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Researcher crosses swords with Google over XSS 'flaw'

Edward Pearson

Re: Google...

Thats a little unfair I feel. Can you site an example where Google ignored a security issue that affected its users?

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

Edward Pearson

The real DOH!

The real act of stupidity here lies in the fact that DVDRip copies of the Simpsons movie have been doing the round on the net for months.

Gentoo cuts key parts of itself from net for its own good

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Re: A sad week for Linux

This is the result of poor scripting on the website, its the webmaster's fault.

There's no (new) security issues in Gentoo, so I don't think we'll be seeing a mass migration just yet...

Google Adwords dive-bombed by American Airlines

Edward Pearson

Just another...

Frivolous Patent Lawsuit. Should be chucked out.

Some Skypers get reconnected, but most still offline

Edward Pearson


I don't know the specifics but, are Inter-Skype calls working? and ones using SkypeOut and SkypeIn not?

If that is the case then it seems to me, the problem doesn't lie in the Client, it would a problem somewhere on the bridge from Skype to the Telco networks.

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt

Edward Pearson

In Peterborough...

In Peterborough, T-Shirt wears you!

NZ parents may lose battle to keep baby '4real'

Edward Pearson

Dont do drugs...

This is what happens when parents take too many psychedelic drugs.

ISPs hijack BBC in tiered services push

Edward Pearson


As we in the UK are always at the bleeding edge (or certainly were when the telephone system was being researched and created for the first time) we tend to get things in early.


We in the UK grabbed Vista when it was a Beta. We dealt with the errors/crashes and unrecognized hardware as best we could, installing 3rd party drivers, patching things as we went along. As a result we ended up with a slow, cumbersome end product.

France quietly waited for Vista SP1 (with its extra thick coppery goodness) and as a result have a fast, well functioning OS.


Get it?

The French have a nice ADSL2 network already rolled out, tested and working for years (it helped a bit that the French had most of their old infrastructure blown up by the Germans). We in the UK are halfway through upgrading the copper that our internet zips through to a thickness that could support ADSL2 at any decent speed at all.

Just wait a few years and no doubt all internet and telephones and tellys will be connected wirelessly. Wouldn't it be nice to have a cheap wireless subscription that ran at 8mbs which you could use anywhere in the country paid for on your Mobile bill.

Mobile Telcos better stop taking advantage of us with sky high prices for services that cost them jack. Even then they're justing trying to pay the gigantic fees you need to have a mobile broadcasting license.

We need a forward thinking company like Goggle in the UK, innovating.

Telstra sex romp woman back on the job

Edward Pearson

How terrible...

Oh so what.

It was a Christmas party, that for 3 people, got a little out of hand. I'm sure we've all been there.

Just because her fellow female employee's clearly aren't getting any at home, there's no reason deprive somebody whose already going to feel terrible (if not, then she really should) in the morning, of their livelyhood. If she'd have done this actually during work time, then I could see why they'd want to fire her, but during a party...

Who wants to bet the re-hiring committee was made up exclusivly of men thinking of going to THIS year's Christmas bash

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Edward Pearson

Oh sure!

Fine let go changing everything! It was fine as it was, but no, becuase the yanks feel inferior (they should be getting used to it!) El Reg should change its primary domain.</sarcasm>

Lets just change Opal Fruits to Starburst! Nobody will notice!

Lets change Marathon to Snickers! They'll like that!

No, the Red phone boxes aren't working out, lets make them black. Equality y'know...

The backlash was silent but deadly.

The day my browser redirects to .com is the day that I start using my mod points on Slashdot and then El Reg, then, you're really screwed.

How can you in good faith mock the stupid Americans (and there are enough of them) when your hardcore fish n' chip eating, pint drinking crowd are carelessly being redirected to a more USy address. What next, Stella in wine glasses? Actually caring about American politics, if I gave a shit about what the senate's up to, I'll pick up a good ol' fashioned english paper as most seem to have succumbed to the easy option of printing whatever the NY Times does anyhow..

Forget this madness and run another story on Second Life or something...

Hawking amazed by weightlessness

Edward Pearson

Great stuff!

First of all, its so lovely to see such jilted, prejudiced and misinformed comments, make me feel like I'm back at home at Slashdot.

Second, I think its great to see Hawking enjoying himself at Zero-G (I dare you to correct me, go on) and I too hope he makes it to space. He is indeed an extremely intelligent man, though his contribution to science is nothing tangeable, he still furthered his field.

Cleverest person of all time. Hmm, aren't you forgetting that German chap? He came out with thousands of predictions, which he was unable to prove (This is because of the exact nature of science. Take 1,2,3. Scientifically, saying 4 is next, isn't a proof, its a prediction). These predictions are being proved by other people on a near daily basis, we have years of is discovery backed up.

Anyhow, good for you Hawking.

Also to the guy who said that he's a selfish guy who's abused his carers for years: How did you get so bitter.


PI firm nicked for pretexting

Edward Pearson

Small fine, but...

Yeah, it was a small fine, but think about the £5000 in court costs. These people will not doubt have an eye kept on then after this, so they're likely to be back in court faster if they do it again, so £72 for the fine, and another £5000 for the costs,

Royal Society calls for UK space agency

Edward Pearson


Seriously, do we really need a Space agency? Yet again we want something becuase the US has it.

We tried, we made the Beagle, which buggered up most spectacularly. I for one dont want to see an increase in taxes because we want to outdo Mr Bush.

Why not sort out Hospitals first? or Schools? or Immigration? or people scamming Benefit?

We've got enough problems this side of the stratosphere thank you very much, deal with those first, then and only then starting making bloody strange decisions to fire people into space or restrict how I listen to my music.

Microsoft unhappy with Google DoubleClick marriage

Edward Pearson


Pot, meet kettle.

Big brother gets Web 2.0 makeover

Edward Pearson

The REAL Big Brother...

If we were living in Orwells 1984. Big Brother would be pissed. The Channel 4 Programming Execs would be in the Ministry of Love before they had a change to broadcast another of these poisonous shows to our Telescreens. Physical jerks anyone?