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Terror on an Olympian scale


State Fear.

'The public should be kept permanently aware of the level of threat faced by the UK of terrorist attacks.'

Patrick Mercer

Someone needs to define Terror, Terrorist and Terrorism in this context. Here's a starter for 10;

"Official or State Terrorism – referring to nations whose rule is based upon fear and oppression that reach similar to terrorism or such proportions.”

Yahoo! to post Google ads on Yahoo!

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Re: GooHoo!, ghoo!gle et al.

Nah it'll be Yahoogle!

Got a better ring to it that.

Alienware Area 51 ALX CrossFireX gaming PC


I still want one.

It has a Thermal Exhaust Port. Why doesn't my PC have a Thermal Exhaust Port?

I have fan and a grill instead. I want a Thermal Exhaust Port. Where do they come from Halfords?

Move over Storm - there's a bigger, stealthier botnet in town


@Trygve Henriksen

Sounds like you have good policies in place and you do your job properly. The problem is that many small businesses don't do the same. They buy Microsoft SBS pay to have it set-up and then skimp on the maintenance. They have no idea what problems their networks are causing.

Look at what happened when relays.ordb.org started returning false positives last month. That service had been ceased for over 15 months and lazy ass admin's who still hadn't removed it from their Exchange server were surprised when their incoming email stopped working!

Comments on forums addressing the issue ranged from calling ORDB Terrorists to proud boasts from some people that they hadn't touched their exchange server for 3 years and it still worked so that was good!

Pro-active maintenance of the network seems to be a no no for a lot of companies. With attitudes like that it's no surprise that these bot nets proliferate so rapidly.

People need educating or sacking. Take your pick.

Royalties are the admission price, Microsoft tells freetards


@Cameron Colley

"heck, El Reg runs on Apache."

Ergo El Reg are Freetards.

Ouch I'm gonna get sin binned for that. :)


Supremely well crafted FUD.

'Jim Markwith justified the reason not to publish the claimed patents saying it was "administratively impossible".'

Nice one Jim. That needs to go in the Guinness book of records as the lamest excuse ever. Yes I appreciate the work load that would result in this, but at least be serious. If your going to sue the planet there is a cost involved.

@NB I couldn't agree more.

British youths think Churchill went to moon

Paris Hilton


Surely there is a big difference between what a kid knows at 4 and what they know at 10?

Seems a bit nappy to me. Mind you if we were to stop all this performance target cobblers and teach kids proper like wot I woz then we wouldn't have these vacuous surveys to get riled at.

Paris because she's comfortably adjusted to this age group.

1&1 says sorry to one in ten


No surprises.

@nikos "have you noticed FPSE is gone too?"

Front Page was been 'end of life'd' a long time ago so it's not surprising that support is being removed. It's also a naff way to update anything and has been a bane for years. So good ridance to it. Use WebDav instead which is much better, if this has effected your dav accounts thats a seperate issue that you need to complain to 1&1 about.

The "Cheap hosting, cheapskate business" comment is absolutely correct.1&1 are shite because they are a big company selling cheap accounts. How many times do we have to say to people 'you pay peanuts, you get monkey's'. If you want rock solid hosting in a managed environment use Rackspace but be prepared to pay £249 per month for it.

Reaching the magical 5 nines (99.999% uptime) which is the only worthwhile promise of service reliability is not simple and its not cheap.

The comments about 1&1 billing are absolutely correct. They cut you of when you have valid payment. They send letters to old addresses when the details have been updated for months prior to this. They never ever email you to tell you that there is a billing problem and they never email with an explaination to service outages.

I had an old dedicated server at 1&1 go down last month, HDD failure. I asked for an ETA as to when it would be swaped they said 4 hours. 8 hours later I phoned again and again they said 4 hours etc, etc. In the end it took them three days swap it out. No explaination why after many requests.

