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Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder


Fasthosts terms ....

I tried to deleted my credit card from my UKREG account and get this message :

Important: under our terms and conditions, you must always keep at least one credit card on your account. After removing this card, it is important that you add another credit / debit card, or your account could possibly be suspended for not complying with our terms of service.

What a joke...

Fasthosts customer? Change your password now


This is Fasthosts second card hack...

From this post on the register looks like this is a second CC hack.


Interesting that in this story in 2001 they claim the Credit card servers are not connected to the internet.

"Fasthosts has received a number of queries from customers over the last few days with regards to charges in Russian roubles from a company called Incomtel. We have reported the matter to the police who are investigating the incident.

We have carried out a full audit of our network security and are confident that all of our systems are fully secure. The servers that process credit card details are not connected to the Internet and we have found no evidence that any security breach could have occured."