying around in the cloud?

New 'plasma lamps' to replace fluorescent bulbs, LEDs

Richard Harris

Here's hoping

For the love of God, just make them work, instantly, like the old ones used to.

London public transport tap-cash plans will be 'entirely safe'

Richard Harris

Awww blesss

I see the naive "hands over the ears, eyes closed, chanting 'La La La' repeatedly, while thinking all is well, nothing bad will happen" method of security is alive and flourishing.

Top level domain explosion could wreak MAYHEM on NET

Richard Harris

Ohhh the fun I could have

First dibs on the .exe domain!

.bat could be fun too!

Blow to the head makes people feel good about religion

Richard Harris

Makes sense

A friend of mine had part of his brain removed due to a tumour. Afterwards he became extremely religious. It all makes sense now. You need to have your brain damaged to become a God botherer. Waiting for comon sense and logic to fly out of the window and the flaming to begin.

Kensington revamps laptop lock

Richard Harris

As a kid growing up in the 70's

Whenever I hear Kensington Lock, I always think it should be somewhere in Middlesex, TW11. Somewhere near Teddington Lock. I blame programmes like Magpie!

Intel slips anti-theft tech into hardware to deter thieves

Richard Harris

Great Sales Opportunity Here

Surely, just selling the stickers and slapping them onto a laptop would provide the same deterent, without the chance of accidentally bricking your own laptop when you have the microwave turned on and your mobile rings.

Will a service pack for Windows 7 rock up anytime soon?

Richard Harris
Gates Horns

Call me a cynic but...

How many people out there have stated that they never touch a mickysoft product until SP1 has arrived? If MS release a small (pre-planned?) SP1, they can then watch the next wave of sales roll in a lot earlier than usual.

BeautifulPeople ejects post-Xmas fatties

Richard Harris

Beautiful people my ar$e

Since when was vanity a trait of being beautiful? These people are shallower than a gnat's paddling pool and quite frankly, wanting to belong to this site should be reason enough for someone not qualifying to belong to it.

BMW unveils futuristic Vision

Richard Harris

Finally, A Beemer I would drive

I normally loathe Beemers (and the ar$eh0le$ who drive them), but the 8 year old in me loves the look of this one!!!

Please make it BMW, please, oh please, oh please!

Breakfast cereal freebie CD dishes up hard-core smut

Richard Harris

Porn Flakes?

Did she pour on the milk and get Slap, Tickle and Grope?

LG GC900 Viewty Smart

Richard Harris

All well and good

Not one mention of what it's like to use as a PHONE. It could have poor reception, a tinny speaker and the microphone might only be in the right place if you have a head the size of a walnut.

Lockheed engineer: F-22 Raptor Stealth tech is 'defective'

Richard Harris

Lockheeds Lawyers

I wonder if Lockheed's Lawyers saw this coming?

I'll get my coat ing


MP wants Welsh text on ID cards

Richard Harris

Why not Cornish or phonetic Geordie?

Wales isn't even a country (it's a Principality before anyone queries it), so why should it get any special treatment? I've lived there and it's mainly a depressing place. I hope they don't want the ID cards to be the size of credit cards, as there's only so much readable text you can fit in a small area (lets wait for the disability PC bunch to say that all text must be at least size 16 font for the visually impared). Also, if the wording it's going to truely represent the Welsh language, the card should be covered in phlegm!

Currently sitting back and waiting for my house to be fire bombed!

Microsoft releases Vista virtualization

Richard Harris

How about...

How about a Vista Emulator that you can run in XP? Oh yeah, I forgot. You change your desktop wallpaper, take half the memory out of the PC and get the missus to nag you for hours on end, to get the Vista experience in XP.

Aussie air zealot savages prêt-à-porter stealth fighter

Richard Harris

I wonder....

I wonder if the manufacturers saw this damning assessment coming?

Mine's the invisibility cloak borrowed from Harry. Whadya mean you can't find it in the cloakroom???

Beeb to cut the f**king swearing

Richard Harris
Thumb Down


Somewhere, deep underground, a smug grin is spreading across the corpse of Mary Whitehouse.

Also, I can't believe that Gabby Logan had to appologise on Five Live for Frank Skinner saying "Bitch" on Sunday morning. She cited the new rules on swearing as the reason. Soon, all we'll be getting on the BBC, will be re-runs of Ballamory 24x7.

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

Richard Harris
Paris Hilton

Of course he's complained

He probably felt he had to complain, there are votes at stake!

We're going to need a timetable for all these bandwagons that are coming along. FFS, these morons should stop getting offended on behalf of other people, and get a f***ing sense of humour!

Paris? She's been known to blow things, out of proportion.

Barclays and Goldman Sachs squeeeeze IT staff

Richard Harris

@expletives & walking out the door

Thanks Anonymous Coward. You must either be a manager who doesn't see people, but see's resources and enjoys royally shafting people right up the a$$, or a coward.

What's wrong with sticking up for yourself. There are no unions with any power or inclination to do it for you nowadays.

Also, it's not the first time these banks have pulled this trick, and there's always enough cash to pay the shareholders at the end of the year. Funny that.