Luckily my main accounts are on a server with multiple raid array drives. Try explaining to a customer why they need to pay more for this service though or why my service costs more because I choose to maintain geographically diverse secondary DNS. Customers don't care all they see is "well 1&1 are cheaper i'll use them".

Anyway it could be worse it could be FastHosts! (shudder)

Microsoft jump starts IE 8 with community push

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For the love of all things sacred...

@mattmoo Which version of IE do we code for then? Because that's part of the problem they all render differently. Not matter which way you go about it you have to hack your css / code to get it to display the same in all versions of IE. Your doing 4 times as much work for 1 browser.

I've downloaded the beta of IE8 and guess what. Despite the standards compliance promise it breaks most of my sites that are both W3C standards compliant and working correctly in all other flavours of IE. So Microwhore are ( in the case of the beta at least ) introducing yet another layer of pain for the developer.

Will they never understand why they are hated by developers for this so much? Check it out, it even breaks Micropimps own frikkin web sites!


IBM gets back into PCs

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The Start of something?

I like the idea. RHEL is a good choice for business and Lotus doesn't mean that you can't use Evolution and Open Office.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. IBM are still a huge company and whilst this may be a small step back into the desktop market I will be keeping a close eye on how this develops. Could be the first steps to something bolder and more interesting.

Zend to extend Windows PHP work


Google Fight?


LAMP = 1,190,000

WIMP = 828,000


Steve Ballmer lies to my mother

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"Steve Ballmer lies to my mother"...

...that one needs filing away as one of the best Reg Headlines in a long time. lol.

I now have to turn my keyboard upside down to let the Tea drain out. :)

Cut to the Web Server Core: Windows Server 2008


@ Richard Williams

If you learn how to use the TAB key correctly when bashing the shell and learn to use grep and vi properly then I promise you command line editing is faster than using a mouse and GUI for everything except writing config files.

Checking, restarting services, disk and user information, running processes, finding files adding user accounts, adding aliases etc, etc. all only require simple fast manipulation of single command lines.

You also then have the added benefit of understanding at base level how the system works. A GUI obviously blocks you from seeing the underlying workings. I wouldn't want to have a sysadmin (or to be a sysadmin) that doesn't have this experience. You need to know what to do when the "Front End" breaks.

If the only way you know how to administrate a server is via Windows start menu, you could end up in a lot of trouble couldn't you. You could argue that knowing how to administrate a GUI isn't knowing how to administrate the system at all. (Sorry bit harsh that. ;)

Plus for day to day tasks that require writing large repetitive and boring configuration of files like 'apache2.conf' use Webmin ( http://www.webmin.com ) Best *nix web interface ever and it runs on Windows as well.

Adobe throws weight behind SQLite



"That's because you are using the wrong tool for the job. If you just want to quickly edit an image, PhotoShop is not the tool. PhotoShop is a professional package - I never have to wait for it to start as it's an essential part of my work; it's open all the time."

That's why I said, "..if your just doing some <strong>quick editing</strong> rather than a <strong>full creative session</strong>..."

Years ago PhotoShop was "the" tool regardless of the job at hand. I've used PhotoShop day in day out since v4 and the CS versions are bloating from the v5 and v6 releases without the additional features to explain why this has happened. Just look at the difference in resource usage in Bridge between CS2 and CS3. Why?

I also use Dreamweaver CS3 as it's an essential part of my work; and have it open all the time. I have used it since Macromedia introduced the very first version and their is no denying that it too has bloated. Although it is still by far the best web developer software out there bar none.

Glad that you agree with me about Acrobat. If you use InDesign as well you will probably have the same feelings. What happened to the days when PageMaker was all that?


@Rich - Funnily enough...

I was thinking about Abode's bloat today. I've started using Max View for simple photo cropping and fixing and Foxit Reader for reading PDF's even though I have Acrobat Professional and Photoshop CS3.

The reason is because they are too bloody slow to load up if your just doing some quick editing rather than a full creative session.

