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Three bumps up mobile broadband contract charge


And in other news...

I use Plus Net Broadband at home. From next month they are increasing my plusnet Unlimited tariff from £20 to £25 per month, that's a 25% increase. AND despite the fact that I've been paying regularly by Credit Card for the last 2 years without ever missing a payment. They have suddenly decided that they are also going to charge me an additional £1.50 per month for the privilege of paying by said method.

So what do I get for this, a 20Mb connection you might think?

No. I've never had more than 1.2Mb tops.

Write an article about that.

Judge puts Assange behind bars ahead of extradition hearing


@Graham Wilson - Yes, yes, yes, we know all that.

The Bourgeoisie have always kept us Proles complicit by nefarious means and they exist in a utopia of corruption. All Wikileaks is doing is confirming what we either already know or have long suspected.

However my original comment was a jovial, throw away jib of paper thin comedic value.

No need to read anything more into it.

Oh and please remember to use the Warning: Troll alert "Stupicon" next time.


@Graham Wilson

You've obviously never met Sarah Palin.

Suppose I need to put a /s or :p after that or something. Sigh.


You do not have sufficient privileges to view this title.

"Bail was refused because of fears he could be a target for unstable people."

That'll be Sarah Palin hiding in the bushes outside with an M16, ready to frag some goddamn Terrorist ass then.

Wikileaks' DNS pulls plug, citing collateral DDoS damage


< TTL != Panacea

That's fine if you are planning to move host, but if you are simply given 24hrs notice it doesn't work in this instance. Dropping the TTL down will make no difference as it's already too late, you only have 24 hrs and if your current TTL is 48 any servers that have already checked in aren't going to do so until the next 48hr period is up. That could be 47hrs after your notice is served, by which time you are screwed.

The second point is that; Yes Geographically Diverse DNS hosting, on separate platforms is a must for business. But consider what EveryDNS does. It's a free platform, the people who use it don't want to pay for multiple geographically diverse redundant DNS. So they use EveryDNS, ignorantly happy that they have several DNS server record for their domain, so that must be good.

EveryDNS know who their customers are and why they use them. As such 24hrs notice is akin to a summary disconnection.

You do have to wonder why given the circumstances Wikileaks decided to have all it's eggs in one DNS basket though.


Time to stop using EveryDNS then?

I don't use EveryDNS but some of my clients do. So say one of my clients gets DDoS'ed by Obamas "BlackCyberOps team" are EveryDNS going to give them 24hrs notice as well before pulling the plug?

Considering that DNS propagation can't be said to be fully complete for 48hrs or more (sometimes a lot more in my experience), they are not giving you enough time to move anyway. There is no way I'm going to risk that. I know it's a free service but that's a bit self defeating.

On top of that, all because you are breaking their t's and c's by being a victim!?





"Now is surely the time for wild and colourful speculation, not dull scientific fact."

That's the only reason I read The Register. :p

I'm hoping that the Culture GCU "Well I Was In The Neighbourhood" is on it's way. In fact I bet that's what it is. Closely followed by the GSV "Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence".

Utopia here I come.

Jumpin' Meerkats! Ubuntu moving to daily downloads?


Updates or Upgrades?

Well update manager updates all the software that you have ppa's for as and when. For example if you add in the ppa for Chrome you can if you want have the nightly builds downloaded and updated every day. It's probably the best automatic updater around.

I imagine what Shuttleworth is getting at is rolling the ppa's and update manager into Software Centre, so that newbies don't have to add ppa's, know what they are or even see them.

At the moment ppa's only get into Software Centre when you add them in Software Sources or from the shell and updates aren't done from Software Centre.

Put everything together in Software Centre and maybe that makes things simpler for new users.

Linux servers for Windows folk: go on, give it a bash


Sausalito Special Source anyone?

I will stick to my Cobalt Qube 3 thanks. A beautiful little blue box that was light years ahead of it's time. Frankly the only thing on the market that can lay claim to being it's up to date modern day, successor is the MacMini Server. Albeit not Linux but then we are talking hardware and software together in both these examples.

Otherwise grab a miniITX atom MB, 2GB ram and a couple of 1TB Western Digital caviares. Glue it all together in a mini tower, do a minimal CentOS install and let Webmin do the rest. Add the Virtualmin and Usermin modules and that's your SME, SAN, Web, Email, Webmail, Firewall, Router, Cache, FTP, DNS and CVS servers all done.

