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Things 1.3.8

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Over hyped thing.

I tried a stack of different to-do apps in order to find one that works in a way that was quick and useful to me without being over involved and bothersome and bought Things because of it's rating and I suppose the hype it peppers itself with. Only to find, once I'd bought it that it's no better or worse than many of the others on offer. Ultimately I settled on 'Ultimate Todos' which is free integrates with Toodledo and is far more flexible and useful. Things is a bit of a let down, very glossy and appealing but it doesn't do a thing.

Mozilla invites all comers on post-tab future



"So Firefox has now copied what Opera has done for a long time."

So what? Who's arguing about who was first? The point was there is no point in listing advantages that Firefox has and using this as justification to say that Firefox is no good.

"You're right it doesn't have a scrollable list showing the full title available, the scrollable list in Opera will show the title and a thumbnail of the page if you want, separates the list by each instance of Opera that is open on the Windows Taskbar and is searchable."

You mean the same as Firefox.

I will never understand why some Opera users are so militant. It's just a browser, get over it.

Dead Vulture

@Grant & Nexox Enigma

Err chaps. You're actually reeling off a list of advantages that Firefox already has, with regards to tabbed browsing. Session's saved after a crash or restart, draggable tabs, scroll to select, right click, new window links to new tabs etc etc etc..and all without add-on's. Try it you might like it.

It also has a handy drop down button on the right side that you can click. Showing the full title of all open tabs in a scrollable list for ease of use, should you have 90+ tabs open. Opera doesn't have this, but it's a feature that they should adopt, it's quite handy.

Top British boffin: Time to ditch the climate consensus



Fuck me look at all the armchair environmental scientists we have here. Bloody fantastic isn't it!

A few basics that seem to be constantly ignored.

1] Science is not Consensus. Science is reproducible results. No ifs no buts that's it.

2] Correlation does not equal Causation. This applies to both sides of the argument and is non-negotiable.

3] No matter what we do the climate will continue to change one way or the other as it has done for millions of years.

Anyway AGW... ....oh look a bottle of Gin brilliant!

Apple drives iPhone app developers to the brink


@Jorge Lopez

"It is harassment but what can Apple do? IT IS NOT ILLEGAL!"

I do hope you are not an employer in England or Wales. The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 makes Harassment a criminal offence punishable by a fine and prison sentence.

Also you will find that your proposed $25 a day late payment charge would be contested and deemed grossly unfair by a court. You're also advocating a fast track method of getting a business kicked out of the app store methinks. Which if you are relying on it for future earnings after this issue is resolved is not a good idea is it.

What I think is more concerning about this issue, is the claims of businesses facing bankruptcy because of it. If someone's business rely's upon the app store for it's sole income stream then frankly they don't have a business.

Can you talk and drive?

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With your speakers muted no one can hear you phone.

I didn't see the bunny, or see him turn and wave. According to the flash show this is because I was distracted by the woman on the phone. How does that work then? I had my speakers muted because I couldn't be bothered to listen to it. So how does this explain me not seeing the rabbit turn and wave? Am I supposed to hear voices?

Maybe it's because I was too busy trying to remember the value of the red and yellow shirts, do arithmetic and keep a tally, instead of concentrating on the road.

Pointless invalidated test. A game indeed and you shouldn't play games when driving. Idiots.

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'

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Bloody Trekkies.

I was a little disappointed in that I believe that everyone should have been killed in the ending alla Blakes 7, but other than that nuBSG is one of the best conceived and most thoughtful sci-fi dramas of the past 20 years. To read comments here decrying it as being the worst series ever is frankly stupid. OK we get that you don't like it, but mediocre, crummy? Oh drear.

I wonder how many of these comments come from die-hard trekkies? It always seems that anything that approaches Star Trek, Next Gen, DS9 etc automatically goes on the trekkie irrational hate list.

There is no need to feel threatened. Plus you need to save your energy for the inevitable bilious hating that will get directed at J.J Abrahms reboot of Trek, regardless of whether it's any good or not. After all it's not cannon, kill it!

Apple Mac-sprucing bores fanbois


@Bad Beaver

"No seriously, how would you change it?"