As a company if my competitors started to release software with the sales pitch being that its faster and slimmer than my product I would start to worry.

Adobe products are the best, but they are bloating horribly.

As for SQLite it makes perfect sense for Adobe to concentrate on this with regards to AIR. SQLite db's a flat file so no DB install required locally.

Airline pilot sacked for 777 Top Gun stunt

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Brilliantly Irresponsible.

Totally irresponsible, unnecessary, dangerous, immature and reprehensible. In other words brilliant! Well done that man.

Proof that their is a difference between man and machine still. We have an unexplainable streak of unpredictable risk taking, devil may care mentality still within us that is part of the reason that the species has survived so far.

@Chris C

He's a Pilot, he flies big impressive planes and probably has a string of beauties in every major city in the world. He probably couldn't care less how big his dick is.

Top draw!

Put some MVC in your PHP



Why quote from and link to articles based upon Zend press releases?

I like Zend as a company, I like the framework and I use Zend Optimizer 3.3 and Zend Guard to protect my released code, but that doesn't mean that Zend is the only option.

If we want to spread the gospel of MVC it's more helpful to show the options available and the range of resources that are out there. That way we are more likely to attract greater uptake of the MVC standard.

For example the fact that Zend doesn't have built in user authentication, ajax and active record support may turn some people off. Cake does and it supports PHP4 which could help some developers make the switch when all their legacy code is built upon older versions of PHP. The migration to PHP5 is not to be taken lightly if you have a large and complex web app already deployed on PHP4.

So I say show us all the options and everyone benefits in the long run including Zend.



Zend isn't the only option you know.

Try Cake PHP and CodeIgniter as well both are MVC and enjoy considerably better community support. ZendFramework is currently third in terms of popularity behind these two.

Me I use CodeIgniter and I highly recommend it and no I wasn't paid to write that. ;)

UK rattles 'three strikes' filesharing sabre (again)

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Does not compute.

Yet another little known career politician, who will be happy now that he has his face in the papers.

It's amazing that it only takes him one sentence to show how he has a complete lack of understanding of the guiding principles that make a society democratic and a totally mutated understanding of the concept of liberty. Not to mention a level of understanding of the Interweb that technically is referred to as 'piss poor'.

In other news today apparently our prisons are rammed to the rafters, totally over capacity. Hardly a surprise when Mr Burnham's Ruling Elite Party has criminalised everything that we bloody do and still wants more.

Informed comments have been made time and time again on this website regarding the feasibility and the legitimacy of regulation like this. Also the entire model of the recording industry itself has been correctly identified for what it is. Slow to respond ill managed and vacuously deficient in understanding the nature of the changing market.

How is it that the denizens of the El-Reg readership and its authors can identify the issues involved here. Filter out the rhetoric and provide a realistic appraisal of the situation with all it's fallacies and assumed implications and perversities. And yet HMG with an army of focus groups, think tanks, quangos and parliamentary comities time and time again can only to come to an industry serving conclusion that screams systemic failure of the system?

Their are two possible answers here. Either the Government is corrupt and owned by Industry and no longer serves the people or the Government is incompetent to a level that should really nullify their right to govern.

I suspect that both are true and suggest that neither is surprising.

Ho hum.

Ban booze in supermarkets, says health adviser


I need more Beer.

What about those of us who suffer from a lack of Booze? Has the health adviser considered this problem at all?

I doubt it. However I for one living in a scarce part of the country occupied only by pig farms and otters are challenged on a weekly bases to find sufficient ale to keep myself sated. The Real Ale that I require is a scarce commodity in rural areas and the Supermarkets are the only distributors with the collateral to provide the service on a feasible economic basis.

Remove Good Honest Beer from these outlets at your peril. I have a pitch fork and I will use it.

BBC to put shows on iTunes 'next week'

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Free downloads!

I take it that I will get all of the BBC iTunes downloads for FREE. Seeing as I have already paid for these programmes via my TV License?


