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Lebanese lottery scam suspect cuffed in Cyprus

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Ali Mahomed

Shoudn't he be flogged for bringing the prophet's name into disrepute!

Oz Army eyes electric vibro vest to replace batteries

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Plans are afoot

I believe that someone has already come up with the means of re-charging a mobile phone from a small generator built into the heel of a trainer. Now you can walk the talk!

Camel coloured duffel at the far end. Thanks very much - Taxi !

Cassini team spies moonlets in Saturn's A ring

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You are very perceptive.

NASA sats snap California wildfires

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"Hey, Anonymous Coward & E. I take it u 2 don't live in a place where the weather effects u at all? U 2 are what give people a bad name. If it wasn't for us in Cali, u wouldn't have alot of the food, technology "

Are you really from California ? - Sounds more like Texas.

"And when something effects you, don't call on us to help like we ALWAYS do. How soon others forget"

I think the last time we called on you for help was about 1942. You were late then as well as the first time.

EU plans ban on bomb-making info on websites

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@Believe it or not

"The state serves to protect our rights, not define them, and frankly I think they need reminding of that."

This was tried some years ago, but failed. I thought that the reason for celebrating Guy Fawkes night was to remind them. Maybe a bigger bang is needed!