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Banksy artwork tops £200k on eBay

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'its easy'

in reply to the comment above which said something like 'all you need is a laser cutter for the stencils', do you think Banksy just downloads these stencils from one of the many websites out there that host templates, or do you think he actually puts some creative and artistic thought in to producing his own, original stencils bespoke to each work?

I honestly cannot understand the commenter's who knock this guys work, hes one of the most inventive and entertaining artists this country has seen in a very long time and we should be thankful he's bringing something interesting to the british art scene.

Look at some of the rubbish that's won the turner prize over the last few years and ask yourself what 'speaks' to you more, evocative political commentary delivered through a medium which in itself subverts the system its making statement on, or an indoor shed.

Satanic car key traps 12 motorists in car park of horror

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fobbed Ofcom

Don't most modern car remotes work on a rolling frequency system? I'm a little doubtful that a small family car would have the ability to broadcast a jamming signal including the 12 randomly selected frequencies of the victims cars.

It also seems doubtful that the same little family car would be able to broadcast and disable the imobiliser signal from the victims car keys, preventing the cars from starting...

That said I'd love to hear from someone who actually knows something about the tech behind these things to explain if its fesable or not.

Oz motorist reacts rather testily to small todger slur

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I think having a bucket or possibly a welly-top to wave in reply would be much more fitting

Manhunt 2 leaked by Sony Europe employee

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If its being released in the states shortly then theres no question an NTSC version will be avalible via bittorrent a few days later.

The only way you can play these copies is with a chipped ps2, which also removes the region restrictions meaning that those europeans who are that way inclined would have been able to download it and play it anyway reguardless of this 'leak'.

Either there is significent content in this 'play test' version which the source felt warrented public viewing, its a PR stunt or the source is just not that bright.

Xbox 360 wrests US sales lead from Wii

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Games will define the outcome

The fact that the release of Halo 3 pushed out more hardware is no real suprise as games are the root of what these machines are all about (at least to the consumer). Expect the Wii's hardware to rise as its big-hitters are released and the same for the PS3 when the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo HD hit the streets.

I think its difficult to compare the Wii to either the 360 or the PS3 since its 'casual gaming' angle is not one shared by the microsoft/sony offerings. Nintendo make great games, really great, but they're aimed at a different market - look at how they've always dominated the handheld sector, the epitamy of 'casual' gaming. That audience makes nintendo money and I don't blame them for trying to capture home users with the same tactics.

Now that the 360's hardware problems seems to have calmed down its in a good position to dominate. Its cheaper, has a bigger catalogue of 'name' games, developers have had time to get used to its arcitecture... the PS3 may well be technically the superiour machine but they've entered the race a little too late IMO.

Did MoD chopper buzz sunbathing au pair?

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Glass blower

It doesnt really matter if the damage was caused by the downdraft, stones/branches/pets being thrown about in the wind, the SPL of the engines or a accidentally dropped digital camera with images of a certain au-pair on its memory card. If they dropped below 1000ft and the damage happened while they were below that altitude above the house - with no other viable reason for the damage evident - they have to be liable.

Wouldn't the MoD have liability insurance too? yes, ok, taxpayers will foot the bill for the insurance premium but we'd be paying that anyway