Thought not.

HMRC blows £1.4m on two-word slogan


Jethrow fetch me moy shotgun!

As my late Grandfather used to say, "What a shower of Shit."

£1.4m for the word Ambition!

Ambition for what?

Ambition to cock drop every man, woman and child in the country?

I tell you what I'll sell them the whole phrase, "Their is nowhere to hide." for only £500k. It's specific, accurate and encompasses the entire mentality of HMRC. It also represents a huge saving for the taxpayer.

Oh and I love that phrase, "The Tax Payer."

It desensitises it. Like it means only a select part of the population and therefore not necessarily you.


Major Linux security glitch lets hackers in at Claranet


@AC Patching and all that.

"Seeing as this is a new kernel, it's more than likely that the sysadmins had auto update enabled to save themselves time and effort so what's the difference between that and what MS offer?"

Just a small point to explain. The update software used 'apt' or 'yum' by default doesn't auto upgrade the Kernel. To do that you would usually have to manually force a kernel update.

A standard distro of debian will have a cron job set to call apt-get each night to update using 'stable' lists and 'security update' lists stored in /etc/apt/lists/. So you don't get bleeding edge updates that can cause breakerage nastyness from unstable lists but you do get security fixes by default if an 'issue' arises as in this case. Hence my server in now auto patched, but without forcing a Kernel update to a bleeding edge version. :)

Apt is one of the smartest tools that I've seen on any platform for this purpose. If it can't resolve dependency issues without breaking another app then it will skip to the next update and leave you a message in the system logs to tell you what it didn't want to do. Hence my custom BIND and Sendmail hacks don't get wiped out by the auto-update process each time a newerer 'stable' version of said app is released.

Firefox 3 beta is live



"These open source fools are once again fooled into believing that when an MS project has a beta phase its bad,.. "

Oh I don't know. Even Microsoft non Beta products are bad, buggy and bothersome. IE 7 for example.

Ask any web coder what they think about developing AJAX web pages that display fine in Standards compliant browsers like Firefox and Opera and then go completely hatstand in IE and you will probably see steam coming out of their ears.

Microsoft totally fsked IE up and everyone knows it. Even the new beta kid on the block Safari does a better job than a supposedly stable IE 7.

I for one am very glad that we have Firefox and Opera as a sensible alternative to the malware that Microsoft offer.

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection


Resistance is futile.

I thought everyone knew that resistance against the Borg is futile?

Your company will be assimilated. It's the oldest joke in IT and the most scarily true one.

Stopblair.eu tries to halt Tony's march on Brussels

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Beware false prophets.

He should be made to sort out the problems that he has kicked off whilst in power here. So with that in mind, make him President of Afghanistan.

I'm sure that the present encumbant won't mind a break from the daily threat of assassination.

But then maybe God hasn't told him to do that that. So he can't.

# mv -Rfp /home/cloakroom/tardigrade.coat .

# exit

M&S flogs lingerie model with 'durable hardwood feet'

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"durable hardwood feet"

- what more could you want in a Woman. I'll have two.

Scientists warn on climatic 'tipping points'

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I am not a Scientist, I am merely a lowly Sys-admin. I do however know the difference between Climate Change, Global Warming and Man Made Global Warming and I don't like the way that the mainstream press don't seem to want people to understand those differences, as all three of those are interchanged randomly and used incorrectly.

The only Science that we seem to need to know is that money paid as Tax develops the chemical ability to absorb huge quantity's of CO2 & Methane and negate the effects of water vapour. Amazing.

A decade ago the serious Scientists were telling us that increased mean global temperature's would lead to increased evaporation that leads to an increase in precipitation and snow fall at the extreme ends of the spectrum. And that was the key element. Weather fluctuations at the extremes in localised environments.

Now we are told about the ice shelf collapses in the western Antarctic but not the aggregate accretion across the rest of the continent that The British Antarctic Survey has mapped. etc.

