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You wanted innovation? We gave you Clippy the Paperclip in your IM client

The low flying Finn

Re: A.I. or A.H.? There's a big difference

>>Me, I'm curious to see where eventual non-hammered-into-the-human-image A.I. will go.

We already know thanks to BBC. Exteeeerrrminate....

Apple applies to light up laptop touchpads, iPod clickwheels

The low flying Finn
Jobs Horns

Stupid re-invention of wheel !

Any touchscreen is already capable of displaying that s**tty wheel of theirs - with all those "invented" functions - on-screen.

And if you don't like wheels you could easily change that to pentagram or other symbol preferable. Perhaps some symbol of pornographic nature. I would prefer using iTits control gland with nipple-stiffing feedback control =P

Heavily armed cops raid IM chat

The low flying Finn

Removing SIM

Won't help if you have ever user your phone WITH your sim. Phone serial number is one of many things transmitted over air. You know, they have to distinguish one phone from another... Telcos have records of them.

Purchase a new phone with cash, or obtain used phone from flea market. Or steal one. Do not use SIM or obtain pre-paid sim with cash. Talk only on crowded areas, and make short calls. Never too many times on same place. Watch for security cameras. Now we are talking about making truly anonymous prank calls.

*removes tinfoil hat and gets me coat*

'Fiendish' Trojan pickpockets eBay users

The low flying Finn

Why in the hell...

Did she pay for the car without seeing it, without contacting the owner by phone, verifying car details and bank account, and without getting a test drive ?

Based on the facts in this article, I'd still hit her, but with a solid object for being utterly stupid and avoiding all the precautions anyone with normal IQ should have when buying things which cost more than your daily income.

Let this be the anti-IT angle. I really think this has nothing to do with anti-virus scanners or malicious software installed on her computer. This was 99% genuine stupidity and 1% of computer problems.


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