I would take out the optical drive all together use the space saved to slim the case down. Increase the HDD size to 500Gb. Stand it on it's end and make the stand part of the housing. Have a recessed bevel all the way around the base. On either side this hides slots to draw air in. On the front the recessed bevel hides either a SD card reader or front facing USB port. Don't go mad with DDR3 Ram, DDR2 will suffice for a budget machine spend the money saved on 2Gb as standard. Oh and drop the price by $100.

That will do for a start. I am sure that Apple's very talented designers could have easily come up with some brilliant cost effective design improvements, to what is essentially a very dated design now. It looks like they got a very conservative brief though, which is a little disappointing.

iPhoney nano found, tested in Asia

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iPhoney and friend

Phoney phone and a phoney friend. Superb lateral thinking there in the product demonstration dept. I love it!

Ladyboys in Bangkok, what a surprise.

Nokia plotting Symbian laptops


As little as five years. Gosh.

That kind of demonstrates the difference in attitude that differentiates Nokia and Symbian from Psion and what EPOC was in terms of hardware and software.

The Psion of old would have been first to market with a device that is 5 years ahead of the competition, not taking 5 years to play catch up!

The market will have changed beyond recognition in that time. My guess is that by the time Nokia and Symbian have finished sitting on their hands, Android will have everything sown up nicely.

World's 'smallest, lightest' laptop launches


All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

This reminds me of my Psion Series 5 MX. I've been wondering ever since the 'netbook' revolution started when we would see a Series 5 type device. again. I've also been lamenting the fact that Psion don't do such PDA's anymore, because surely they would be making amazing netbook products in they were in that business now.

If you accept that colour screens, t'internet and wifi were not realistic options in the 80's the Series 5 still reads, on paper at least, with a good list of features.

Lets see; Instant on operation (no waiting for the OS to boot just *boom* and you're good to go), touch screen, backlit screen of course, replaceable battery and integrated backup battery, full qwerty keyboard that slides out reducing the footprint, true on-screen controls, built in native agenda, full office suite, expansion slot, RS232 port, infra-red, built in speaker and microphone, with hardware buttons for voice note recording and playback, OPL programming, comms for internet access via mobile phone.

Imagine that updated. So colour backlit touch screen, usb instead of RS232, bluetooth instead of IR, webcam as well as the mic and speaker, li-ion battery, SD card slot instead of CF, update the EPOC OS to include native versions Firefox, Skype, OOffice, Google Maps app and enable all to save to WebDAV storage via WiFi or built in intelligent switching 3G and it would be perfect for what these netbooks are supposed to be. Namely on the go access and cloud storage, not trying to replace your laptop.

I'd buy it. The only issue is how much these 'true' netbook's converge in iPhone territory. It reminds me that there were a huge number of third party applications available for Psion's devices at the time as well. Apple app store anyone? They all used to come on CF cards or could be installed via the PC sync cable. It's all circles and cycles in time, I'm telling ya.

Psion come back!

The Meta Cloud - Flying data centers enter fourth dimension


I think it can work for *some* applications.

If like me you are a SME and don't need your own data floor of kit then you have a similar problem in that you are tied to whichever data centre you use to either colo or rent your physical servers from. If that company provides bad service when you have a hardware issue then you can be just as screwed. I had a servers raid array go belly up with 1&1last year. Despite hours and hours on the phone to the dedicated server support team and a 99.99% SLA the server was off line for 11 days! Shortly thereafter another server I had for the purposes of, geographical diversity and redundancy in the event of primary server failure, went off line for 3 days when The Planet had an "explosion" at their Houston data centre. It never rains...

The beauty of AWS is the speed of deployment. I have instances running that have been stable for 9 months now only one has required a reboot. If I do loose an instance I can start a new one and flash the data from a snap shot in minutes. I tried it and it does work brilliantly. It makes me feel a lot better. But I will still have a problem if AWS goes tits up, despite their multiple zones etc. So I still have the physical servers with The Planet. Replicating data between the 2 nodes of servers actually costs me in AWS fees less than The Planet fee, but then my data volumes are comparatively small.

The idea that I could deploy across clouds is hugely appealing to me. But surely the application control panel would have to be non reliant on Right Scale. Maybe it could use Google Gears to run when Right Scale are off line? (I don't know) If it can be done then the killer app would be being able to copy snap shots across clouds that are compatible with each cloud. That would work for me. The only other issue would be who maintains the ip addresses?

