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Carphone Warehouse makes Motorola Xoom cheaper

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Stop using CW for Carphone Warehouse

Stop using CW for Carphone Warehouse, CW is Cable and Wireless, CPW is Carphone Warehouse , hope you are now clear on that!

Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage

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Certainly Germany is well stocked!

I too can confirm that Germany (well Munich) is very well stocked of Wii's!

Sounds like its rip off Britain time! - Again...

ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'

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I discovered there is physical layer issues with the AR 7 when testing ADSL 2 + CPE nearly two years ago for a UK ISP!!! - When compared to other vendors such as Wintegra, Broadcom and Infinion chipsets.

TI can and have improved this performance and it depends on the PHY code that the router vendor has embedded in their router firmware.

Thats half the story, not to mention also the routers analogue front end design, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and "cheap routers" often have reference design front ends which perform less well against those who research and design their own, which i beleive Thomson do for their Speedtouch range.


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