It's as easy as making toast.

Tory councillor arrested over 'stoning to death' tweet



I have no problem with people making arses of themselves on twitter. A joke is a joke, even one that's in poor taste, and that's all it is and that's as far as it should go. Freedom of expression is an important pillar of Civilization.

But I DO expect a Councillor in regional Government, someone who's salary is paid for by my tax contributions to maintain a certain level of public decorum!!!

I you can't maintain that level, then stop taking the piss and find another job, you dunder headed wingnut.

Steve Jobs chucks Apple server biz from pram


A4 blades?

Data Centres are all about low power consumption units at the moment. That means easily cooled hardware and low volt CPU's, everything Apple now has. They should make A4 blades with flash ssd's each one thinner than an iPad. You could get a lot clustered in a 2U chassis. That would be a lot of processing power.

Of course it will never happen...

Linux life savers for paranoid penguins



Amazons S3 (Simple Storage Service) stores your data over 3 geographically diverse locations, so no problem if one of the AWS data centres burns down. There is a Firefox extension to manage your files although I use a command line tool called 's3-bash' created by Google to get and put files. Run it in a cron job.

Yes it's not very user friendly in comparison to Grsync or Back In Time, but it's advantages are cost and redundancy. $0.14 per GB of storage and $0.10 per GB data transfer.

I back up my web servers to it as well, which is ideal. So if a customer messes up there website or deletes all there IMAP email, I have all the historical data that can be restored for them. Used in conjunction with 'tar' to package files and folders first it's a winner.

Apple signs Xserve death warrant


Not too surprising.

I've been in quite a few data centre's around the country and I've only ever seen a handful of Xserve's in all of them. I should imagine there are more in media company's offices than in DC's or Middling enterprises server rooms. A situation that is probably much the same outside the UK as well. It doesn't make a lot of sense to colo them in return for what you get when space and price are such a premium.

Maybe Apple want all your data to be streamed from their new DC in Virginia thus making servers redundant the same way the MacBook Air made CD/DVD players redundant /s. Heh..

More likely though, they just canned an unprofitable line. If you do need an Xserve colo'd it's a bit of a pain. You are not going to replace a mission critical app with a Mac mini that doesn't have hot swappable HDD's and power management / dual PSU's. Unless you colo a number of minis and Virtualise the OS, thus mitigating damage from any one hardware failure. That's a big leap to make though if you are used to physically counting your servers.

Does Eucalyptus run on OSX?

Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

Thumb Up

"...pesky kids are too young to remember..."

I remember upgrading my absolutely wonderful 16K ZX Spectrum to a 48K model. The upgrade process involved trying to prise the damn thing apart without snapping the case in half and having to actually solder the additional RAM on to the bloody circuit board!

Now that's what I call a proper PC upgrade. Not none of yer new fangled 72pin slot in nonsense.

And to think that some moaning minnies complain that upgrading a Macbook is difficult just because you have to remove a few torpix screws. Tsk!

The bike is crap by the way.

RIAA and Anonymous sites both downed by DDoS assaults


"Why not hit itunes?"..

Because Steve Jobs has a $50 billion war chest in reserve and he wouldn't use it to develop a LOIC DDoSing app for the iPhone in response and go after Anon that way.

No with that kind of wonga His Steveness would actual be able to build a real Low Orbit Ion Canon, launch it in to space and start smashing Hacktivists into piles of atomic goo and still have enough spare change to buy a hollowed out Volcano and a few tech start ups to boot.

It's just not worth the risk.

Apple MacBook Air revamp snapped, posted on web


I think Kaemaril means...

...Why 4 smaller battery's instead of 1 large one?

I imagine the answer is probably something to do with efficiency. One large battery with a large surface area in comparison to it's thinness, probably isn't as efficient as 4 smaller battery's.

I don't really know but that's my guess.

Great white sharks menace Blighty

Dead Vulture

"Oh for the love of Darwin!"

This story is a complete joke.

Anyone who set's out to go fishing for Great Whites off the coast of Cornwall is going to have a very boring day. We have plenty of indigenous shark species to these shores, the Great White is not one of them. You might as well go fishing for Unicorn's.

@Jake you almost certainly caught a small Porbeagle, which is often confused for the Great White.

As for the people criticising anglers for threatening the sharks..... Where do you start?!

