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NYU boffins demo tiny tractor beam

Chris Fleming

Ramp this up...

big time and a possible space lift?

Firm Dick sales excite buyers

Chris Fleming
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Witty Indeed!

Dork Smith as we know in NZ became a real flop after non component sales...

Chinese boffin uses panda poo for world's priciest cuppa

Chris Fleming

Title should be..

Who Flug Dung reports...

Thai floods halt WD hard disk fabs

Chris Fleming


recover c:/flood. I seem to remember or forgot-)

The Register and Australia-New Zealand

Chris Fleming
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I am reading this in Samoa ( Southern Hemisphere; Just) The Reg. is a daily read for me. Just thought I would let you know.




Chris Fleming


Paper Aquatic Recoverable Is Submergible.

How far down can you go salty sea wise.

Yeah I know "water proof" the paper bit.

Just a thought.

Chris in the tropics.

PARIS joins the 17-mile-high club

Chris Fleming


Great Job. Have been following this from the start...

Chris in Samoa (not quite a remote as space, but damn close)

Murdoch predicts iPads all round

Chris Fleming

Thank God for Newspapers

Buy one 6 days a week. Crossword, comics and classified. Usefull for wrapping the food scraps up in as well, but not a great subtitute for bog paper.

Future quantum computers could be made of... silicon?

Chris Fleming

only if you...

Then we all have power over... Just by ... we have changed it.

Then what was it?

Sonic waves $323m in DivX marriage proposal

Chris Fleming
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Sonic MyDVD and I still use it. Simple and works like a charm. Roxio uhh!

DivX. Stoopid me puchased that encoder package. Takes over 3 hours to encode 45 mins of video using a 3.4 Ghz HT machine. Cannot read all formats it is supposed too (and DVDs). The DivX "crowd" were of no help. Now I just .iso for free! 15 minutes tops.

Tiger Woods succumbs to 'bulging d*ck'

Chris Fleming

Sore neck?

Must have been sleeping to close to a crack or 2 or...

Stick a fork in floppies - they're done

Chris Fleming

Floppy to the rescue

I live on a small South Pacific Island (Samoa). Had to bypass use of a printer that went down on a 10 year old NT Server. A replacement printer (or any) was unavailable for a couple of weeks.

Hey copy printer to file then to floppy. I have a similiar printer at base, rename file .prn, copy .prn /b LPT1. Viola saved by the floppy.

Chronos EZ430: An SDK packing watch for real techies

Chris Fleming
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3D wireless mouse app

Point and click your fingers. (3 axis) Might try that...

WD stage whispers up new AV surveillance drive

Chris Fleming

1000000 Hours

Sure no problem while it is still sitting in the packaging. I have used IBM 1 million hour MTBF SCSI(1) drives. Lasted about 10 years @ 6x24x51x10=73440 say 100K hours (being optomistic). Opps... of by a factor of 10.

'Alien spies live among us' says Bulgarian gov space boffin

Chris Fleming

Not bloody likely

Cracked me off man, I.m still laughing!

Al Gore entertains the supercomputer troops

Chris Fleming

This twit

is the same man whom spelt potato with an E!

He visited our Island (American Samoa) and commented, "They look like a bunch of happy campers"

F off con man!

The Prisoner set for Sunday release

Chris Fleming

Oldies and Goldies

I remember the the original prisoner well most of it anyway.. Black n white TV and enough chemical stimulation untill the TV turned into colour. It all made sense then...

Blakes Seven again tonight.

Sony recalls defective power bricks

Chris Fleming

also leave out

They also leave solder out as well. Our $US 3500 NCR POS laser scanners one AC input lead to the PC board was not soldeed on all our PSU,s causing arcing and intermiitent use. Had a QC sticker on them chinese bricks tho.

Bridgeworks sidesteps latency with pipelining and AI

Chris Fleming

faking aks

No Sir you are nor going senile and yes fake acks or polls was standard procedure 20 years plus ago. We used it for low speed ie. 2400bps to 9600 for Quantel intercountry Nz to Australia terminal conections. I fnot the delay would have caused the end user to go off the deep end...

Doctor Who fans name best episode ever

Chris Fleming
Big Brother


remember Pirate Planet by Douglas Adams? A classic Dr Who for me along with "the Dr Who Movie"

Im old old, saw my first Dr in 1963.

Intel's consumer-friendly Nehalem chips arrive early?

Chris Fleming


I use a desktop every day at work oh and servers too...

Sorry we got no radiators here in the tropics the neareset coconut tree is used-)

Mars rover stalks mystery space alien object

Chris Fleming

Ohris F

That's no cobble it's an early generation Monolith obviously made in China.

Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new

Chris Fleming
Dead Vulture

Shipping costs!

Tiger direct wanted to charge me $50 US to ship a video board here to American Samoa via the United States Post Office. No thanks, another retailer shipped it for 12 dollars (the correct USPS charge). Bye, bye Tiger.

Boffins build super-accurate atomic clock

Chris Fleming


I just tripped out the power cord... Just give me a sec to plug it back in.

Mines the one with 300 million year battery in the pocket.

Brainscan boffins build blunder-warning hat

Chris Fleming

You fell sleepy, very sleepy...

Isn't an exspurt just a drip under pressure?

Mines the one with the Inet online MBA in the pocket.

New ISS piss-recycler still troublesome

Chris Fleming

ounces in a liter?

