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Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder

Eliot Jones

Thinking about a future without Fasthosts

I'm very disappointed with Fasthosts' handling so far. I would have sympathy for them in their plight, and I'm sure their day is worse than mine (although all our websites were hacked this morning, AFTER we'd changed all our passwords) - but they're leaving us high and dry to handle our customers with no information to defend ourselves. And they're the ones who encourage us to get all these customers in the first place, by advertising their reseller programme.

It would be very difficult for us (logistically and financially) as a small company to move all our sites to a new host, but we have to start considering that - because we have to know that our host will help us help our customers in times of difficulty.

My question is: where to go to next? How do I start dating again after a long monogamous marriage? I'm seeking a Windows/ASP/MS SQL host, with attractive rates for multiple domains, a finely-built control panel, and BSFC (better support for customers).