1] No anglers in Cornwall are going to catch Great Whites. The people quoted in the Sun article are clearly deluded and inexperienced.

2] The majority of Sea angling is done for edible fish. I fish for Mackerel, Bass, Pollock, Plaice, Whiting, Gurnard, Turbot, Dabs and Sole. Everything undersized is returned alive and everything kept is eaten. I've never been on a fishing trip with anyone who hasn't adopted the same attitude. Line fishing is the most sustainable method of fishing, catching and cooking your own fish you get the most out of the fish, in terms of less waste. I fillet my fish so get more flesh off the bone than fillets pre-packed in the supermarket and I use the bone to make fish stock. Fish this fresh is also so much better tasting and good for you than fish packaged and sat on a shop shelf for a week as even chilled fish start to break down the minute they are killed.

If you can't sea fish for yourself or don't want to, but still eat fish. I hope that you look for the Marine Stewardship Councils (MSC) logo on any fish you buy, any fish with this logo means it has been caught from sustainable stocks.

It would be good to know that the same people who are getting uptight about sea anglers fishing out the (non-existent) Cornish Great Whites, think about the MSC and where their fish come from the next time they tuck into a Tuna Panini from a "Café au Chic" or Cod and chips from the local chippy. Because overfishing the fish stocks that we do have is a much more present and important issue for us all to get aggravated about.

Rant over.

Skype dials up deal with Facebook

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Bye, bye Skype....

....It's been nice using you, but I'm not going to have Faceache narcissism ported to my desktop.

Ballerina canned for flashing her assets

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Still in the 18th century then.

"The ballet corps has been shocked by these new images..."

Shame, that picture is absolutely beautiful.

Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed


Date with destiny missed? Not really.

It's a six month release cycle. Six months! What were you expecting? The article doesn't say. Would you rather wait longer and have a big update like Vista, because that went really well didn't it.

Small and stable updates are good. They keep the momentum going and don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Maverick is a solid release with some excellent improvements and there is only six months to go until the next release. See how that works?

Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race

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Yarp, Yarp, Narp, him be a roight pig scarer.

You bastard, stop stealing my Internetz!

I will be at the Ottery Tar Barrelling alroight. Despite me being from "upcountry".

I'm only the third person to vote for my local exchange though! 0.19% Pffft!

Thumb Down

It's getting slower, not faster.

I used to live in the Midlands and went from a 2Mb connection to a 8Mb connection that actually gave me 4Mb regularly, which I thought was super.

Then I moved to, "deare ole Debun".

Back to 2Mb again only curiously not. My connection has never topped 1.2Mb and has over the last 18 months degraded to an average of 0.6Mb! Everyone in the village is experiencing the same problem, regardless of the ISP they use.

What a crock of shite. BT need to sort this stuff out first, before we end up back in the 90's, with the only thing able to load up being usernet and compuserve.

I suppose when the Internet does finally leave Debun for good, I'llz ave to goun find entertainzment in flingin cow patz and roiling flamings tarr barells down hillz, loik whartz the localz doze. Yarrp.

Facebook on the blink for second time in two days


If only faceache were more like....

I wonder how the faceache network will stand up to the introduction of the new social networking services that will in future be an inevitable development of technology.

It's ok posting pictures and comments to LIKE and playing games etc. but the site needs to move beyond that. It needs more real time services. Sharing pictures instantly, not just telling people what you are listening to but actually all listening to the same music together and not just commenting but group social chatting together. Create an atmosphere in real time. Let people touch each other and laugh at each other photos together, not just after the event. These real time services will create online rooms where friends can interact like never before and that's just the start, it's the inevitable future of social networking and it's going to be wonderfull....

Oh hang on I've just described a f*****g pub!

Google pulls trigger on 'Instant' search engine

Dead Vulture

How hard can it be?

Right next to the Search button. The bit that says "Instant is on", the bit that's in front of your eyes, toggle it to off.

Gordon Brown joins World Wide Web Foundation



Was going to comment, but I couldn't put it better myself. Too bloody right!

Front End / Client Side Web Developer


i can use f********

Please don't use the 'f' word.

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems



"It *is* a fundamental design flaw", "take it on the chin and admit you screwed up. This is a bad design", "with the iPhone 4 just a simple touch in the wrong place can cause reduced signal and dropped calls", etc.