My guess (unedumicated) tis a problem with gravity or in this case lack of. Apparently worked really well on Terra. Did they not have the same problem with HDD's up there in the first days?

Oh well back to the underater drawing board.

Prefer my piss to be brown/amber and fizzy. .

Time for the Pub.

Earthworm blamed for laptop crash

Chris Fleming


Yip, had the same. Customer complained some keys were not working... Amazing what formic acid can do to ribbon cables. So many ants in there.

Can of Black Flag in the pocket

US gooses economy with IT billions

Chris Fleming

And more...

Government jobs anyone...

Have not noticed any where in the world retrenchment of Goverment positions quite the opposite in fact . In the private sector oh yes, silly private sector doing inane things like growing food, manufacturing ,selling etc. that will teach them.

In the pocket is a job for life card.

Fraunhofer boffins tout new 'diamondballs' mech tech

Chris Fleming


Have diamond coated glass on our POS Grocery scanners. After 10 years of use you can barely see a scratch on the glass.

NASA warns of 'space Katrina' radiation storm

Chris Fleming
Paris Hilton


Cool picture of the sun man....

Paris, cause she knows how to fix this world. Quote "Wear happy clothes" Smart blond lady.

LG trumpets 3G wristphone

Chris Fleming


My thoughts exactly. I was thinking along the lines of a Blakes Seven braclet with display, Plenty of room there for a larger touch screen(s) around the wrist or touch pad...

Just snap it on.

Max Planck Institute punts 'hot, young housewives'

Chris Fleming
Paris Hilton

BOFH take that!

Bloody idiots and their tats... Made my day! LOL!

"May they live in interesting times" Old chinese curse.

Paris cause I know she has a tat, somewhere.

Back the F:\ Up

Chris Fleming


Made my Friday afternoon mate or mate(ess)..

Cheers and beers from the South Pacific.

'Podestrian' risk rising for drivers, warns insurer

Chris Fleming
Dead Vulture

Let me through!

That explains why Ipod sales are so high. it's all plot really.

Got problems now, wait until electric vehicles are rife it is going to look like a bowling alley out there.

Rude Tintin pulls out

Chris Fleming

Been Done Before!

Yes I remember that some 30 years ago, think it was called "French Comics" a collection of hillarious offbeat COMIX.

Swedish men left frustrated by state sex aid policy

Chris Fleming


Well I for one do not not want a plastic vagina to blow up on me! The QA problem?

Time for sedative... pass me another beer.

IBM's eight-core Power7 chip to clock in at 4.0GHz

Chris Fleming

Chris in La La land (Somewhere in the South Pacific)

That'll impress the wife "Look how fast I can copy a CD for you"

and oh can I have $5000 for the electricity, DEAR!

4PM and time for some really cold ones.

Mines the coconut deflector coat...

Dell develops ultra-efficient server power supplies

Chris Fleming

Chris F

Looking at the Large Hadron Collider site their elegant high tech high effiiciecny AC to DC power systems are indeed available (at a price).

We will have to let the bean counters figure the cost benifit ratio, I guess.

Yes DC is more efficient than AC reticulation (resistive losses only), way to go...

Reminds me of the Telephone Exchange I worked in some 35 years ago, DC bus bars down the equipment racks powered via the battery room.

Let air passengers smoke dope, say Denver potheads

Chris Fleming

Chris F

"Rocky Mountaing High..." John was way ahead of his ahh just forgot.

Mine the one with the secret pockets.

Vauxhall launches virtual backseat driver

Chris Fleming

Chris F

Just the thing for Mr Magoo...

I get my coat because I'm taking the tube home.

DAB: A very British failure

Chris Fleming

Sorry kids...

Sorry kids I know you are interested in ... but Daddy cannot build a digital crystal set!

BOFH: Vampires!

Chris Fleming
Jobs Horns

Tis true...

I used to work in Wellington Library (NZ) as a Comp temp tech. Never did see ANY of the "Librarians" exiting there after the doors were closed. Na na na na na na!

BOFH: The Silence of the Servers

Chris Fleming

Chris, expat KIWI in Samoa

Kewl Simon. I for one nominate you for the Poolitzer prize...sic.

Qualcomm guilty of exceptional misconduct

Chris Fleming

!.2 M What?

1.2M x 80 lines (a guess) =96M lines. Holy CR*P. Thats about 3 x more lines than the XP operating system.. No wonder the US of A needs more that 350,000 lawyers to run the "show".

BOFH: Beancounter bashing

Chris Fleming

Chris, expat KIWI in Samoa

Stir fry... just turned on my soldering iron.

All the best to you and yours Simon.

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version

Chris Fleming

Poor Comtech Sod...

Yip 6 years... Hold on a sec. This program has performed... 6 years is a long time for an eX to Pee. An XP, just old water.

Police launch hunt for bogus bobbies

Chris Fleming

Chris, expat KIWI

Not the BOFH and PFY surely.

BOFH: Xmas party: Get a wriggle on

Chris Fleming

Chris, expat KIWI

Fantastic! I concur. Brilliant as always.

Cheers and beers (ice cold)

BOFH: Workplace accidents = 0

Chris Fleming


Beware of the...

That is the sign on Simons farm gate.

Living brain in powerful robot body tech goes live

Chris Fleming


Help I'm mothless. Where am I? arrrhhh wot's the point...



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