I was going to go on but what's the point? When Al Gore tells you that you have to change your life style but he doesn't need to because he can afford to pay (offset) someone else to suffer in his place. Then you just know that an issue whether serious or not has been hi-jacked by the Politicians.

7m Sea level rises? Not in this millennium any serious Scientist will tell you that.

@Mark "Yes I am a Scientist. In fact I am sitting in my lab typing this now."

Shouldn't you be doing some climate modelling then, rather than posting to El-Reg on Government funded time?

FTC and DoJ will fight for the right to rule on YaMicrohoosoft!

Black Helicopters

Nero's fiddling while Rome is burning.

Going waaayyy out on a limb here.

Micropimp have released the naffest version of Winhoes ever in the form of Vista. The man who started it all has collected his pipe and slippers and the chair wielding one is now at the helm throwing vast amounts of money at ailing companies.

No Empire lasts forever. Is this the begining of the end?

Google will need to release a desktop OS of course, that they will have been working on in secret for the last 3 years. Then as Steve Jobs might say, "Boom", it's endgame.

Out goes one monopolistic behemoth in comes another. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Before you ask yes I have been eating the strong cheese again.

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges


Paul Fox estimated revenue

$800'000K per day revenue, not bad

Note: See what I did there.

Sources please.

How to speed up Windows Vista: official and unofficial tips

Dead Vulture

@Don Mitchell

"...(and that's about all you can do with Linux), you're better off with a more advanced OS like Windows."

ROFLMAO! Oh Good heavens above. Ignorance is indeed bliss isn't it.

US military prepares for plummeting spy satellite


Calling Doctor Goodwin,

Ohh this is just like Alistair McLeans Ice Station Zebra. It will land short in the Arctic and their will be a mad dash between the USA and USSR to get to the microfilm capsule, stuffed with military secrets, that has survived re-entry.

Can I be the British operative that saves the Yankie bacon whilst averting a face off with the Ruskies? And I want to command the submarine that gets them their.

Is that asking too much?

Windows 7 fake spotted on BitTorrent


Vista Service Pack - Get it here.

Everyone struggling with Vista problems would do well to download the following service pack.


Installation instructions can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com

Leaked email reveals civil service laptop rules


Not so mobile.

A lot of people use a laptop in preference to a desktop for a variety of reasons these days. But even so this does smack of the company that bought the sales force laptops so that they could use them on the road and then chained them all to the desk after a couple got stolen.

Simple solution just keep all the Government officials locked up. Result no loss of data period.

ID cards delayed until 2012

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RE; Eat this!

Up the revolution brother!

We will not go quietly into the night. We will go kicking and screaming and spitting and flicking cigarette butt ends into the eyes of our Orwellian oppressors and generally swearing a lot as well.

Who wants to bet that as we get closer to 2012, security at the Olympics will be held up as a reason for the need of the so called protection that ID Cards offer?

V is for Vendetta.

EU president sets green plans in stone


@ Peter W

" 'Money would be better spent dealing with climate change rather than trying to control it.'

simply put, because it would cost vastly more to do it that way. Read the Stern report"

So are you saying that if we stop man made Global Warming completely then Climate Change will just cease to happen?

The Stern report is an elementary illusionists trick. The Climate has changed since the formation of the Earth and it will continue to do so, even when / if we can eliminate man's influence.

So we are still going to have to pay the economic consequences of the impact of Climate change regardless. We will just end up paying not only carbon taxes for the next millennium but then having to change the way we live on this planet in the long term as well.

Remembering the Commodore SX-64

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Lucky Ole Sod!

I want to be the bloke in that advert.


Not only does he have splendid chest (and stomach) hair, but he also sports a bevy of beauties draped around his own open air pool.

He has achieved the pinnacle of Male aspiration.

Add to this that fact that he will never have to worry about a Windows Blue Screen on his awesome ultra portable Commodore and I am left wondering why evolution didn't have the common sense to come to a stop in the 70's.

