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Glasgow unbans Life of Brian

Schalor Visari
Big Brother

Good ol' GFT :)

Nice one, can't help but imagine the Glasgow Film Board back then refusing to have heeven's blemish the lord's name etc.

Fasthosts to offshore support staff

Schalor Visari

Apparently it's all the rage again... :D

so glad I ditched them now. Especially after they had all the debit and credit card details exposed, of course your going to cut costs, less customers = much less income!

Killer robots to get silent-running whisper mode

Schalor Visari
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Old news, UK has had whisper mode choppers for years.

This capability is already in the hands of the UK law enforcement. I'm someone who was surprised when one late summer night a helicopter floodlight illuminated the field at the back of the house where we were enjoying a late night barbecue with drinks. Not a single sound of a helicopter was heard but we all saw it's light for the few seconds it was on :D

Operator at the controls must have thought it'd be funny and indeed it was. So the fact that they're gettin mini-copters with full whisper is of no surprise.

DARPA wants Matrix style virtual world for cybergeddon

Schalor Visari

Arpranet all over again

Looks like this will definitely spill over into civilian lives, no contractor worth any of their salt would deny the possible revenue which joe bloggs would throw at something as detailed and above and beyond what is about today.

Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder

Schalor Visari

'Cancelled every card ever near fasthosts' - ex-customer.

This was something I was really worried about when I got news of this breach. Specially when they didn't mention if the CC data was safe. I've cancelled my cards and my fasthosts account.

As I said. Nothing is risk free but no-one is as stupid as Fasthosts...



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