The problem I have with this is that my mate's got an iPhone4 and he has no issues with this at all. I tried it as well, put my thumb on the "death spot" and nothing happened. No loss of signal strength whatsoever, wherever we went. So maybe his Steveness is correct when he says that not all users have this problem. Maybe he's not lying and it is a comparatively small number of people that are experiencing this issue. Maybe the first batch of 100'000 / 200'000 had a glitch on the production line, because I've yet to meet anyone with the new iPhone that has the issue. But read the comment here and elsewhere and everyone thinks that it's a fundamental flaw that effects everyone. Weird no? Still a lot and still a problem, but it's not all encompassing issue that's being stirred up here.

The one thing Apple are lying about is the 3 million sales figure. That's patently bullcrap. From the number of people on the Internets commenting on the issue authoritatively and thus indicating experience of the issue, its clear that Apple have sold at least 126 million iPhone4's. Otherwise that would indicate that a lot of people are complaining about a phone they have never used, and that would never happen, obviously.

The Cameregg plan: Who got what?



Do you really seriously believe that had Labour stayed in power they would not have raised VAT after the election anyway? It's been on the cards no matter who got in for months.

At least we have got the LibDem 10k threshold. Try and think back and remember what Gordo did to the 10% tax rate as well, before being forced to bodge a fix for that. Nice.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience


Works both ways.

"..PLEASE get the names sorted out and try and be a little bit professional about it"

Yes you're absolutely right. Linux needs to have sensible names like. Bing, Zune, Menlo, Yahoo!, Google, Twitter etc.

Instead of childish names like, Open Office Word Processor, Open Office Spreadsheet, Disk Usage Analyser, Remote Desktop Viewer, Movie Player, Open Movie Editor, PDF Viewer, E-Book Reader etc.

Face - Palm.



Re: Re : You'll laugh at this then

Yep, that's what I've done. Didn't half tickle me though.


You'll laugh at this then.

I've done a dual install of Win7 Ultimate and ubuntu 10.4 today on my new computer. No hardware issues at all with ubuntu, but can I get a network connection on Win7? Can I ****!

I'm not talking wireless. I'm taking about the 10/100 Ethernet on the motherboard. Windows asks me to install the driver for it, by downloading off the Internet, a bit tricky when I can't connect to the Internet for the same reason.

If I had never used either system before today I would have to say that based upon today's experience ubuntu 10.4 is the more user friendly system and that includes the installation procedure as well.

Knowing what we all know about where ubuntu and Linux distros in general have come from over the years, (I'm thinking RedHat 6.0) how surprising is it to be able to say that?!

Posted using Lucid Lynx because Win7 doesn't know how to connect to the Internet. Arf.

Commodore 64 reincarnated as quad-core Ubuntu box


Laptop with no screen.

", according to the company's website."

That is one of the worst websites, I have ever seen.

Brown promises Budget in a fortnight


Have a clue.

"The "bust" wasn't Gordon's fault - he didn't do any sub-prime lending, did he? He didn't persuade banks to do it and he didn't ask people to spend outside their means and live on credit either..."

Err.. no blame at all? Not even a little bit? Didn't do anything to encourage the banks did he?

Guess who it was that completely deregulated the entire UK banking industry, I'll give you a clue it wasn't Ken Clarke. Try and think more along the lines of a dour bloke that was chancellor during the Blair dictatorship, who sold all our gold to Cash for Gold.com and then borrowed billions during an economic boom so that he could piss it up a wall in whitehall. Frugal he ain't and that's why we are worse off in this recession than we should be.

Whatever happened to the email app?



Thunderbird gets a mention on Linux, but Evolution should as well. It's the default mail client for a lot of distros and is a very good piece of software.

Email, contacts, calender, tasks and memos all in one. All work very well together, it's flexible, stable and has a huge number of useful features that other mail clients struggle to provide. It also has Bayesian spam filtering and support for Exchange and Groupware. I think it's great and have never looked back since I started using it a few years ago.

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx changes its spots


Never said Linux invented themes, read it again.

"Windows has been able to change its complete look and feel pretty much since its inception."

You can change it, but it's not the same as a fluid system themeing for that you need ooh say something like Stardock?

"If you want to take it even further, you can install Stardock's "skinning" software.."

What did I say about third party theme software?

"Granted, Apple don't go out of their way to make it easy, but that's kind of Apple's *point*."

Which is exactly my point. Thank you for agreeing with me.

The rest of your response is incorrect.


Window controls and colours.

