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Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history

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Deary me.

Bloody hell... I'm glad I got out of old blighty. Its getting more like V for Vendetta every feckin week. Next on the chopping block, Mozart.

US PS3 sales fell 45% in July


Just the reverse MGS effect.

Sales spiked due to MGS and dropped again afterwards, thats pretty much it, nothing to see here.

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes

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@ Anonymous Coward • Friday 16th May 2008 08:36 GMT

MS pay you by the word for that post?

I know one person who had the 'save game' glitch, where by the auto save causes the game to lock on the 'loading...' screen. He basically had to disable the network connection to run the game. The odd thing is that to start, his game works fine.

Everyone else i know, including myself, the game works flawlessly.

But hey, after RROD the MS Crew needed something to jump on, and they managed to do it with this :)

Google kills Anonymous AdSense account



If google has a single brain cell I would hope not.

I could (if I had the tech. ability) hack a board and link to hotmail with tubgirl. Doesn't mean MS had anything to do with it.

Its one of the problems Anonymous has (no centralized leadership and membership), and its probably been exploited by the Co$ a thousand times.

I could also goto a 10's of website that require no registration but allow me to enter a username (el reg does not) and make my username 'Caroline' and spout all manner of hateful things about religions, races etc. Doesn't mean you did it jsut because it was done in your name (disclaimer, i am NOT going to do that).

Sony: world PS3 sales pass 12.8m consoles


@Ian Sneyd

Thats pretty lame, what are the costs there? I got out of the UK before this gen started.

In Canada they both cost $60. Converts to about 30 quid - altho of course its not really 30 quid if you earn your money here.

Just to annoy fanbois, GTA = OVERRATED.


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I have to kind of agree with the GTA comment. Probably just over half way thru the single player and already getting kinda bored :( Its like playing the same game again, they even stripped out half the 'fluff' that was in SA that was actually fun (anyone else want to base jump in New Yo...Liberty City?)

As for the sales, well here's hoping Sony has an even better financial year this time around :)

Side note : Aparently the PS3 made more money for EA this year, not sure how that works exactly, I think the diff. was about $30-$40 million.

So it's selling games alright :)

Grand Theft Auto IV misses week one million sales mark


@Anonymous Coward "No surprise"

The 'superior' machine now back into 3rd place in Europe when it had a 16 month lead time ahead of the PS3 :)

Also they have the same amount of RAM, the PS3 is just split.

Side note : 40gig PS3 working like a charm here, online, offline, upside down, back-to-front, and when killing ho's for money.

YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard

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"d) What Anonymous does when they're NOT trying to bring down scientology."

Yes lets judge the whole group at once!

Sounds like something a $cilon would do.

GTA IV PS3 fights off resolution woes in the UK



I'm not quite so sure about that, there is plenty of detail and the city is very 'busy', cars get dustry etc etc. And the physics system is very cool.

Plus wasn't say locked at a max 30fps?

But I hear ya there a little man, I am enjoyed this Gen, but i'm starting to think that the GC, PS2, XBOX generation was the golden one (at least for me).


Not uncommon


Halo 3 wasn't true 720p.

Neither was CoD 4.

It happens alot.

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty


@ the xbots.

"Games which integrate online in a standard fashion rather than having to struggle which each gam'es foibles..."

Thats odd considering lets take burnout paradise, its actually better integrated on the ps3 than it is on the 360, on top of that a few devs have come out and said they prefer the PSN over live because its less restrictive to them. On top of that the 360 uses alot of p2p whilst PSN uses dedicated servers (as well as p2p).


Yes please give me the feature that makes hitting a wall at 120mph feel the same feeling as shooting my bazooka. Retarded feature to begin with. A not missed battery eater.

"Being able to access the console cummincation (messages/voice call) whilst in game..."

I agree, but sony is bringing it in I believe during the summer sometime.

"Not being asked to pay £20 for a demo of a game which has been in development for 3 years...*cough* GT5 *cough*"

Yep, every PS3 owner has a gun put to thier head then gets told that if you don't buy GT5 you get shot. On top of that its %102 confirmed that the head of the sony gaming division called the makers of GT5 and threatened to steal thier children if they didn't release thier $40 demo.

"Its never overheated, failed, ring o lights etc... "

Thats good for you, two of my buddies have both broken the 4th 360 replacement mark (one upto his 7th machine).

"our additional GTA4 content "

Well for now, Ill give you that one. However, I think it was OPM or maybe OXM, one of the Rockstar employees let slip that DLC in some form is also coming to the PS3 albiet at a later date. I think there will be Home integration too.

"Never for me, s***e controller,"

Thats EXACTLY what I think of the 360 controller.

"Why more people are currently buying a PS3 than an Xbox 360,"

Depends where you live :) But this is a .co.uk site so ok ;)

"I really can't get over the PS3 owners who defend their machine to the hilt regardless of its failings."

When its attack, attack, attack, what else can we do...

"As for the internet browser and online..."

Tell your friend to get a better internet connection, works perfectly for me. I don't use the browser tho, thats why I own a PC.

"To bring up hardware faults which have been resolved for yonks is just petty and ill-informed...well just plain desperate."

Well, all i know about that is that I have buddies who's machines are STILL breaking so maybe ms is pushing out the older units when they replace.