High times for the High Life my man.

You are an inspiration.

Sun pulls MySQL into its orbit

Black Helicopters

Bit prickly this.

I'm a bit jittery about this.

I used to own a couple of Cobalt RaQ 3 servers a number of years ago and the purchase of Cobalt Networks by Sun for a £4 billion was seen as a good thing. They were going to develop the app code and build the product line. After all those pretty little blue box's were piled high in data centre's that world over.

Problem was that pretty much as soon as Cobalt was in Suns hands the software updates stopped dead and development of the application code died. Sun released a couple more servers under the RaQ name and that was it. It didn't take long for the market to move to blade servers and the whole Cobalt line up was EOL and buried, gone forever. They did open source the code which has morphed into BlueQuartz but that's hardly the greatest achievement possible with a billion dollar+ investment.

Now I know that this situation is different. I hope that Sun need MySQL more than they needed Cobalt and that I'm worrying about the sort of thing that Oracle would do to MySQL not Sun, but...

Hopefully I'm fretting over nothing.

It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook

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Lots of AC's here isn't there.

I am sure that some people here sit on their thumbs for months on end waiting for Apple to release a product so that they can flame it.

A few points that some others here have picked up on.

1. You don't have to buy one so calm down dear. Even Steve's mind vortex isn't that strong.

2. It's not a Desktop so stop expecting it to have the features of one.

3. If it doesn't have the specs you need buy a MacBook / Pro and save some money. Also the Eee PC is a different market.

4. Watch the keynote and find out what your talking about first. It has cooling, the battery can be replaced by Apple etc..

I'm surprised that it doesn't have an SD slot that should have been a given with their being no optical drive. A lot of people are carrying SD cards around these days in preference to CD/DVD's ditto this for USB. It needs another port.

Who's going to buy it? Well I hate lugging my Dell Latitude (slim as it is) around to clients. A MacThin or ThinBook (see what I did there) would fit the bill. The larger track pad helps with not using a mouse when out and about. I backup via wireless to my own home server anyway so that works for me. I don't need a DVD drive and the backlit keyboard I wish I had that on my laptop now so all in all it's pretty good.

There is lots of stuff that it doesn't have. Luckily I have all that stuff on my desktop. Which is why I have a desktop on my desk and a laptop on my lap when I'm not in the office.

All a bit obvious really isn't it.

Sir Edmund Hillary dies at 88


One of the last of the great adventurers.

Hillary and Tensing were an inspiration to me as a kid. Everest was only the start of a great journey for Hillary. The work he did in Nepal is truly brilliant and an example to us all. We need more like him.

Fare well old chap. The status Legend awaits.

Apple gets fans juices flowing with iMac-like laptop dock


Is it scratch proof?

The most innovative thing here would be, how you would get to slide it in and out day after day without battering the hell out of the MacBook casing.

Anyway it is surely the most obvious, space saving and minimalistic way to dock a laptop to a screen and keyboard.

Now I have just thought that there should just be enough room to put 1 or 2 laptop HDD(s) into the docking unit as well. Hence providing a backup or additional storage solution to boot.

Now you heard it here first so if Apple use that idea, then I WANT MY FREAKING MONEY!

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention



"I reckon that any alien civilization which has the vast intellectual resources required to come looking for us, will have long outgrown war and conflict, and will therefore be coming in peace"

Isn't that what the Incas were saying to themselves before the Spanish conquistadors landed?

Brown will 'scrap ID cards' for UK citizens, claims paper



"Well, why the hell should I have to pay as much to have a two-thirds-full wheelie bin removed once every six weeks as my neighbours who present an overflowing wheelie bin *every* week?"

You shouldn't have to and neither should anyone else. We all pay for refuse disposal already via Council Tax. Chip and Bin is an additional tax. You are not going to get a Council Tax rebate for dumping less anytime soon this side of the Apocalypse.