Shuttleworth gets cloudy with Ubuntu 9.10


Re: @tardigrade

"Actually boxes I've setup look drop dead and work pretty well, that's not the point I'm making at all - its the fact that it needs to be done, on a supposed consumer desktop.I don't like Macs simply because they are closed and overpriced, not because they aren't functional, usable or attractive."

Need to give it a bit more time. Ubuntu's doing pretty well for it's 4th year. Consider the fact that 2 years or even 1 year ago we wouldn't be having this conversation because Linux was in no way ready for the desktop market then. It's moved pretty far in a short time, from the days when trying to run RedHat 6 on the desktop was enough to make you come out in hives.

Happily it looks like Canonical are going to throw a bag of spare change at the GUI in the next couple of releases, which I will look forward too. I don't think they will be paying to include Lucinda Grande as a system font, (just tried it very nice) but Bitstream Vera Sans is pretty damn close to it. Just needs tweaking.


Re: @Spoon

"It works, actually it 'just works' - and perfectly on the half dozen laptops I've stuck it on. Numpties are able use it - move between wireless networks, create and save profiles, hibernate, suspend and avoid a myriad of other basic fallovers which NM introduces in new and interesting ways with each release."

NM saw a very large improvement in the Ibex release, that can't really be denied can it. It's also just as numptie friendly as Windows network manager and wicd so that's not an entirely fair comment me thinks.

"Thank god for MS then - trouble is these decades old fonts are also dog awful (have you looked at a Mac recently?, personally I won't have one in the house, but nonetheless that's the real world competition). And I'm afraid sub-pixel hinting on a decent display is only a lesser degree of worse."

Let me get this straight. You dislike ubuntu's default fonts, but also think MS fonts are dog awful, so that's not going to work for you. You seem to like Apple fonts but won't have one in the house!

This isn't really working for us is it.

I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry you'll have to go back to using pen and paper. Best of luck.


Re: And... ?

"Will fonts still look like a Dogs Dinner?"

I agree that not everyone will like the default fonts. So just goto Applications > Add/Remove, type 'fonts' in Search and install 'Ubuntu Restricted Extras' and 'Microsoft Core Fonts'. This gives you all the true type fonts, if you want. Problem solved.

"Will the hopeless netmanager have been replaced by something which works as well as wicd - wicd for instance?"

wicd doesn't do much though does it. The new network manager allows wireless, vpn, bluetooth, mobile broadband etc. Better to improve it rather than downgrade it.

Plymouth will be a great addition though.

Personally I'm more interested in what comes after Koca Kola Koala. Be a bit cheeky if it was Little Leopard. Heh.

Going to be Llama though isn't Laughing Llama or Leaping Llama.


AA sniffs out Blighty's best bacon sarnie

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Pitty you don't get this sort of thing on Master Chef.

So what are you going to cook for us Bob?

Well let's see I thought we'd start with battered Mars bar canapes.

Followed by a triple decker of bacon, sausage and egg sarnie. All fried in lard on home made white bread, slaughtered in a Tomato ketchup Jus.

A mint imperial to cleanse the palette, before finishing with a rum and sherry, strawberry trifle with custard.

Washed down with 12 sugars in a mug of tea strong enough to strip the enamel off yer tuttie-pegs.

Proper bostin.

If masterchef was like that I might watch it more often.

Royal Navy to be first running-jump-jet force


Pegasus afterburners.

My late Grandfather was on the design team for the Pegasus engine at Rolls Royce after the War. When I was a kid, he showed me the schematics for a modified Pegasus engine with reheat in the forward thrust nozzles, the ones that actually blow cool air from the compressor fans. The intention of this modification was to allow full load Vertical take-off and landings on carriers at all latitudes. My Grandfather told me that It never got further than the design stage though because the extra reheat would have burnt holes in the carrier decks. The Navy (or MOD) wouldn't consider the expense of a reinforced deck refit, and presumably the ongoing maintenance costs, to be worth the advantage.

It's an interesting story. What gets me though is that in 40 years nothing has changed to make this option any easier now in new aircraft. More than that, even allowing for the fact the the F-35 is supersonic, the amount of effort that has gone into making the F-35B do what a 40 year old aircraft can do, just shows what an amazing aircraft design the Harrier was. I will be sorry to see the Harriers leave service. A phenomenal aircraft.

Jacqui's jihad on web extremism flops

Black Helicopters

Second attempt.