Richard Harris
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Someone is making a lot of money here

I'm hearing of companies raising prices, while forcing suppliers to cut their prices plus cutting payment terms, all to raise the bottom line. When the dust has settled on this "credit crunch" (read taxpayer/customer rape and pillage), there will be a helluva lot of victims of this cash grab by the big multinationals.

As a contractor, if I was asked to cut my rates, there would be a short burst of expletives followed by me walking out of the door. If they then wanted me back, with my fairly specialist skills, they might find my rates have gone up!

Next Windows name unveiled: Windows 7

Richard Harris
Gates Horns

Windows Could Get Sexy

Hmmmmmmmm. Windows Seven of Nine - Sleek, well rounded, very easy on the eye; never sure if it's running it's own agenda. Probably shouldn't turn your back on it as it threatens to assimilate your printer, webcam, etc though.

Artemis Fowl scribe to pen sixth Hitchhiker's novel

Richard Harris

Possible Scenario

How about Arthur is re-incarnated as the first Agrajag? Over the lifetimes, his name morphs from Arthur to Agrajag, and irony of irony, he's killing/killed / will kill (I hate future-past-present tenses when time isn't linear!) himself each time!

Royalies please!

Boffinry bitchslap brouhaha: Higgs and Hawking head to head

Richard Harris

Huge Assumption

Of course, there is the possibility that neither of these two "boffins" are correct. Scientists who treat theory like fact are no better than anyone who believes in a religion. It's not a fact if it's based on faith and flimsy rationalisation.

The last thing science needs is "My God's better than your God" type arguements.

7-year-old faces M&S Inquisition

Richard Harris
Paris Hilton

What's good for the goose...

Why is OK for the police to use laws for purposes they were never intened for, such as using terrorist laws to spy on dog owners and give teenages criminal records for having a fake ID so they can by a bottle of cheap cider. Yet it's wrong when companies use the DPA for purposes it was never intended for?

I don't agree with the misuse of the DPA, but laws are being misused all over the place

Paris, because if she used the DPA, there'd be nothing worth watching on the Web!

Philippine troops battle rampaging MILFs

Richard Harris
Paris Hilton

RE: Dave

>> Seriously, what the feck is the Paris Hilton angle on this one?

Paris: Millionheiress I'd like to...



Police told: Delete old criminal records

Richard Harris


>> Well, DNA record is PART of the record, you doofus.

>>and if you meant "apart from the DNA", how is that going to help? you have a DNA match (this is already being proven to be a lot less useful as a unique match than the poilice say it is) how do you know what they were pulled over for?

How can you have no criminal record and have your DNA is on the database if it's all part of the same record, you double doofus :)

If you're looking for a name that matches your DNA evidence, then what fricken difference does it make what old records have been deleted. If you get 100 names that match the fragment, it's better than starting with nothing.

It's sad that the conduct of the police has ruined the trust of the public, to the point that they would rather it was harder to catch criminals using a valid toolset than risk being stiched up.

Richard Harris

Old Records - Yes, DNA - No

I agree that criminal records have a shelf life (some should never expire, but that's another story). I can't see any arguement for why DNA shouldn't be kept. It's not as if the police can go and get a sample from the computer and liberally sprinkle it around the scene of a crime.

If someone is pulled over for drink driving and it is subsequently found that this person is a mass rapist, then I'd call that a result. If a body is identified using the DNA database then that's also a result.

Does this arguement boil down to: Give us criminals a fair chance guv?

Upgrade drags Stealth Bomber IT systems into the 90s

Richard Harris


Ah - Pentiums. I can see it now:

Firing missiles in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, GPF

The wings waggle quite nicely as they plumet to the ground. Looks like a concussed bat!

Mine's the one with the matching tin hat.

Oz organ recipient changes blood group

Richard Harris

Male Contraceptive - old joke

If they figure out how they did this, they could launch the new male pill. Doesn't stop the woman getting pregnant, it just changes the blood type of the man to stop him getting caught.

I'll get my coat.

Dell parks itself in PC superstores across Europe

Richard Harris

Re Soapbox Derby

>>However, there are a lot of people in this world who don't understand how computers work.

Unfortunately, most of them got jobs as the Tech guys.

Richard Harris
IT Angle

Online VS Instore

How many people will go to PC World, have a look at the PC, and then order it off of the Dell website if they like the look of it? That's generally what I use the PC World showroom for.

Wii tops online search poll

Richard Harris

Loads in Germany

Aparently there's a glut of Wii's in Germany (no reference to their penchant for certain coloured showers). There's so many, they're going for around 160 Euros each.

Sony PS3 narrows gap with Nintendo Wii

Richard Harris

The gap will be bigger in the UK

It'll be interesting when they analyse the UK information as you can buy a PS3 just about anywhere, and you can't get a wii for love nor money.

Nintendo have to be careful as people will get a PS3 instead of a wii if the artifical shortage, used to raise christmas figures (and bonuses) is continued much longer. I was told last weekend in Currys that head office were throttling back stock to increase demand over the christmas period - B@st@rds!!!

BOFH: The bastard wants to know

Richard Harris

I Think I Messed Up...

What happens if I took both pills???


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