"Wii? For the kids"


"If the 360 version of GTA4 was in any significant way inferior to the PS3 version, Rockstar PR would not be using that one to show it off to journalists. "

Yeah everyone says they're pretty much the same, the 360 is supposed to be a bit more vibrant and the PS3 has less aliasing thats about it. I still don't know if the 360 gets an optional install tho, anyone have any idea about that? be interesting to see how it affects load times.

"If Microsoft could handle other parts of the business like the 360 they would be on a winner."

Hold on, replace your 360 3 times a year, reinstall Windows 3+ times a year. Seems like they've got the business nailed to me.

Yes I own a PS3, in fact this generation was the hardest choice for me to make in terms of a console (i already own a wii). The games are pretty much the same, 360's exclusives don't excite me at all and I prefer the sixaxis shape and THAT is pretty much why I got a ps3 (factor in RROD a little). I knew full well about DLC for GTA4 but would prefer to experience it with a gamepad i've known for what seems like forever.

Anywhoos, lets just make the damn game outsell Halo!!!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour


Hmm Addon?

As the release of GTA 4 comes closer I am being drawn into buying a 360 but now I am not so sure if they might possibly replace current models with blu-ray enabled ones....

Can't even get the PS3 because who knows if they will start shipping unit with dual shock 3's in time, instead of the soon-to-be-replaced sixaxis....

I also only have one kidney, so I can't sell the other to buy one ;-)

Anyone need blood? - Seriously tho, I guess the PS3 is not THAT expensive, I just can't justify it, yet.

Mobile snap murderer jailed for life


Eye for an eye.

"Because if we don't, we, as a society, are really no better than he is."

That's something I could personally live with.

Bring back eye-for-an-eye.

Nintendo to introduce online play charges


Nintendo = Paypal of sorts?

Maybe they're just creating a means for everyone to purchase 'gaming points' (or watever they eventually call em) for access to subscription based games such as MMO's and the like.

People are more likely the trust the big N with thier CC details on the nice friendly wii screen than screen in the game that pops up and asks for yer info.

It doesn't have to be all 'oh noes i can't play teh mario kartzoooooorsss'

Big effin deal.

Gears of War 2 scheduled for November release



So i'm the only one that didn't like it?

I feel kind of isolated....Oh well.

Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

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Physical media.

Is here to stay I believe.

However I would happily rent/buy a movie online and download it, I don't care about 1080p, I'm happy with 480.

And yes Blu rays are 50gb or so, but the movies aren't. Cut out all that extra crap which they could save for a 'special edition physical copy' and it slices the movies down in size a fair bit (check your local warezing outlet for the sizes of the movies and I am not talking about rips here).

On top of that I moved from the UK to Canada about 2 1/2 years ago and the slowest speed connection I've found (with shaw cable) thats not 'lite' is 7mbps I think, atm I pay an extra 5 quid for 10mbps with a 100gig a month cap which I always pull a solid 1200KBs.

I'd be happy to wait X hours than pay the gas to drive 45 mins down the highway to get to a decent movie theatre only to have sticky floors, children laughing/crying and that guy that sits behind you that always has comments that make you want to slap him.

Sony posts PS3 DivX firmware update


Wii are children...

Yes yes, Wii owners, we're all 3 years old.

Your comment is 'a much better reflection of YOUR maturity.'

Wii regains US next-gen console arena leadership

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Whats with all this 'Wii's not for gamers' BS.

Please, I've Jumped from Amiga, to Sega, to Nintendo, to Sony. At this point, I prefer my PC (Altho with the games these days god knows why), and yes I own and a Wii.

Fact is, Sony priced themselves way out most peoples price range, and its not what they CAN afford, but what they are WILLING to pay for the same experience, only higher res. If the PS3 debuted at a realistic price I am sure it would be on par, if not trouncing it in terms of sales. Heck, I would purchased one.

At least Sony gets it now and is starting to wolf down that humble pie by cutting thier prices (note that they also slashed thier dev kit prices)...

And erm....


"As for the arguement that there are too many different models of the proper NextGen consoles... what about the confusing number of "Wii-motes"... wow.... look at this one, it's shaped like a tennis racket... but wait, you can also play badminton... and squash, useless on any game that doesn't require a racket though."

No no, they're 3rd party COVERS only. The Wiimote slides into them. Nintendo doesn't even make them AFAIK.

"It's because they are designed for people who are into games!"

Um, since when do power house machines = good games?

People still play Starcraft, no?

BitTorrent site Demonoid.com downed by Canadian record industry

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Ironically, the RCMP (Canadian police type thingy ;) ) just announced they're not going after those that break copyright laws for thier own none profit purposes.

Demonoid, the piratebay, <insert one of the billion other trackers out there>, who cares, its not really a victory outside the PR world.

Xbox 360 wrests US sales lead from Wii

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Whats with all the 'bored after 3 months' talk?

So you're bored and now its time to sell?

I have the best console released (imo), the PS2, its great, I love it, I don't play it for 3 months or more at a time.

It takes one game to bring it back to life and be played again (even dwarfing my pc usage).

So yep, I've completed every game I wanted to so far for the Wii, its not collecting dust mind due to my GF's 17 year old sister playing MySims like crazy...

Once Mario & Mario Kart hit, my pc & PS2 will collect dust except for checking email, and ill be burning through wiimote batteries. Should I sell my pc and ps2??

Anywhoos, its good for MS to finally beat Ninty at something...