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Ex-Microsoft maverick takes us on a trip through vintage Task Manager code

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Re: Why don't the numbers add up?

processes made of dark matter ... innit?

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11

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Re: not happening

Still have a laptop with Windows 7 :) ... Windows keeps nagging but I don't care

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Re: not happening

>> I think Win11 may end up being as "popular" as Win8, and we all know how that went..

The thumb rule is "Every alternate version of Windows does well"

Silicon Valley Bank seized by officials after imploding: How this happened and why

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Re: Federal Spending > Inflation > Rising Interest Rates

Agree with you mostly. except that most debt is USD denominated. All US needs to do to pay its debts is print more USD. This is the trick which Unca Sam pulled, making everything USD denominated.

Crooks copy source code from Okta’s GitHub repository

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Re: As long as it doesn't hurt the bottom line, these venture-capital funded companies don't care.

Everyone uses Okta ... it is the 900 pound gorilla of the Auth business. They just gobble up all the good competitors

More and more CS students are interested in AI – and there aren't enough lecturers

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Re: more CS students are interested in AI

Exactly .... Instead of learning the basics principles of CS and then building on them, everyone wants to learn and work on hot and sexy AI.

McKinsey thinks quantum computing could create $80b in revenue ... eventually

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Re: Or it could create

Quantum revenue .... when you try to measure it, it is zero.

Infosys quits Russia, ending UK political and tax scandal … maybe

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With Infosys themselves, I think any decent enough company (well, any company with a decent PR guy) pulled out of Russia the moment the tanks rolled in to Ukraine. Even if it weren't an immediate action, they at least set out a framework to detail how and when they would leave. Infosys have only now decided Russia is bad and should leave? Bullshit.

Infosys is an Indian company. Heck they should'nt have pulled out even now. The only reason they pulled out was coz it was creating a political stink in relation to the founder's daughter.

Meg Whitman – former HP and eBay CEO – nominated as US ambassador to Kenya

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Re: if she does to Kenya

The Meg is coming .....

She will help spin off various parts of Kenya and put em up for sale on eBay

Infosys admits it still hasn't fully fixed Indian tax portal

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The previous portal was battle tested, was pretty good and was created and maintained by TCS. Dunno why they went with a rewrite. Why break something that was working. Maybe there is an IT Industrial complex.

Buyer of $28m Blue Origin space ticket has a scheduling conflict – so this teen will go instead

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>>>> we used to dream of a tin can

You guys had dreams ... all we had were nightmares

Forget Fortnite and FIFA: India wants to develop games based on local legends

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Re: How much are Bollywood movies successful outside India?

It will be lucrative even if it is only a local production. It is a huge market. Also i dont understand this. If other religions follow islam first politics, What is the problem in doing Hindu first politics?

A hindu nation is always better than an islamic nation, since in an islamic nation no one else can survive.

The bloke behind Star Fox is building a blockchain based casino. No, really

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Was done way back in 2013

OK, hyperconverged is the new black. But who's winning at it?

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Re: HyperHyperconverged or Megahyperconverged


and the next iteration


and then probably tack on Uber....

Hollywood offers Daniel Craig $150m to (slash wrists) play James Bond

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Make James Bond great again

I vote for The Trump...

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive

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whatta rack, no phobia

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Incy Wincy spider

Arghhhh!!! there's a spider on my arm for no rhyme or reason.

Incantations used to summon Magic Quadrants revealed

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Magic Quadrant ....

Sounds like Bermuda Triangle's cousin.....

How one bad algorithm cost traders $440m

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The "bid" price is what you’d pay the holder of the stock if you want to buy their shares. The "ask" price is what they’ll pay to buy those same shares from you.

Isn't the "ask" price the price which they are asking for the shares?

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms

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Re: British TV drama is NOT crap

George Gently was also pretty good

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society on Blu-ray

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Re: Never got around to watching Solid-State-Society.

FLCL is the bees knees..... One of the Best made anime ever....

Ten... remastered videogame classics

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I would like HD versions of

1. System Shock 1 & 2

2. Unreal Tournament (The descendants are not as fun as this one)

3. Rainbow Six Rogue Spear - The best tactical shooter ever

Call of Duty: Black Ops

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That is the "Blacker than Night ops" level

Top Ten Retro PC Games

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M-M-M-Monster Kill

Quake 3 was just vanilla, whereas UT really kicked ass with it's innovative weapons and all new gamemodes. I am playing UT even now after 10 years. It never gets old.

Dead baby taunting troll feels wrath of law

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Under "troll" too ...

Extraterrestrials strafe Bosnian with meteorites

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They are g-men

Steve Jobs morphs into Darth Vader

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The farce

is strong with this one ...

Kate Moss kills Kills cuts

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A swimming laptop gathers no moss.....

EA in Spore DRM climbdown

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Thumb Up

And the score is ....

EA = 0 , Angry Internet Men = 1

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature and force

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IT Angle

What's the angle?

While welcoming the new units, what i would like to ask is,

Whats the new unit for measuring "angles"?

What with measuring the IT and paris hilton angles, we need a new unit for angles...

The first rule of Reg Club is...

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Zeroth Rule of Reg Club

Thou shalt not talk about rules...