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Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

Robin Fairless
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This is scary!

I think we can all agree that .com domain names whilst percieved as an american thing are actually a truly international thing.

I can think of a handfull of British highstreet retailers that use .com instead of .co.uk Tesco's, Debenhams, Marks and Sparks blah blah blah as well as the scores of international firms who use the .com domain as their global portal.

The fact that a US judge can now order the seizure of domain names owned by non-american companies is truly unbelievable. ICANN is now truly in need of scrapping and replacing.

I can't help thinking that this judge has inadvertently created the beginning of the end of the web as we know it. i think lots of people will now renew efforts to put the nail into ICANN

This is actually worse than the great firewall of china - least they only block externally owned addresses, not seize them.

The Dark Knight - 2008's biggest movie?

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Jobs Horns


I reckon No' 1 will be Indiana Jones and the search for the Zimmer Frame of doom - if only because it will appeal to almost everyone (although based on previous outings probably not Nazis)

Data breach costs soar

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Punters desert compromised firms

Yeah i don't think I want to give any more of my money HM Revenue & Custom after this. I will search around for a different and cheaper organisation to pay my tax to next year!

New taskforce to discuss why more people aren't turning to digital

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Wow I must be a geniooois

The Government needs a working group to solve this thorny issue? It took me and a bottle of red wine a mere 2 seconds to work this out - Digital radios are too expensive. I don't want to pay 50 quid for a radio when I can get what i want off a 5 quid shitty radio from Tesco. If the prices drop to around 20quid a unit then i'll get one.

Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder

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They said no to me

I phoned Fasthosts technical support up yesterday when the email came in - The bod on the other end of the phone said they were 100% confident that credit card was safe.

I am am also annoyed as I spent 3 hours yesterday changing my and all my clients account, mysql, ftp and email passwords. And then had to spend this morning dealing with people who want to know why the password they have had for the last however long has stopped working. So much for a poets day

If a hacker has got my card details can I assume he will pay off my overdraft before using it?