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Gatwick Airport security swoops on 3-inch rifle

Peter O'Brien
IT Angle

£135 ???

Isn't the real story here that a plastic figurine sells at £135 and someone actually forked out that much for it?

Maybe the price of the figurine is also to scale and reflects the actual cost of the military kit. Can someone do the math on that verify?

(Galway) Baywatch - IBM monitors Ireland's beaches

Peter O'Brien

Dollymount provides a 'respite from Dubliners'?

I notice that the text description on the site for Dollymount Strand in the Dublin City Council local authority says: 'Dollymount provides tremendous respite from Dubliners from the vagaries of city living.'.

There's no place in Dublin where you can get respite from Dubliners!

SpringSource buys Groovy and Grails specialist

Peter O'Brien

Value ads or Value adds?

Please please please, tell me that the quote "build value ads" is a typo and that webvertising is not being built into the infrastructure.

EA Europe struggles squeezing out Spore

Peter O'Brien

Getting naked doesn't work either

> This is being investigated so please bare [sic] with us,

Believe me I've tried, brrrrrr.

Minds the one that matches my birthday suit.

Kid's 'new' MP3 player was preloaded with smut

Peter O'Brien
Paris Hilton

@What's the big deal with restocking?

Restocking is perfectly valid IF done correctly. Having worked with a large UK retailer (won't mention the name here, but there is a B and a Q in it!) I know that returned stock (damaged or otherwise) does not get properly categorised. Consequently, faulty products end up back on the shelves even though there is a corporate procedure in place. The attitude is that there is too much hassle to go through the paperwork to record reasons for returns and it is simpler to sellotape the box and put it back on the shelf.

Suppliers can also get a bum deal due to return policies of stores. Remember iQon got burned by Tesco's 'no quibble' return policy not so long ago. Again, if iQon understood the policy they probably would have looked for an opt out or at least attempted to make accounting provisions for it.

Asus to show second-gen Eee PC next week

Peter O'Brien

@Game Changer

I can't find an announcement about improved battery life, but it would be heading down the right path to make this sub-sub-notebook a kick ass media player. The other issue would be storage and the single digit GBs is a bit paltry for the job. As most of that storage would be read only perhaps a built in DVD player (double sided DVDs of course) would do the trick. I presume providing a DVD player would be cheaper than providing 17GB solid state memory. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Planning a drunken stag night? Avoid Slovakia

Peter O'Brien

And the IT link is...

...missing. I was expecting at least a Web 2.0 spin on this one. Is the punter blogging from jail on Slovakian hospitality, or is the bride to be running an online petition, ala Paris Hilton? Where's the IT angle?

Wanted: social workers (Klansmen preferred)

Peter O'Brien

Hard to get good staff these days...

I'm sure by now that you have all spotted the obvious error with this job posting. One short lapse in concentration can lead to the wrong message getting out and misleading people.

It should have read "enthusiastic and previously committed". You're not qualified without a rap sheet!


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