<stupicon>Head Desk</stupicon>

The window controls will be located to the right by default, it's just the person who took the screen shot preferred them to the left and so did so. That's the choice you get.

If you don't like the theme, it can be changed within seconds by selecting the theme manager.

It's always amazed me the number of people who moan about the brown theme as if you are stuck with it and it's a big issue. When in actual fact it can be eradicated immediately should you choose to do so. But then I guess people are not used to an OS that has such flexibility inbuilt and allows you to radically change the look and feel of the desktop, without having to first download and install additional third party window manager software. Dare I say some people need to "think different". Hyuk, hyuk.

The program bar at the bottom, you have the choice of including or replacing for a window dock manager (I hate to say like Apples dock, because that actually comes from unix ) but you can switch as you please.

Now if you were to criticise the system fonts you might have a point. They need attention and rapidly, along with the human looks icon set and in deed the layout of the Nautilus window manager.

Google will build 1Gbps fiber networks to the home

Big Brother


I wrote a science fiction short story, not so long ago. I set the story in a future where there was no longer an Internet as such. Every electronic device, appliance, communication medium or media product was connected to the "Googlenet". The combination of this interactivity and the emergence of media / communication "devices" of many different form factors that ran as hardware as an application, made traditional PC's and the Internet redundant.

iPhone, Google phone, Google DNS, iPad, Buzz and now the proper roll out of the Googlenet.

God I'm a fecking prophet!

Drink beer not fizzy pop for pity's sake, say boffins



Spoil sport.

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival


Re: Multi-tasking

That's a good point. In respect to something like that, which people will do, then the iPhone does multi-task. But everyone's ignored that and gone for the view that it doesn't multi-task at all, because you can't run concurrent applications.

1,000 devs raid iPadded code kit



Lets just imagine that the iPad had been released 2 years ago and this week Apple released a new product called the iPod touch.

No doubt the naysayers piffle would be the same rhetoric.

"It's just a small iPad. The screen is too small and the resolution is crap. The mail app is a crippled version of the iPad's. It's too small to read email. Internet is too small. It wont run iWork apps," etc... snooore.

The iPod touch is brilliant for what it's designed to do. I use mine to check email and look stuff up on wikipedia when im watching a movie in the living room and arguing about who wrote such and such with mates. The touch is instant on, meaning I don't have to lug the laptop out and fire it up. Often I've wished it were a little larger.

So even if the iPad were just a bigger iPod touch (which isn't all it is) then it serves a purpose, just as the touch does. I ought to go on to explain why the iPad is going to be the way to do proper netbooks, but I really can't be arsed. Just look up Psion compare that with a full OS, consider cloud storage a think about what the middle ground netbook market is for and why a full OS is not right for this and then figure the rest out yourself.

Look at what Google are doing with Chrome OS. They want instant on / sub 7 second boot and closed app based services because they've figured it out. So have Apple. See if you can.

Steve Wozniak, your time is up


What's that all about then??

Oh dear Rik did Woz nick your smarties or something?

The return of the Psion-sized PC


A absolute joke...

... comparing it to a Psion Series 5. A complete failure of vision for all the reasons that other posters here have stated and more.

It's hardly bloody difficult, I posted all the required specs of a modern day Series 5 here a while back. If I can do that, why can't the bods that make these damn things do it as well, using their own imagination and intellect. Instead we get another Windows brick. FFS!

WIndows FFS!

Head, desk, head, desk, head, desk. Really. Head, desk, for a long bloody time and I do mean a long painful time!

Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail. OK?

P.S. The Series 5 photo in the article looks so much better and more modern as well. Sheesh.

God people are stupid.

How can the storage industry prevent cloud bursts?


You have gotta be ******* kidding me.

"Andy Burton, chief executive at web-hosting company Fasthosts, and FAST IiS’s chairman of the CIF Group, said:"

Excuse me, but anybody even remotely related to Fasthosts, let alone the guy who runs it , has no right to have anything whatsoever to do with anything regulatory, with regards to any type of hosting be it cloud or otherwise period!

Jesus wept.

What's the tag line? 'Welcome to Inter Web it's regulated by lemmings.'

World's first iPhone worm Rickrolls angry fanbois



The iPhone/touch doesn't come with ssh. The option to restrict root logins is 'PermitRootLogin', it lies within the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file. A file that doesn't exist if you don't first jailbreak your phone and then install ssh. If the jailbroken third party ssh server the jailbreaker installs comes with 'PermitRootLogin yes' then there is your problem. Nothing to do with Apples implementation of anything.

