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ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'



Please bear in mind that there are a range of different models of Netgear DG834, and only certain ones contain the AR7. YMMV, as ever.


Infineon seem to admit the problem here...

The problem looks to be caused by fluctuating signal to noise ratios, which is common with Max ADSL and on long-ish lines. The router seems to drop the connection to try and get a faster one, causing a cycle where it's almost fighting with the exchange equipment.

Zen aren't involved at this point, it's between your router and the BT kit, and this looks quite similar to a problem with Draytek 2800 routers found earlier this year.

The line "It could very well be. You give up robustness if you don't compromise on data rates." pretty much states that they'll favour speed over stability, which is at odds with what BT push for.

In fact, the article even states that the chip is made and therefore tested in Germany, who don't have Max ADSL to test on. It's likely they just weren't aware of the problems until someone spotted that these routers seem to commonly be linked to ADSL dropouts.


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