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NY Museum of Modern Art embraces 14 video games

Mark Webster

Quite! Few games stand out so obviously as being pure art.

Ludicrously lucky teen survives spear through brain

Mark Webster

I used to be a fisherman like you

Virgin Media broadband goes titsup for 3 hours

Mark Webster

In my area (north London), Virgin's broadband services goes down at least twice a month - as in, the router reports "Denied" when authenticating with the ISP. This usually lasts at least 20 minutes. And it always happens while I'm QUITE busy doing time-sensitive server administration.

Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config

Mark Webster

Skip the OS layers

"one in the demo system delivered 16 million IOPS, a 16X - that's right, sixteen-fold - improvement in performance"

That's almost exactly the same speed improvement I got by skipping Linux's BSD socket layer by running my own IP stack on top of the af_packet TX/RX rings.

Will your mobile squeal to the police?

Mark Webster

@Odin Eidskrem

"Wouldn't the wear leveling algorithm always try to save information in the place that had been used the least"

Yes, that's exactly what the author is saying :)

"Wearing out" is as much of a problem with current generation flash memory as it was before, but wear-levelling algorithms are still used ubiquitously.

Finger-chopping jihadis derail MPs scanner system, claims MoS

Mark Webster

Too much television

Basing security procedures on television again, are we?

These must be the same disgustingly inept muppets who saw Die Hard III and decided that liquid binary explosives actually exist, and were a real and present danger to air travel.

Seriously, how do these people get to run a country, and why do we do what they tell us?!