Just some very stupid people who shouldn't have jailbroke there phones if they didn't understand what they were doing or some very stupid people who knew what they were doing but still didn't change there passwords or disable ssh and are therefore complete dunderheads.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7


Re: Home directory encryption/automatic login

The stranger who picks up your laptop still has to enter your password. Without which they cannot use your system in any way shape or form. So just don't give strangers your system password.

Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks


Re: Whinge whinge whinge

"Cue 1 million dumb comments about how it's all boring and too expensive and you can build a Linux machine for 10p and Apple is evil blah blah blah."

Oi! No one from camp Linux has said that on this thread. Go wag your finger at the Winhoes crowd.

Having said that I love Linux. My Linux laptop cost me £ 3.67 to build it's made from burlap and Hessian, has a non reflective bitumen display and an egg carton motherboard with chips on it from Aunt Bessie. It's powered by two electrodes stuck in a potato.

I also have a CentOS server made from Lego and a hollowed out aubergine, it's was so cheap that I traded it for a stale cheese sandwich. None the less it's still good enough to control my entire Uranium enrichment plant and play Frozen Bubble on as well.

Do I hate Apple? No. I love the look and spec of the new iMacs. There's room enough in my pad for one alongside my Ubuntu machine thank you very much. I don't see the cost as an issue when you are getting something as well conceived and functional. Apple know how to make these things work and be desirable at the same time.

Now if we could just get some Linux drivers to work with that new Magic Mouse, that looks like a very nifty bit of kit.

Great British beer moves county


Shall I start stockpiling?

I find this quite scary.

I'm pretty much addicted to the stuff. When the brewery was moved 4 years ago the taste suffered for a while until they figured out how to stop bottles that were well within use by dates from going off. For a period of a year I had to buy my 4 daily bottles looking for the longest best before date possible to avoid a bad pint.

What's going to happen by moving to another region and different water supply?

If they loose the taste again or introduce another sour pint issue they could drive customers away and cause more problems. If the Dog is allowed to disappear, through negligence, I have no idea how I will live. Fucking short sighted bastard accountants and fuck the Government for taxing beer and providing the landlord with mountains of costly legal crap to follow, just to serve a pint. And fuck the British Medical Council as well for making up fake alcohol limits that have no basis in any scientifically proven research. Years ago the Government asked for a recommended safe limit to promote and not having a clue or any research they just made up the limits. Twats. War on terror? War on Pubs more like. Piss off!

Home Office shifts feet as vetting database looms

Big Brother


Any reasonably intelligent adult need only spend 5 minutes thinking about how this scheme will work to realise that it is absolute madness. It will not protect children at all, that much is fundamentally obvious. So the ministers who are backing this are either staggeringly, wilfully dense or this is part of a larger conspiracy within Whitehall to tag every person in the country, get us all on a database and start exerting control over how we live.

Either way the level of contempt it shows for the public is breathtaking. There will be another Soham and then the call will be made for everyone to be checked regardless. It's a big step towards presumption of guilt. We really need to stop this now. One by one these mentalist laws and schemes are introduced, anti terrorism law, id cards, talking cctv, extreme porn law, religious hatred law etc. all in the name of "safeguarding" us. This conceited government seems to believe that we will clap and thank them for protecting us from ourselves.

Who was it that said, "The death of democracy will be welcomed to the sound of rapturous applause."

They might be right.

Lad passes gruelling 'getting on bus' test


< blank title >

"Bury's Youth Support Services Manager, Barbara Lewis, defended: "This certificate isn't just about getting on the bus, it's about time management, working out bus routes and for some people, travelling alone for the first time."

Head - desk, head - desk, head - desk, head -desk, head - desk, head - desk... ad-infinitum... ...twice.

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag

Big Brother

Great we have pre-crime now.

This is a joke right? Sowton is not far up the road from me, it's a small village full of old people, all they would have to do is switch their hearing aids off.

Funny how a couple of weeks ago there was a proper full on rave, with beer, woman an drugs an everything. In the fields outside Newton Pop that could be heard 3 miles away that lasted until 4am and plod didn't lift a single jack boot. It were brill.

I suppose the P.A.C.E bill doesn't cover the police commiting acts of gross Twattery.



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