I tried to comment on the original story last year, but didn't make it. I assume the comment was a little robust at the time for the Moderatorix. So here's another go.The gist is still the same though.

Q. Does this woman have no advisor's? Or does she reside in a hermetically sealed bubble of her own self-importance, impervious to any semblance of reason?

Because it surely cannot be possible that others within the Labour party and indeed her own office can't see that damage and outright mentalistness that she is inflicting upon both the Labour party and this country. Why has she not been dropped by Chairman Brown?

The answer to these questions though, is even more exasperating. She hasn't been dropped because she is the best person for the job. Which means that everyone else in the Labour party is certifiable.

She doesn't have to listen to her advisor's, because they are so far gone that they actually agree with her.

She's only calling the shots that are approved by President Brown.

In short her supreme Wackyness is a microcosm of the unbridled insanity of the current Government and what's worse is that, quite clearly those that hold her reigns are allowing her to be the vocal and focal point of their ill conceived plans for a purpose. Should the time come she is the blindingly obvious candidate for party sacrificial lamb.

She can be thrown to the wolves before the next election in the hope that the sheep will believe that the badness has been purged. Then another Stalinist nut-**** can be wheeled in to restart the madness again after the election.

Don't believe me? Just look at the history of the last four Labour Home Office ministers.

Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers


Why blame Parcel Force Majeure?

C'mon guys. This isn't a Parcel Force problem. Surely you know that this is merely the Linux "Shit Filter" at work, actively blocking access to companies known to be utterly crap. This is great software at work! Even Microsoft are trying to clone the technology so expect access for XP and Vista to cease with the next system update as well.

If you really do have the urge to hurl your temporal lobe into a blender and use Parcel Force, then simply go to Applications > Internet > ShiteFilter 2.0 > Preferences and remove it from the list of blocked sites.

Simple, no?

LG X110 netbook


It's not a netbook.

It's a shrunken laptop. A netbook would be half the price and use Google docs to store everything in the cloud. Surely that's the definition of a netbook.

Universal thaws out The Thing


"Why don't we just wait here for a little while... see what happens... "

The original black and white film was so damnably good it's difficult to see how anything could be better, but then the John Carpenter remake was just as fantastic. So lets see what happens. Ron Moore is a good choice at least.

If they cock it up though I'll be as pissed as Dr.Blair in the radio room.

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

Dead Vulture


"However, I can assure you that giving a program the name GIMP just yadda yadda.."

"And lose the penguin."

"You want your software of choice to be taken seriously? Then make it serious."

Absolutely and while we're at it someone should phone Google and tell them to change their name or shut up shop. What a ridiculous name. What the hell is a Google anyway's?

It'll never catch on.


Steve Jobs takes medical leave from Apple to focus on health

Jobs Halo

Good Luck.

The tone of the announcement doesn't sound good. Here's hoping that he can come through this and make a triumphant return at the WWDC in June and announce the killer devices that were missing from MacWorld. I sincerely wish him all the best will in the world. Good Luck Steve. We need people like you to stick around for a lot longer.

SCO auctions Unix and mobile assets to continue fight



SCO need a thesaurus entry. I'm thinking something along the lines of an Absolute and Unexplainable Catastrophe.

So lets get this straight, in the not so distant past instead of building upon the rather promising (at the time) Caldera distro and building a business around a future growth area, they instead decided to pursue the un-enlightening, stoical pastime of patent trolling and embark upon the worlds most severe course of self flagellation by choosing to sue everyone with a pulse. Can anyone explain that initial decision?

Now all that is left is a corporate Zombie, led by lawyers trying to initiate a profitable exit for the directors, whilst waiting for the final head shot.

What a hideous mess. Someone put it out of it's misery.

Note to ElReg: Can we have a stupicon for Pfft! and Arf! please? Ta.

Google spins out Chrome 2.0 pre-beta alpha


@martin allen


UNTard is totally incorrect it would have to be NixTard, or properly *nixTard. I believe LinTard and nixTard are however covered by FreeTard which is a hateful thing and also incorrect. Curse you ElReg for that, you suck ass!

WinTard or perhaps WinHoes is overdue though.

Anyway what is this Chrome thing then? Being a Linux luser I've never heard of it.

Windows 7 early promise: Passes the Vista test


Man that looks a LOT like KDE!