That's the whole bone of contention. The won't get paid for your bottles and cans so you're right not to hold your breath. Which is more proof that the Chip and Bin is a Green wash. It's about taxation for taxations sake.

By the way El Reg where's the Stupicon that depicts Gordon Brown raping the UK?


Re: Get over it!

Exactly how fast are people in the UK being indoctrinated into accepting this kind of bull? It staggers me that some people are so happy to languish in ignorant bliss, knowing so little of the concept of liberty. Or is that the Governments plan? Accept unrestricted regulation as the desirable norm.

This would explain the constant efforts to control us through fear. Fear of the Terrorist, fear of the peado, fear of crime, all used as a stick to beat us with so that we willing accept regulation that strips us of liberty.

I am finding it difficult to express fully my exasperation and contempt (or is it pity?) for those people who seem to want to gladly step into our captors metaphorical prison cell and thank them when they lock the door in order to protect us from the ill perceived demon's that we must be insulated from.

Ignorance is indeed bliss and from the comfortable confines of your self imposed prison cell you will have plenty of time to enjoy your regulated "liberty" and mull over the possibility that perhaps most of the Demon's you have allowed yourself to locked away from are in fact ghosts.

Satanic car key traps 12 motorists in car park of horror

Black Helicopters


Shouldn't this article be flagged ROTM? It's clearly the next stage in the robot armies master plan to enslave the human race.

My car locked me in yesterday, luckily my key unlocked it this time, before I died. This is clearly a trial run one day we will all be locked into our cars and automatically driven into the sea.

You've been warned.

Sun: MoD has Bond/Potter/Klingon cloaking device

Thumb Up

It's all true...

.. and I can prove it. Look I found an Egghead from GCHQ on the side of the road the other week took him to the pub for a laugh and whilst bladdered he spilled the beans on this little breakthrough.

Not only is it a clocking device but it's also a combined deflector shield. Gordon Brown is pumping trillions into it's development. The plan is that next time there is even a sniff of a general election No 10 will disappear and any criticism will bounce straight off.

I should warn you that they are also working on a "Reality Distortion Field" that will have a range covering the whole of the UK. It will make everyone believe that everything that all politicians say is completely true without question. It's based upon technology that MI6 nicked off Steve Jobs who has had one with a global reach for years apparently.

I'd like to verify the source for you but sadly whilst I was being told all this a Black Helicopter landed and two Greys got out and vaporised the Egghead. Shame.

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs


@Abdul Omar

Ha ha! ROFL. That's the funniest comment I've read all year!

Even the abuse of the Reg "Stupicon" is class.


Pioneers get Scalped.

Not a very helpful comment I know but every new OS we've ever seen has had issues when released into the wild and that includes nix's and winhoes. It's hardly surprising.

Give it a week it'll be fixed and everyone will be happy again.

Cops pull plugs on TV-links, claim 'facilitation of infringement'


Re: I'm sorry, but I'm with the pigs.

Yes lets consider the drugs world. Because that's a brilliant comparison isn't it.

You are comparing the distribution of illegal toxic substances that have the capacity to ruin peoples lives and indeed kill people to the rather less lethal act of linking to sites that may infringe upon copyright depending on what country you live in and what the content is.

Now I'm not a lawyer but there is possibly a fundamental difference between the two in terms of facilitating and regardless of the severity of the crime the comparison doesn't stand anyway.

FACT / RIAA are a fascist junta who do more harm than the people they pursue ever will. Now balance the justice between the two and tell me where liberty lies. Go on.

ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'


Linksys WAG54

I didn't believe any of this until I saw that the Linksys WAG54 was mentioned. Now it all makes perfect sense.

Everyone without question that I know who has used one of them be it a WAG54G, WAG354 or whatever has had intermittent connectivity problems with them.

They are awful routers and wherever I've used them they've all had to be ripped out and replaced.



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