I don't think that's going to work. They could at least have copied Gnome instead,

Apricot drops 'too complicated' Linux from netbook line


Re: Linux Doesn't Understand User Interface

Why not tell the truth and admit that you've never used a modern Linux distro. Because if you had you would realise how daft your comment comes across as.

Also why say that Linux doesn't have a role to play as a desktop OS when so many of us use it for this purpose every day?

What do you think the purpose of the Gnome and KDE projects are?

Go educate yourself.

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Words fail me.

"Apricot believes that this will be a more attractive product offering for their target customers, because as soon as it is switched on, it is ready for use."

No one need say anything. That quote encompasses everything anyone needs to know about the blinkered idiocy that the adoption of Linux faces.

The netbook newbie's guide to Linux


Needs perspective.

Reading this article made me concerned that it would simply just be jumped upon by WinTards as another reason to justify labelling Linux as being backwards and hard to use, because it deals with setting up a network share via the terminal. Sure enough the usual comments are in evidence here.

It may have been a good idea to point out first that the majority of distro's automatically pick up Windows networks in the GUI from the get go. Then point out that picking up a non platform file system automatically is something that a supposedly fully featured Windows Server hasn't a hope in hell of doing. But thanks to the software on your little SCC, it can do this and provide the ability for any Windows PC or server to access the Linux filesystem without installing client software on the target computer.

Then go on to say that the instructions show you how to do so on a distro that does not feature this in the GUI as standard. You could then point out that even with this feature lacking initially in the GUI, the OS is still far more able and featured for network tasks than the network crippled Windows XP Home. Which is a valid comparison for a minimal striped down Linux OS that runs on Netbooks.

You could then, if you felt boisterous enough, explain how to set up the little SCC as a Windows domain controller network web, ftp, webdav, cvs, svn, email, proxy, spamfilter, virus scanner, file and print server.

This might go some way to deflecting the more ill-considered comments about how one particular Linux distro on a netbook can't automatically see a non native file system from a different OS...

...then point out again for good measure that Windows can't do this anyway without the Open Source software that your SCC is using.

Thank you.

Do I have a chip on my shoulder about this?

Yes. Pass the Ketchup.

Asus Eee Box Atom-based desktop mini PC

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Why do we get shafted on the price?

I've been waiting for these. Perfect design and size, perfect for a small desk I've got that's waiting for an ancillary pc for the library. Now totally out the window because of the stupidly dense price.

Sigh. I'll build my own then. It'll be half the price and twice the spec, but just be a big bigger, so I'll have to hide it behind some books.


Apple 2G iPod Touch


@???? Really puzzled

You might as well say that, I you really love music then you wouldn't be using a portable player anyway.

Replace the ear buds with a decent set of in ear ones. The sound quality is almost exactly the same as a Sony Walkman. Both use lossy codecs anyway. So now you don't need to be Really puzzled any more.

OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin

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Breaking news El Reg author finds Interweb too complicated to use.

Really why rant without saying anything of any sense at all? You could have had a go at Adobe Air and said the same thing. I.e. nothing really of any sense. Would people stare at you or applaud, if you had?


Pointless. A bit like me writing this I suppose.


Sockpuppeting civil servant Wikifiddles himself


@ Adrian

Why spend so long trying to convince yourself that this is minor libel? I have an idea. Post a picture of yourself to me and I will create an on-line alter-ego called Racey Lacie for you. Lacie will be a crossdressing fetishistic sissy in to extreme feminization, corporal mortification, a bit of necrophilia, bestiality and cottaging.

When I've spent 2 years on-line ensuring that the photo and alter-ego are firmly associated and established as verified beyond questioning I will let your work colleagues know and then your wife.

You can then argue that its all minor libel whilst you phone your divorce lawyer.

4GB fourth-gen iPod Nano confirmed


bizzare but interesting

That's only £15 less than the 8Gb model so what's the point? I don't want one as I have bought a touch, but if a 4Gb nano was available for say £75 then at that price I would buy my girlfriend one. As it stands though I ain't spending £109 on her, she can whistle.

OMFG, what have you done?


Fixed width sucks the sweat from a dead mans balls.

The icons are shite, the font gives me a migraine. A redesign by a government focus group wasn't it? Yes I thought so. 2012 logo, OGC and now El Reg.

Apart from that, suppose I'll get used to it.

Tux icon because Tux hates you now.

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals


So that's why iPod's have market share uber pwnage.

Looking at that list I now understand why iPod's are where they are at.

The competition isn't very sexy apart from the Walkman range. Adding off the wall features doesn't make a product better than the competition when the whole products purpose is to play music. Apple made this, the simplest of things to do. That equals win. Desire and design have a big role to play here. Zune? Who wants a brick with 70's styling?

From all the negative comments that anti-fanbois come out with at every Apple launch, you'd guess that there were some good alternatives out there buried under Apples hype. But apparently not.

Commodore launches little laptop

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It's got FAIL written all over it.

It does what the Acer Aspire One does, only it costs more and doesn't look as good. No Linux and at a price point that is way above the Eee so it's not in that market either. Who is going to buy it?

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'


su - = fanboy. Woot!

"It's okay. >90% of the world isn't listening to the Linux fanboys either. So it's not like you're in any way representative of the majority."

I wasn't aware that my using Linux instantly makes me a fanboy? Wow.

I'm also really not bothered if I am part of the majority or in anyway representative of it at all. I just want what works for me. Which was kind of the point of the post.

"Still think Linux is the panacea for all ills?"

No. I didn't say it was. What I did say is that whilst it will never threaten Microsoft it works for me why flame Linux, just let people get on with it.

"I'm refuse to take anyone seriously who thinks Linux is actually ready for anyone who uses their computer to do real work."

Tell that to Novell. Also I guess that means that running my own business I don't do any real work.

What do you consider real work? Using Office applications only? Or would you include use as a graphic workstation, optimization software coding, network systems analysis, etc etc.. That's real work for the people that make a living out of it. If you think that Linux is only good for web, email and open office then you are kind of implying that you have never used the Linux OS long enough to explore the applications that it runs and what it is actually very good at doing. Which is another reason to live and let live isn't it.


Congratulations. We have another Webster Phreaky!

That's the last I'm going to comment on this. I'm not going to get accused of turning this into yet another pointless Win / Mac / *nix flame war.


ubuntu FTW!

Sorry Oliver Jones but I'm not listening. Like a lot of other people after many issues with Microsoft I've made the switch to Linux and since then I haven't looked back.

If you want to run Photoshop or Dreamweaver under Linux just use Wine it's as easy as that and seriously if you shelled out for CS3 then your going to have a Mac or have a PC dedicated for that purpose anyway.

Open Office is more than adequate for most of us and it makes PDF's a damn sight faster and easier than Acrobat and Distiller ever have.

The point is that if Microsoft keep messing up more and more people will shift out of necessity. No it wont be a big threat to Microsoft but so what, let people get on with it. Life is a lot easier under ubuntu these days so I for one am happy now.

Trousers Brown: Blighty faces 'food security' threat


Re: Britain does NOT have a problem with food

So your saying that if I go to the bank and change all my money from Pounds Sterling into Euros my food shopping will be cheaper?

I think that's what your trying to say isn't it?

Just one question. How do I get my local supermarket to accept payment in Euro's?

Fire at The Planet takes down thousands of websites


My 1st floor server is back on-line.

It came back at 8.32pm BST. Apparently there are not too many more to go now before all the servers are back. Looks like B3ta will be left until last. LOL.

The second floor is running on mains power again, but due to damage to the underfloor power conduits the first floor is all on generator power and will be for the next 10-12 days. Ouch! Hope they've bought plenty of diesel and a mechanic.


I'm Lucky

My backup server in H1 is down. I noticed that it timed out last night when transferring from my primary servers. Damn lucky that all I use it for is backup and secondary DNS. I had a server down with 1&s****house1 last week I toyed with the idea of moving those server customers onto the backup server briefly before setting up a new server elsewhere. Glad I bit the bullet and set up a new server straight away instead. Even more lucky is the fact that my experience to date with The Planet has been so good that I nearly set up the new server with them.

I'm willing to bet that The Planet will get the entire Houston data center back on-line faster than 1&1 can get my server with them back on-line. But then thats not much of a bet the 1&1 server has been off-line for 14 days now! Muppets.


It's the weekend. Come 10:32am Monday and if you're still off-line you'll know about it, that's how long it takes customers to realise that it's not their exchange server that's the problem.

Adobe coughs up CS4 public betas



Your right. Dreamweaver CS3 is "a bloated, over complex and over priced piece of crapware".

It's still the finest all round WYSIWYG web editor available though. Which is why I still use it and love it above anything else. But I do wish someone else out there could provide a non bloat alternative that has Zend Studios PHP / MySQL handling capabilities to boot.

Dreamweaver is still the ticket but even if you run it day in day out it's too damn heavy man! Why? Lets see what CS4 can do.

Oh and can I have a Linux version please? Ta.

Icahn builds Yahoo! stake

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Hard Love - NOT!

Even if the Yahoo! board does need tinkering with, Mr Icahn is bad, bad news. This will destroy Yahoo! for the benefit of a few shareholders pockets. As long as the shareholders get their $34 a share the consequences seem meaningless to him. Will this bother him?

In the words of Mr Icahn himself, "Maybe I made a mistake, but I made $300m on it. So is that so bad?"

Note: Can someone please fix the amanfrommars bot it's permanently producing meaningless pap.

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love

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Re: Lack of research in the article, yet again.

[Quote]"Fedora may be best known as a popular server OS,"

No, it isn't. You may have been confusing RHEL and Fedora here, or maybe you were thinking of Centos.[/Quote]

You need to do a bit of research yourself mate. Fedora is widely used as a web, mail and db server and is offered as a default distro by many hosting providers. Some users want the bleeding edge for their deployments. Those that need a LTS will choose Debian or CentOS, but Fedora is definitely a widely used and well known 'SERVER OS'. I don't know where you get the idea that it isn't from and FYI Ubuntu server is based upon Debian.

Do you use Linux at all or do you base all your opinions on Wikipedia articles?

Google-Yahoo! collects some strange enemies

Dead Vulture

Define Farcical.

This is descending into complete farce now. First the Borg can't buy something, then Yahoo!'s enemies enemy becomes their friend. yadda yadda yadda.

I've got an idea why don't Micropimp, Yahoo! and Google all merge into one company called Microhoogle! and then just STFU.

Why Microhoo! is like, so, totally dead

Dead Vulture

Can you hear the fluffy kittens?

"Nia Fired is a respected industry analyst ..."

Not any more.

N.B. Where is the Stupicon for a straight jacket when you need it?

Server theft knocks Peter Gabriel off the web


@ Simplepieman

It's not just you. I've seen plenty of "data-centres" that are cow sheds on industrial estates or office buildings with a gated generator outside (zero downtime network that is) and a few air con units on the roof (ultra modern HVAC).

This apparently constitutes world class facilities. Not to mention the multiple routes to upstream providers that guarantees robust connectivity (only one fibre to the outside world then).

One data centre told me that because they had their own fibre optic connection to a BT point of presence only 1 mile away, there was no requirement for a secondary fibre that other colo's may need. 3 months later the water board cut their fibre in half by accident. I laughed until I remembered that I had a server hosted with them. :(

I know that you've got to start somewhere, but seriously I have been inside some experienced and widely advertised company's "data-centres" and quite a few are barely deserved of the term.

Yarrr! Bulldozer v's Cow Shed = Epic Win.

Microsoft walks away from Yahoo!


Finally something the Borg has failed to assimilate.

Yes some share holders will be up in arms and yes Yahoo! will take a hit, but at least flickr and YUI! are safe now (for a while).

Zimbra must be crying tears of joy, they still have a business now, whereas they would have been looking down the barrel of a shotgun under Microsoft. For developers Yahoo! have a lot to offer and a promising future, they've lust lost their way a bit in the age of Google's domination but face it who hasn't.

I've re-activated my Yahoo! mail account in celebration. Actually I might even start using it now.

Fasthosts' dedicated servers go titsup


Peanuts and Monkey's Again.

I constantly get customers coming to me with the latest Fasthosts advert asking me if I will match their budget prices. This is why I wont do it. If you cut corners to cut costs, your screwed.

@Chris Byers

Rackspace they don't co-lo your own equipment but supply managed servers. Get a Dedicated Root server with them, backup and a cisco firewall. I used them for 3 years never had any downtime, support and service was always exceptional. I have no complaints about them whatsoever.

What's the catch?

£249 per month for 1 server. Real servers and service costs money, but it was worth it.

( Note that was 2006 prices don't know what they are now so don't quote me.)



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